Republican Governor Weighs 2024 Presidential Campaign

Office of Public Affairs from Washington DC, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

While Donald Trump has focused on if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will attempt to challenge him in 2024 another Republican governor is making it clear he is also considering a presidential run. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he doesn’t view Trump as the future of the Republican Party and hasn’t ruled out challenging Trump in 2024.

Fox News reports:

“I’m concentrating on finishing my term well as governor,” Hutchinson told Fox News Digital at the National Governors Association winter meeting. “I do want to be a voice that talks about conservative, common sense ideas, and we’ll see where that leads.”

Hutchinson had previously said that he does not see Trump as the future of the Republican Party, and when asked by Business Insider who should lead instead, said “that’s what the election is all about.”

“It’s a competitive landscape, people always have choices,” Hutchinson said, stressing that he wants more voices heard within the party.

“Whenever you’re … three years out from [the election,] let’s have a lot of voices out there that can talk to the Republican base, talk about ideas talk about the future, and that’s what I want to shift the debate to,” he said.

Hutchinson has been a vocal critic of former president Trump but Biden hasn’t been spared criticism either. The Arkansas governor has slammed Biden’s “weakness” and said he has been an “ineffective” president.

“We look for effectiveness, and we look for some level of bipartisanship, and we really haven’t seen that yet,” he continued.

  1. i don’t see a president HUTCHINSON. He may be popular in the deep south, but nobody in 90% of the country has ever heard of him.

    it’s gonna be TRUMP AND OR DESANTIS.

          1. This so called republican is also a democrat know what you are talking about. Trump was a democrat he got out of the party of the devil and a gang of violence

          1. Can we send you to Ukraine since you like that country better. Little Miley is a joke just like the fake president Biden. Your wimp boy president.

      1. This Nazi again? I have very bad news for Albert Hess. President Trump was sworn in by the Military on the 27th November 2021. He is the one and only Commander in Chief and Military only take orders from him.

      2. Boy are you smart not. You sure being fooled don’t know what you are talking about. You IQ is the size of your shoes

  2. I thought the title said something about a Challenger. Hutchinson poses no challenge to Trump. He is mitt Romney 2.0. what he is doing, is trying to pry his way in as a Trump VP. But, DeSantis is still much more likely to fill that post.

  3. The old geaser had better start vocalizing his strengths as we do not need any more rhinos or leftists who have destroyed this country – the current one has us hedging toward WWIII both inside and outside our country.

        1. Trump has an undergraduate degree from a school his dad contributed millions to, as a Democrat.
          Asa grew up poor and earned a law degree.
          He was appointed US Attorney by none other than Trump’s idol Ronald Reagan.
          Who is better educated?
          You are an uneducated fool!!!

      1. Hutchinson is a nobody and EVERYONE knows it. They just failed to inform him he is a nobody! Maybe Soros is propping him up, because the GOP is not going to throw money at this guy PERIOD!

  4. We want Donald J. Trump for President. He was a great president for two reasons:

    1. He is a businessman and not another CORRUPT POLITICIAN. &
    2. He actually worked for the people. He was already rich so he didn’t use his office to steal money from the American taxpayers the way 99.9% of the politicians do.

    Donald J. Trump is the man and only people who are too stupid to do the math don’t vote for him. Unfortunately, that seems to be many of today’s young – public-educated Americans. We can thank the teacher’s union for that.

          1. Think you need to go back to school and be taught. It’s obvious you are to stupid to know what you are talking about.

    1. Its not just the young, there are seriously misguided folks across all age groups. The two things they seem have in common are: 1) severe TDS, and/or 2) the inability to see the forest for the trees (i.e.: what’s best for AMERICA).

  5. Ummmm, no. I love when useful idiots like this start speaking for everyone else as in: “We look for effectiveness, and we look for some level of bipartisanship.” RINO bipartisanship with the democrats has led the country down the path to socialism. People like this need to retire.

      1. Good trollish comeback AL. Social security was started in 1935. Trump was born in 1946. Now admit it, even you can see how absurd your comment is.

        1. I know when Social Security started.
          I know that Social Security is pure Socialism.
          Trump did nothing to stop it.
          That weak puke couldn’t even stop ObamaCare.

  6. Hahaha, that’s absolutely ridiculous.
    He’s a RINO at best!!!
    I’ve seen him being interviewed many times on This Week with George stephanopoulos.
    That’s why he’s on. Because he’s Republican very light and criticizes President Trump.
    If he wants to run, he should do it as a DEMONKRAP. And, I hope Sarah H Sanders takes his spot as Governor.


    “BuWaHaHaHaaaaaaaa”…GOP “RAT”

    “RAT” = “Republicans Against Trump”

  8. There are many conservatives who still don’t understand the term RINO and instead write rhino. It stands for “Republican In Name Only”. a rhino is short for rhinoceros, an animal.While that may apply to some, it’s not what we’re talking about. Get educated.

  9. Who cares what Hutchinson thinks. If he doesn’t think Donald Trump is the future for the GOP he may be right but President Trump is the future for America and planet earth as a whole. Maybe Asa is a plastic white hat or just plain slow like Joe but Nesara Gesara is the future of our planet.

  10. Looks like we’ve go ourselves another Rino. Trump did more for the party and our nation than anyone and this joker is jealous. Not worthy to be our president.

    1. More and more Rinos everyday.
      Unlike Trump they are life long if not second or third generation Republicans.
      Trump destroyed the GOP like Hitler destroyed the Third Riech.
      Rinos are rising from the ashes.

  11. Sorry Governor, but the Country does view President Trump as its leader, And I doubt in the future if you will have Politics as its presently run.. There will be a Commander in Chief with Military taking on the role until the Country settles down. Government will be reduced to 10% of what you now have. Corruption ran too deep and the people suffered. In God we trust, not Government

    1. Sorry, Maddy, but our country views Biden as it’s President.
      We have a Commander and Chief of the Military.
      You want America to become a Military dictatorship?
      But just until it settles down….
      Should our Commander and Chief be a veteran or are bone spurs good enough?
      Which God do you trust?
      Is His name Allah?

  12. I sure do not see this Arkansas Governor as any viable choice for the republican Party. What has he been noted for in his own state? Just asking, but ok, the more the merry, in this race

  13. I suggest that Gov, Hutchison remain in his lane. He is not a well known politician, outside of Arkansas. I believe he recognizes that he is going to lost his position to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the next election. And, if I remember, he pretty much claimed that he didn’t or doesn’t support President Trump in what could be Trump repeat race to the White House. And he would have to face Super Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida for the nomination. So it is a lose/lose for him. Accept retirement, enjoy being with your family and grandkids.

    1. You are yet another ignorant Trumper.
      Asa is term limited.
      He has nothing to lose.
      Trump lost.
      Trump has plenty of time for the grandkids.
      As fat as he is he doesn’t have much time left.

  14. This guy like the other pretend republicans know how to be sellouts and a group of wimps. Know how to fight Trump and each other, but don’t have the guts to fight the Democrats. These so called republicans are scared to take the fight to the Democrats.


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