These Unions Have Become Biden’s Most Unlikely Mandate Opponents

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

The Vaccine Mandate is one of the most controversial propositions in modern American history, now that the Biden administration has begun pushing the mandates again there are many who are pushing back on the measure.  

While a majority of people in the United States have opted to get the vaccine there are some who have opted not too. Among those who have opted not to get the vaccine are those who have religious objections and there are even those who have serious medical issues who can not get the vaccine, and of course there are those who simply don’t want the vaccine and that is their choice to make. 

Among those who are opposing the measure are long standing organizations and many of them are just taking a stance you would expect, but there are other groups who seem to have come out against the measure out of nowhere. Here are the unlikely voice calling out the Vaccine Mandate: 

  1. This one size fits all vaccine is just Horse Shet.It is like every body letting a poison snake bit them over and over again to build up an immunity.I would say 60% of people think this is a good idea.They will take every shot the rest of there now compromised life.The cant or wont think for them self.Like sheep to the supper table.

  2. How many boosters are equal to one original vaccination, or are the boosters more powerful than the original vaccinations?? In either case when is “ENOUGH” or is this the new future in health care???


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