Republican Reps. Call for Biden’s Impeachment

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

President Biden is facing renewed calls for his removal over footage of secret flights filled with illegal migrants being dropped off in suburban New York stunned lawmakers. New York Republicans Reps. Nicole Malliotakis and Claudia Tenney say that Biden should be impeached for the move.

Fox News reports:

“This is a complete, aggravated dereliction of duty, which is why last night on Twitter I called for Joe Biden to be impeached and removed. His primary obligation as the commander-in-chief and president of the United States is to enforce our laws, to live up to his oath, to enforce our border security and to tell the truth to the American people,” Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., told “Fox & Friends.

Malliotakis said aiding and abetting illegal immigration is a violation of the law.

“And you have it coming from the president of the United States. It is completely unacceptable. The Supreme Court ruled that he had to reinstate Remain in Mexico and he’s clearly not done that,” Malliotakis said.

“In addition to that, you know that the drug cartels are making billions and billions of dollars every month with human trafficking, drug trafficking. We have the highest rate of fentanyl deaths in this country. Among 18 to 45-year-olds, it is the leading cause of death. Yet this president is on the side of the drug cartels and not the American people. We have many pieces of legislation that will address this very issue but we need to take the House first.”

Leaked video shows migrants being transported on secret charter flights under the cover of night from border states to Westchester, New York.

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  1. Who’s going to investigate how much of the cartel’s money goes into the Biden cartel’s pockets?

    1. No one enters the US at the southern border without paying the cartels. They’ve worked out some kind of deal. Biden is on easy money street.

          1. Oh really not sure who you checked with but pretty sure your head is in the sand just like Biden.

        1. We AlbertK, TRUMP was under fire from day one by Nancy Pelosi,and the whole democratic party,while making this the best country. You are no way informed on anything. When the house and congress are democratically in charge they will never go after Biden but wait till 2022 you will see.

      1. The penalty for high crimes and misdemeanors is impeachment and hanging. I would prefer public flogging followed by the guillotine for this incompetent, lazy and moron of a president. His greedy family members and administration officials can join him at the gallows.

  2. I believe that charge, “impeach” got cheapened in the Trump Administration, when supposition and politics, with lies, wasted money and time with impeachment. Now when a president has refused to protect our borders/people, and foolishly did not protect our war materials in afghanistan, along with not protecting civilians, pulling the military out first and causing the death of 13 of our finest, then what will it take to consider either impeachment, or the 25th? This all seems deliberate to me

      1. At least you have removed all doubts as to your sanity and coherent capabilities!! Suggest you find a basement to climb into!!May God help you to see the error of your ways and how blind you really are!! Uh-huh!

        1. Great Les, I was wondering how long it would take to bring God into it. Did you think God was there when the bone spur draft dodger was grabbing those women between their legs? Look in the mirror

      2. Isn’t it great when you call out these imbeciles here for evidence? They are so used to throwing out such garbage and then go on Fox News and have the bobble heads shake their heads. But you have to remember they believed some asshole who told them he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. They are as stupid as the asshole looked when he said it

  3. Joe Biden definitely needs to be impeached. He is not running anything. He is nothing more than a George Soros puppet. Soros is the reprobate that is making these decisions. And Biden is the device that Soros is using because he knows what a weak and mentally incapacitated clown Biden actually is.

        1. Where is proof of voter fraud?
          Has it been turned over to the Trump appointed judges.
          Has the Supreme Court looked at any of it?
          Are they outraged?

          1. Supreme Court hasn’t looked at it because, just like all the rest in D.C., they don’t have enough guts or balls to do anything about it. They must all be afraid of Soros’ goons.

          2. Trump’s appointees do not have guts or balls?
            Clearance Thomas does not balls.
            His White, blond haired, blue eyed so called wife is not in it for the BBC.
            She doesn’t lick his pubic hairs off his Coke can?
            That takes real balls.

          3. They found it in Nevada. Guy got caught voting after his wife passed away. Went on Fox and whined about before they caught him. Lt Governor Patrick had to pay $25,000 for a republican who tried to cast his son’s vote. Another republican

  4. This is not news. This has gone on for a year if not more. It seems to me we need some stronger deterrent for traitors.

        1. How many people did Trump have arrested for voter fraud?
          In 2016?
          So much voter fraud.
          So few arrests.
          How many votes did Trump loose in the Maricopa County CyberFools “forensic audit”.
          Keep the buzz words coming

          They make you the fool.

        2. Forensic audits like the cyber ninjas did in Arizona? Are you insane? They make the My Pillow Guy look normal. No wonder Steve Bannon made all that money from the Build the Wall project.

  5. When are u pathetic,worthless,incompetent,politicians going to impeach this arrogant,senile,frail,old,sockpuppet,fool, who is unfit for office. Hidenbiden is dealing with stage 3 dementia, no body should be listening to this lying,racist,sexualperv,corrupt,phony,illigitament,puppet, of the deep state, who if not removed by 25th amendment, might get us nuked, with that disgraceful pie hole of his.

          1. Oooh great comeback cash girl! Love the way called him little Al. How long did it take to come up with that?

  6. How about impeachment of the idiot agency secretaries. Anyone following old Joe would be easily found incompetent. Look how far down the Chain of command you’d have to go to clean the DOJ and FBI. Rest assured it’s true in every agency of the executive branch.

  7. And ya expect the DC-swamp to do “what” exactly…to it’s senile-old, grand-daddy, swamp-critter❓

  8. THIS IS THE WRONG PERSON? Nancy pelosi is the ONE THAT SHOULD BE IMPEACHED OR FINED HEAVILY noting that she is well aware of the legality that biden is doing, and knowing that america is not being supported from out congress. She is the head of this destruction joe biden is doing and she FAILS by not letting the requst from both demorats and republicans COME TO THE FLOOR. this is the probem and should be addressed from the CIA OR FBI??????

    1. Nope, he has proved fake impeachments don’t work and the new impeccables do not have that kind of luck. Evidence for the dimwit nitwits is there. So STFU drooling troll, Hessy!

        1. Well, the impeachments weren’t fake for sure. The charges on the other hand, little Al? Nothing but fake, made-up idiocy. But then, they were brought by the demented, power-hungry, vacuous liberals, so we should expect nothing else from them (you)!!

  9. Impeachment might have been appropriate in March or April 2021 but now? Not a chance. Our imbecile in charge deserves nothing less than uncountable felony charges for immigration violations and abetting murder.

  10. Joe’s response is, impeach this will ya.
    For an impeachment to actually result in a conviction requires 67 votes.
    You need 17 more Senators.
    34 are up for election in 2022.
    20 are now held by Republicans.
    14 by Democrats.
    Just exactly how are you going to pick up 17 Senate seats in 2022?
    Without something ten times more catastrophic than to date a successful impeachment conviction is just a Trump Deplorable pipe dream
    Just go to Trump rally and blow a grand on merch.
    A convicted Impeachment is not going to happen.
    Just ask Trump.

    1. In your imagination, drooling knuckle dragging troll, Hessy. Evidence is what exist and you are just too stupid or too much of a liar to admit it. Reality is a mirage for you Hessy Troll.

      1. Show me the evidence.
        Better still present it to one of the hundreds of Trump appointed judges.
        Will anyone on the Supreme Court look at your evidence.
        Can they see what does not exist?

      2. The realty is Trump is out of the White House
        I never wanted Biden in the White House.
        Just Trump out of it.
        Trump has an obnoxious personality
        His look at me Ma vanity.

  11. Nothing is going to happen until after the November 2022 elections. In January 2023 the investigations and impeachment proceedings will be in full swing; and given Biden’s dismal performance so far, it’s likely there will be even more problems and issues that will doom Biden and his entire administration.

    1. Impeachment is a useless , you have 67 Senators.
      Trump proved that
      You are not going to get 17 more Senators this year.
      Trumpers have small brains.

      1. And you have a one track mind! This isn’t about Trump. It’s about Biden and his corrupt administration. FJB

    1. I am not a Dem.
      I am happy that Trump, the recent Dem, is out of the White House.
      Once a Dem always a Dem.
      2022, there is a chance you could win the House.
      You could win the house in 2022 and impeach Biden.
      But you will not convict him.
      That takes 67 Senators.
      14 Senate Dems are up for reelection.
      If you take all the Dem seats in the Senate you still can not convict Biden.
      Trumpers don’t believe in science or arithmetic.
      2022 is coming, given good health Biden will our President through at least 2024.
      This talk of impeaching and convicting Biden is pure drivel.
      As dumb as the talk of convicting Trump.
      Enjoy la la land
      Trump may well be convicted, but but not of impeachment.
      Orange is new orange.
      Orange is so stylish.
      It goes well with everything.

  12. Where are all the other repuke senators to get rid of this senile,frail,old,racist,illigitimate,puppet,fool, installed by the deep state.This pathetic,arrogant,delusional,incoherant,narcisist,imposter, that isn’t fit for the job. He needs to be removed for total incompetence, of not securing our natioanal security and border, he is breaking every law in the book and that needs to end.


  14. You can tell the character of a man by who he selects to be his second in command.
    Just look at Trump’s picks.
    The Great Mike Pence was real winner.
    Who is his second now?

  15. Impeachment originates in the House and since the Democrats control that also good luck. This is just ear candy.

  16. It’s a good thing they announced that on Twitter. After all the tech companies are calling the shots. What a joke.. Don’t we have a congress to do that?

  17. It’s disgusting to even hear Biden speak as nothing but lies out his mouth. Obama loves him because Obama thinks we don’t thing it’s him behind it but, he is. They threaten Michelle Obama to run or Hilary Clinton but they will not win. Trump and they republicans are taking this country back.

  18. Impeaching Brandon is a complete waste of time. All it will do is give democrats political ammunition to show those “mean spirited republicans”!

  19. This is Social Justice for you, lawlessness and senselessness! I wonder if the Demonrats who call themselves Christians know what the Bible says about Lawlessness, words out of Christ mouth? Then again, they think the Bible is irrelevant and one wonders if they still believe in Christ???

  20. An Email I received included a petition to impeach Biden, but the link was flawed. I tried the link on both of my computers, but it didn’t work on either one of them. If anyone knows of a petition to sign to impeach Joe Biden, send it to me at Leanybean (at)

  21. There are many reasons to call for Biden’s impeachment, but to what end? If all we are doing is getting an impeachment on record for Biden, how is that any different than what was done to President Trump? If we succeed in removing Biden from the presidency, what have we gained? With Biden gone, Harris becomes president and Pelosi gains even more power. The same people who are pulling Biden’s strings would then be pulling Harris’s strings. By removing Biden from the presidency, we may well be doing more harm than good. What we need to do is to cripple Biden through Congress and the judicial system and wait out his term of office. We need to focus on getting the U.S. back on track as a free capitalist, Constitutional Republic. We need to roll back all Socialist actions done since 1912 so American citizens can truly be equal with equal advantages to pursue what makes US individually happy.

  22. One of the big problems among a mountain of others in our government is this Fu**d up legal system. It’s designed by these commie CockRoaches that our Indoctrinated, Brainwashed people keep voting for.

  23. Joe Biden is a treasonous lieing socialist fraudulent coward incompetent and should be Impeached ASAP. No

  24. I don’t like paying for illegals to be flown all over USA in Planes as that is NOT what I ever
    want my tax doing? Biden needs to GO ! Who does his demented mind think he is? A crime Boss? Maybe as his name is all over China

  25. America just HAS to face the fact, that Joe Biden and the Obama Democrats now running White House activities are “no damn good”, and are trying as hard as they can to destroy the United States! The modern Democrat Party is hard-over anti American and truly HATES traditional American values. This comes, mainly, from the influx of American hating people under the Obama administration, and continues with Joe Biden, the American brain-damaged Obama puppet.

    Americans! What are YOU going to do about this situation?

  26. So why isn’t it happening? Where is the outrage expressed with action by the Republicans? All words. He should have been impeached on the first day he opened the borders letting in un-vaccinated and un-vetted illegal immigrants. Since then two million have entered that we know about and probably 300,000+ we don’t know about. A percentage of these people are hardened criminals who will hurt and kill our citizens by crimes against them. Another percentage are likely terrorists hiding in plain sight and getting ready for an attack. But they will wait until the border is once again controlled so more of their buddies can get through. The attacks will come not long after that.
    If the situation remains uncontrolled and Biden remains in office for another three years, one can only imagine the harm this will do to our citizens and to the Republic.

  27. I totally believe that Biden should be impeached for not only this transgression but a lot more, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for any politician to actually follow through on their words regardless of party. They are all to busy scratching each others back rather than seek true justice.
    Why would they seek impeachment against Mr. Ped for all his offenses when in reality many are acts of treason for which he should be held accountable and executed according to the laws of our country.
    Quite a few of his admin and a whole bunch of Democratic politicians, Justices, lea enforcement officers, prosecutors, etc. should also be executed for their treasonous acts over the years to overthrow our country and government

  28. Impeachment is a waste of time. House won’t do it. Also, what is the results? VP becomes President – and were is the gain?


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