Michael Avenatti Convicted of Fraud

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Michael Avenatti has been found guilty of charges of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft related to allegations he swindled his former client, adult film star Stormy Daniels.

Avenatti was accused of pocketing nearly $300,000 from adult Daniels’ $800,000 advance for her autobiography, “Full Disclosure,” in 2018. Prosecutors accused him of using fake documents to make it appear as though Daniels approved of her book proceeds going into a bank account controlled by him.

Fox Business reports:

Avenatti, who represented himself during the trial, told jurors during closing arguments on Wednesday that he and his firm had spent millions of dollars “to the benefit of Ms. Daniels” and that he had a “good faith belief” that he was entitled to a “reasonable percentage” of proceeds after being “instrumental” in securing and finalizing her book deal.

“I was her advocate, I was her champion. I put everything on the line. I wanted to help her,” Avenatti said. “According to the government, Michael Avenatti could never have believed that he had the right to be paid. That is ludicrous, and it is not supported by the evidence.”

However, Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Sobelman argued that Avenatti “got tangled in his own web of lies,” pointing the jury to a “mountain of evidence,” including text messages and bank statements.

“The defendant was a lawyer who stole from his own client. She thought that he was her own advocate, but he betrayed her, and he told lies to try to cover it all up,” Sobelman said. “The defendant’s lies and betrayal were exposed.”

In 2018, Daniels and Avenatti worked together as he represented her in lawsuits against former President Donald Trump. She hired him to speak publicly about claims of a tryst with Trump, despite being paid $130,000 shortly before the 2016 presidential election to remain silent.

Avenatti faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison for the wire fraud charge, while the aggravated identity theft charge carries a mandatory term of imprisonment of two years.

        1. Have you ever posted a comment that doesn’t make you appear to be an idiot?? It was democrats who put this loser on a pedestal because he would bash Trump. Now that he has been exposed for the scumbag he is you just say disgusting and ignorant things about Trump things that I’m sure you’re the only one who fantasized doing ya loser.

  1. wasn’t that long ago he was the democrats savior and shoo in to take down President Trump and win the presidency.
    instead he was just a loud mouth thief that suckered the democrats into believing his bullshitt
    kinda like how BRANDON is suckering the democrats now
    and the left wing loons are nothing if not consistent in the fact that they will fall for anything the left feeds them without even trying to check the facts themselvves

    1. Next prison inmate I hope!!! Look forward to this arrogant, cocky, narcissist, who thought he could say and do anything he wanted and get away with it, in the orange jumpsuit behind bars. Of course, he was cheered all the way by the vacuous, demented liberals!!

  2. Michael Avenatti is a 100% corrupt, lying sleazeball attorney. He gives honest attorneys a bad name. I hope he is sentenced to serve the 20 years in prison on top of the 2 and 1/2 years that he has already been sentenced to, but has not yet served. Michael Avenatti should rot in prison.

    1. “Honest attorneys”???????? Never met one. They are all cheats who practice and practice how to lie and mislead. If they get good at it they become politicians.

      1. Then explain Joe Biden , he is only good at spinning lies . Not getting people to believe them yet here is is 47+ years a politician . Nothing ever accomplished to benefit any one other than himself and lie upon lie that no one believes . Well , except for Joe .🥴

        1. Do Keep Up Wyatt, he is past fifty years In Office now, and what he has accomplished is to keep the demo-progressive-libtard-communists, Voting for his Senile, demented old ass, Stolen freighter loads of money, Played patta-cake with the communists, and committed treason and dereliction of Oath of office, And Squirt out a trashy drug addicted whore-monger whom is a chip off of the Old Block-head,…. All while remaining out of Prison.
          Ohh but I do agree with you,
          Just had to mention the low-lights of his Sleazy career,

  3. What a great guy, I’m sure he’ll make alot of friends, behind bars, maybe he can help others get out. because it sounds like he’s screwed.

    1. yeah that was one of his foibles,…. he banged the sleazy whore on camera apparently,…. so I’m told, I’m NOT gonna look to see,…. I’m Too old to be wife shopping myself,…. Great-grandfathers have a difficult time finding dates,

    1. Shucks Doc, the Demons would love to run him for Office, he has the perfect Credentials for their party, lies, Low Moral charactor, and has his own whore

  4. Oh, no big deal, before they lock him up, he can go back on “THE VIEW” and complain about how badly he was wronged, and that world renowned legal Scholar Whoopie can agree with him and Joy can bat her fake eye lashes at him and drool…..it’s all good.

  5. Avinatti is just a side show, a distraction if you will, the people that should be on trial and prosecuted are in washington Palosi, Nadler, Shiff, Schumer,Swallowswell and so on.They all are guilty of trying to unseat President Trump for his entire four year term in office, When are we going to see them put on trial ???????????

  6. The Creepy porn lawyer is a disgrace to the legal profession and should be made an example of ….20 years never practice law in this life time or any other an give back every pennny to Miss Daniels.


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