Who Could Replace Justice Breyer? Meet The Likely Candidates

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement and everyone is scrambling to figure out who is going to take his place. During the campaign Biden promised to appoint an African American woman to the court if there was an opening, many are unsure if he will follow through with that promise and many are criticizing the administration for potentially picking a Justice on the primary basis of race. Here are some of the first names that come to mind for Biden’s Supreme Court pick:

  1. All we need is a liberal from california with all the socialists things going on in that state. Pathetic

    1. Wow pretty shallow thought processing since the main issue this administration wants to place into the court is by race alone! Where’s the best qualified from the entire unbiased list of more qualified candidates! White red black italian Spaniard German I do t care! Let’s place people of character and full responsible qualifications first!

      1. The idiots in Demoratic party will elect the next Nazi-communist pro CRT to become the next anti-American judge, When will the SUPREME COURT rule in favor of the USA constatation and the BILL of RIGHTS in favor of USA citizens and not for Illegal Aliens?.

  2. Awesome idea from another idiot liberal mayor…he needs to now just charge the criminals a 100 buck a year liability insurance policy. Just have them register the guns as well.

  3. CONUNDRUM! Do we beat the hell out of the candidate during the confirmations like the Dem’s did with the last 3 we presented?… or do we take the high road and actually stick to their qualifications? … I vote for the High Road!

  4. well it won’t be Ketanji Brown Jackson…….can you imagine senile, mumbles, Biden trying to pronounce that name?….if he tried to say it three times in a row, he’d probably pass out!

    1. Yep, Susan Rice would be a good choice, but I think there’s a more liberal black woman that he has in mind.

  5. JoeBiden is the worst person Americans could possible have chosen for their President!
    If he doesn’t destroy the country before he is removed, Americas will be living in a country that they never chose and never wanted!
    One can only hope tat Americans come to their senses and remove Joe Biden from the Presidency ASAP!

  6. As an American Mexican, the whole process of how Biden went about announcing who his nominee, is going to be, throws the whole promotional system out. I feel bad for white women in particular, but also for all other ethnicities and black men.


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