Poll: 6 in 10 Voters Want Someone Other Than Biden in 2024

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A recent poll conducted by Fox News reveals President Biden’s dismal standing with American voters is worse than he thinks. The poll revealed that 60 percent of Americans would prefer to see a candidate other than the president run in 2024.

The Hill reports:

Just more than one-fifth of voters — 21 percent — said they would “definitely” vote to reelect Biden, while 44 percent say they would “definitely” back someone else.

By comparison, the percentage of voters who said they would back someone other than former President Trump never rose above the 56 percent recorded in January 2018. The 54 percent who said they would vote for someone other than former President Obama in September 2010 was also the highest percentage registered during his time in the Oval Office.

The Fox News survey released Sunday also inquired about Biden’s current job performance, which has been plummeting in recent weeks. The Fox poll found that 52 percent of voters said they disapprove of the job Biden is doing as president, with 47 saying they approve.

The network noted that a record 52 percent now disapprove of his handling of the pandemic, adding that 34 percent disapproved early last year.

However, while American voters may be hoping Biden decides not to run in 2024 he’s repeatedly said he plans to run for a second term as long as he remains in good health.

      1. You’re right about 1/2 getting the free stuff. The real problem I THINK is that 98/99% are legal. These leeches will always follow the (D). 57% of blacks in a current poll STILL approve of Biden? Are we all getting the same news? Seeing and hearing the same thing?

        1. Well, it is a stated fact that the news lie all of the time whenever they want to cover up everything that Democrats say and do. On the other hand some groups, due to their lack of understanding cannot comprehend what they hear–since they don’t read–and get blinded by the freebeys they are promised to receive.

        2. There is a large voting block that will follow the Democrats over the edge no matter what. They like that same old list of empty promises with a fresh coat of paint.

        3. Your figures are way off, blacks are educated. You know why? Obummer taught them that voting for a demcrap means you don’t get anything they promise .
          He used every black and white vote he got promising the elderly a raise hike etc etc

      2. True and he is flying them into cities he thinks he needs the vote. They can’t vote do you tell me this man has a piece of crap for a brain.

  1. If we have 60% of Americans wanting him out of office, why is he still in office? WE should protest with tens of thousands to get him out of office. Protesting is the only way as long as it’s kept non violent.

    1. I agree with your sentiment, but protesting I don’t think is a way to get rid of an unpopular president (unless he has broken laws which we know in the past he has done) but Congress won’t act on that. We have to make sure we elect the right people in 2022 to Congress.

      1. The man is failing mentally. He is no longer competent to make important decisions. Shouldn’t that be enough to remove him from office? Of coarse the democrats were smart enough to make another incompetent VP and then there is the third in line, Nasty Nancy.

    2. Need to get the House and Senate predominately Republican this fall to impeach Biden. Get out and vote red in November.

  2. As mentioned below, that means that 40% of the population is stupid enough to want Biden in office.
    How can there be that many ignorant/stupid people in this country?

    1. They are the senators n congressman voting I think people should an
      get smart and see what the dems are doing to us

    2. Our public schools have been failing us for decades; they are run by Left-wing unions who support teachers sitting in a classroom reading their newspaper, and common Core math, and CRT!!! It’s no wonder that there are so many brain-washed voters.

  3. The 40% that support BIDEN we need to tattoo there foreheads with a D so we can put. Them in a pig pen with him they are probably all liars and cheaters like him

  4. It’s difficult to feel sorry for anybody with buyer’s remorse. You wanted him, enough to feel justified in aiding and abetting a stolen election, so reap your just rewards. 2024 can’t come soon enough.

  5. Damned right we don’t want this Biden to run for President in 2024. That is NOT the real Joe Biden who was executed Nov. 30, 2019, at Gitmo. We don’t want that thing being President now, either. This is treason.

  6. National Security risk? yes, the bidens are, compromised yes, they are, right down to the last 30 millions they received from red China Communist,sold us dowm the river to China and Russia, Wke up America there is a traitor in the White House ,Biden and his band of misfits are not faithful to their oath of office, Stupid fxxxing laws, Stupid fxxxing reporters, DEMOCRATS KEEP BREAKING THE USA LAWS AND JUST DON’T CARE, TIME FOR VOTE THEM OUT, PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESTGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. ( Patriotic post .com} Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performance during his Wednesday press conference marking his first year in office. Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office. Please keep in power I still have a lot to accomplish for China and Russia.

  7. Well, you Democrats got what you wanted, Biden. The purpose of replacing President Trump was to get a better life under Biden’s mendacious promises (which you fell for hook line and sinker) – well, you got what you wanted, Trump is gone but, the country has gone also to hell in a basket – and you foolish, stupid, and ignorant Democrats are sharing the unintended consequences of voting for lying Democrat Propaganda. Unfortunately, while you were cutting off your nose to spite your face, you sank the rest of us right along with you – try to shape up in the next election. Shows some intelligence vote against the destructive Biden administration and the Democrat Socialist/communist party. Show that you are not still one of the demented Democrat voters

  8. There is a bunch of brain dead idiots out there. The biggest is our Presidents and the rest just follow suit. They are so dumb.

  9. I doubt very much that Satan has 40% of pop signed their death certificates to him for a promise of riches etc. I know he has all of the left and half of the right,
    But that is fixing to change real soon right God.


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