Report: Democrat Congresswoman Under Investigation for Bribery

Author and activist Gloria Steinem attends a fundraising event for Marie Newman, Democratic candidate for Illinois 3rd congressional district, in Chicago, IL on Sunday, February 4, 2018. Photographer: Christopher Dilts/

A Democrat Congresswoman is being investigated for allegedly bribing a primary opponent not to challenge her. Investigators say there is “substantial evidence” that Illinois Rep. Marie Newman paid a potential primary opponent to stay out of her race in exchange for a job in her congressional office.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Rep. Newman, during a successful campaign for election to the U.S. House of Representatives, may have promised federal employment to a primary opponent for the purpose of procuring political support,” the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) said in its report. “If Rep. Newman used her candidacy to promise federal employment, she may have violated federal law, House rules, or standards of conduct.”

The allegations stem from Newman’s 2020 congressional run when she decided to once again challenge incumbent Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) in the party’s primary after losing to him in the previous cycle.

According to a report released on Monday, Newman may have promised a potential primary challenger, Palestinian-American professor Iymen Chehade, a job as her “foreign policy advisor and either District Director or Legislative Director” in a potential future congressional office after the two met in 2018.

Newman told the body that she sought to hire Chehade because of his knowledge on foreign and Arab-American affairs, which she felt was a shortcoming of her 2018 campaign. … The Illinois progressive claims Chehade’s potential 2020 plans did not factor into their discussions, but documents she herself provided to the body seemed to contradict her testimony: in a draft contract attached to an October 2018 email, Chehade says he will not “announce or submit his candidacy” for that district, and that “in exchange” he would be hired as Newman’s chief foreign policy advisor.

According to a signed 2018 contract Rep. Newman agreed to pay Chehade between $135,000 and $140,000.

    1. It’s in Dem dna…they can’t help but to lie and cheat, all the time. Power is all that matters. That is the mantra of the left. Go all the way back to the Russian Revolution. Other parties have been known to lie, occasionally but mostly when wrong they are mistakes, not lies.

    2. You got it, that is because they are never prosecuted, never made accountable for what they do. It is there old motto “do as I say not as I do ” . I pray they have woken a sleeping giant [conservatives] & we can take back America. God help us. “Let’s Go Brandon.

      1. It’s easy to prove that there’s no voter fraud. If you just neglect to look for it, then you can claim that you didn’t find any.

    1. MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE. LOOK AT ALL THE INSIDER TRADING FEINSTEIN & HUSBAND PELOSI & HUSBAND nothing ever done about it. Look what they did to Martha Stewart.

  1. PELOSI CHEATS, WHERE ARE THE INSIDE TRADER INVESGATIONS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, DEMOCRATS SAY FXXX YOU AMERICA. Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson has called for President Joe Biden to undergo a cognitive test, citing his shocking performance during his Wednesday press conference marking his first year in office.Everybody is stupid except joe biden, and of course the smartest man he ever met, was hunter biden, the corrupt fantasies of joe biden’s world of criminallly insane bull shit. The biden crime family should be forced to return all the money they have accepted from Russia and China. Pay to play is a crime against the the United States when they broke the oath trust of his sworn office.

    1. Trump had four years to investigate Pelosi.
      Ronnie Johnson is politician
      How much money have the Biden’s accepted.
      Did they accept any money on Trump’s watch?
      Did Trump have them arrested?

      1. Hey, Albert…you must do your research. Trump did have them arrested, Bill and Killary, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Obama and his transgender wife Michael and we can’t forget ole demented China Joe…and so many more were taken to Gitmo a long time ago. Who you see now are their doubles. Get with it Albert…Justice is coming and has been coming. God is in control and God wins and Satan loses!!! Your friend George Soros is going down too, along with evil virus killer Fauci!

  2. Different subject: What is with the long fibrous blood cots in the bodies of vaccinated people being found in the bodies of the deceased. Seen on the Drew Peters Show with Dr. Jane on Jan 27 2022. This is a 30 minute video. Big Pharma is killing people with the JABS!!!!

    1. The ventilators are killing people. They killed my grandson after 45 days on a wicked ventilator. They are getting $6500.00 a day for that machine. They just kill one and get another one on the vent.
      The jab killed my sister, she was 58. And lately most of the people going to the hospital are those who have been “fully vaccinated.” It’s the wicked Dim/Commies that are killing America.

    1. After finding this crooked Dem…….they will problem choose a Republican and frame him/her! That’s what Dems do, lie and deflect!

      1. Good questions for the Justice Department and FBI directors that have been either Democrats or Deep State for more than 20 years. They will go after anyone that threatens their agenda.

  3. That’s probably how Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in 2009, paying her and promising her the Secretary of State to back out. I think someone very powerful promised and guaranteed her a win in 2016 and she has never gotten over that loss.

  4. Congress has turned into the office of Satan. All the Democrats in Congress have broken so many laws and violated the Constitution and we are just letting it continue. When are we going to stand up for our own rights and for America? Not the America the evil ones want, OUR America. They do not even know right from wrong anymore. We must burn them or be burned!

  5. Chief foreign policy adviser? I often wonder why a congresswoman/man, would need to hire a foreign policy adviser. What does the secretary of state and the secretary of defense offer, why are there sooo many employees to back up the congress

  6. Jesus said the Love of Money is the route of all evil! Money becomes their god. They dont understand Gods economy and how it works. When we honour Gods 10 Commandments and love our neighbour as ourselves, God provides and blesses us. But the conduit is FAITH, HOPE, and TRUST in HIM

  7. The democRATs are so corrupt anymore. This is nothing compared to what went on during the election of 2020. There are hundreds of democRATs that should be tried for treason.

  8. And yet nothing will ever become of this. The GOP is all talk always have been. We need some new blood willing to go the extra mile and actually follow through.

  9. Something is wrong with this story. The investgators quite apparently are confused. They
    are misappling the rules for Republican with the rules for Democrats. There is nothing to
    see here. Go back to what you were doing, nothing is wrong.


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