Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada

ΙΣΧΣΝΙΚΑ-888, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Currently, there is a massive protest going on in Canada and even though you are likely an American you should take notice. 

The massive protest in Canada that started a few weeks ago has been historic to say the least. A massive convoy of truckers had gathered and they started heading towards Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to protest against the establishment, the Trudeau regime, and the Vaccine Mandate. 

Many of those involved in the protest are simply asking the Canadian government to reconsider their position on the Vaccine Mandate which has devastated multiple sectors of the economy in the country and since they were not heard before, the figured loud truck horns and a massive traffic jam would get the point across. 

Things are moving quickly and with no end in sight, this protest might only be in its infancy. Here is everything you need to know about the current protest in Canada: 

  1. Redress of grievances, seems to be a catchy phrase…PM TRUDEAU should be careful several colonies to the south began w/ a simply list of true concerns.
    UP THE REPUBLIC…Joe herkness, Phila,

  2. Like the gutsy moves! A similar protest here in the states would likely be met with violence and vandalism by minions of Soros and company, and THEY would not be accountable for their actions, but the protesters would take it in the shorts for theirs! Sad, but only in America, folks!

  3. This needs to take place here in the USA.
    And in Washington D.C..
    Please truckers, come here + our US truckers and bring DC to its knees. Lock the politicians inside.

  4. “Trudeau fleas”? Is there a species of fleas called Trudeau? Has the convoy been inundated with these fleas from Trudeau? Oh, I know. It’s supposed to be “Trudeau Flees”. Yes, I heard he ran away scared and then said he had COVID. What a pu**y! And, doesn’t anyone ever review articles for spelling and grammar before they’re published ?


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