Fox News Host Calls Trump’s 2020 Election Claims an ‘Outright Lie’

White House [Public Domain]

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade held nothing back while criticizing former President Trump, specifically a speech he delivered at an event in Arizona where he focused on the 2020 presidential election results. The Fox host called Trump’s claim he actually won Arizona an “outright lie” while he slammed the former president for not focusing on other topics throughout his speech.

The Hill reports:

“Right now, nobody cares about 2020,” Kilmeade told a caller named Logan, who said he was a Trump supporter who found it “cringeworthy” that the former president continued to voice his objection to the results of the 2020 presidential election, which Trump has repeatedly and falsely claimed was rigged against him. The caller said he was concerned that staying focused on 2020 would hinder Trump’s chances should he choose to run in 2024.

Referring to remarks Trump made recently at a rally in Arizona, a state he has falsely said he won despite President Biden‘s victory there, Kilmeade said he spoke to two of Trump’s friends who told him, “That was the worst speech you ever gave. Because nobody cares about your topics.”

“There is so much to talk about that matters to you and I, Logan, right now about what’s happening in the Ukraine, how China is just forgetting about phase one, how they’re beginning to militarize everything around them, about to take Taiwan back,” Kilmeade said. “That’s what people wanna talk about. It’s not hard stuff.”

Kilmeade emphasized that Trump’s continued harping on the 2020 election will not help advance his popularity with Americans, especially if he wants to run in 2024.

“Nobody cares about 2020. Nobody. And everything that he said and the challenges that he made should have been done before the election. And they did a recount in Arizona, and the recount showed no difference almost, and he came out and said it showed that they won Arizona. That’s an outright lie, and please stop wasting our time with that, because he’s capable of doing so much more,” Kilmeade said.

Following Trump’s loss to Biden in Arizona the state’s Republican-controlled Senate ordered an audit of the results in Maricopa County. However, the results found that Biden won the county by a larger margin than the final certified results showed.

    1. I totally agree. I will never watch Fox traitor news ever again. I already was totally disgusted with you. You are allowing cheaters and commies to run our former great America.

  1. Stupid article. Not worth printing. Who cares what lies the leftists say. Do not care to hear or read their anti-Trump rants.

      1. Why not bull-rush our phones and call Fox News in NYC? Phone busy? Call later! Meanwhile email FOX and killjoy and all other hosts – everyone. Lock up their emails and the phones.

    1. When media figures lie, especially when it comes to election integrity, it is essential that we take them seriously and make them pay.

  2. The lie is the denial of the vote fraud. I have lost all respect for Kilmeade and will not watch him on FOX. Kilmeade is voicing what Establishment Republicans want said, and Kilmeade is dumb enough to do so.

    In contrast to Trump and his large enthusiastic crowds during the campaign, Biden was in his basement for the most part and could not attract a crowd once he did emerge from the basement, and Biden blurted out the truth on October 24, 2020. Biden’s exact words: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” There was no “context” that explains away these words.


    Are we to believe that a doddering Biden, who developed no connection to the American People, got 16 million more legal votes than did Hillary in 2016 and Obama in 2012 and 12 million more legal votes than a seemingly charismatic Obama in 2008? No way. It took coordination for swing states all to stop counting around midnight when Trump was ahead and in the middle of the night have statistically impossible massive Biden vote dumps. Twenty of twenty-one bellwether counties went for Trump. Ohio, Florida and Iowa all went for Trump handily – since 1852, when that happened, the candidate who won those states even by small margins won the election, except in 1960 when there were charges of and later convictions for vote fraud. The foregoing cannot be reconciled without Democrat vote fraud and is actually just for starters for the proof of Democrat vote fraud involving the specific states. Had Biden really got the record vote, do you think that the New York Times and CNN would be speculating less than a year into the Biden Presidency about his replacement? You don’t get elected President, much less with a record vote, without a connection with a significant portion of the American People, and you don’t lose that kind of connection in less than one year.

    The 2020 vote fraud was made possible by lax procedures as to mail in voting and absentee ballots: no signature verification, lack of chain of custody documentation, no matching with voter registration rolls. There was also ballot harvesting, corrupt election officials allowing ballot dumping and Dominion vote counting machines that weighted votes and were connected to the internet allowing for foreign hacking. There were more mail in ballots counted than mail in ballots mailed out in Pennsylvania; the thousands of affidavits attesting to vote fraud are stunning (e.g. a UPS driver who drove 100,000 fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania); there are videos of legal ballots for Trump being destroyed; there are videos of ballot box stuffing; there were millions of votes cast that had only a Presidential choice made. 

      1. As there were about 45,000 votes that they found were garbage they forgot to tell us who they were for. Kilmead is looking to join his buddy Wallace

    1. Excellent response to how an election can be “fixed.” Just like sporting events, and BTW, also wars…clean elections are ensured before counting, not after…
      However, drumbeating Re: fraud has its place; just not 24-7.
      JJH, citizen

    2. You are so very right & add that the courts have ruled is also total bshit! They never reviewed any evidence of fraud had they done so & let audit’s take place I would bet the farm that dementia in chief did not receive more than 60 million votes & even that is probably overstated!

    3. Did you forget, Biden stated “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”!

    4. The trouble is the DC democrats think/believe the general American public is stupid and that we do not understand what they are doing. How can we solve this problem? We vote and they cheat! How can we stop their cheating? We vote them out and they cheat to stay in! Personally this makes my blood boil!
      Trump saw the corruption and he tried to correct it. And he did in a sense, he woke us up and let us know what was happening. And this is good. Have seen many comments from democrats that are fed up for now their eyes are open. The D party is no longer for America and her people. The commies have or are trying to take us over. Can we prevail?? I hope so for future generations. But those kids right now, today, are in the process of being brainwashed by a generation that was brainwashed. The education system is really messed yp. Thankfully some parents still have brains they are usng to try and stop the BS in their kids schools. But this BS in schools is straigght out of Marxist playbooks!

  3. Brian: you are all wrong here. Trump’s speech was great and as to the AZ claim you spout, show your proof — all the proof. go soak your head in the sand. GO TRUMP. TRUMP 2024.

    1. Brian you have lost my respect! I can’t believe you saying these things, President Trump did everything in his power to stop the left, even before the election he talked about it happening, he had a sharp tongue but he accomplished everything he promised, and more! You should be let go to work CNN or MSNBC!

      1. Brian,I have watched You a long time but I will never watch you again and I am surprised at What you have done STUPID!

  4. Duh…there are MILLIONS of us who care about the 2020 election because if election fraud remains unchecked then we will hereafter be controlled by tyrants who will take away our freedoms and quality of life. All other issues (including the economy) should be put on the back burner because without fair elections we will continue to see our country decline rapidly. Just one year of O’Biden so far should be enough to scare everybody!

    1. You commies are already planning another election fraud with your corrupt redistricting, allowing criminals and illegals to vote as well as dead people. Let us not forget about the ballot fraud. Next we will have another new virus to enable more voting fraud because it worked so well last time in your favor, but not America’s.

  5. Kilmeade Can be wrong now and then. Nothing to do with the vote count. People DO care about the 2020 election. That’s a fact.

  6. If we don’t focus on 2020 and correct the “mistakes” made by the loony libbies, Conservatives will never win another election. President Trump is absolutely correct in keeping the election cheating in focus so that it won’t happen again.

  7. Probably the 2020 election WAS “stolen”, HOWEVER all of that is now behind us. Forget about it insofar as making speeches about it because, put very simply, nothing will ever be done about it. There is simply too much politics involved and too few judges in this country really care about the truth behind those claims. It’s OVER AND DONE WITH, so now let’s all get on with the upcoming election.

    1. Got to keep harping on it so we get it stopped or we will never be able to win because of the fraud continuing !!

    2. Not probably. It was definite, cut we have the news media, big tech and al the Rinos trying to make it look like it never happed. Let us not forget Obama’s weaponized government, and the corruption within the Supreme Court, the FBI, the CIA, the Judiciary, and all government Departments weaponized by Obama, the almighty terrorist. He was voted in because everyone one to show that they did not care about race, but HE had other motives.

    3. Not probably, Biden said it himself, ” We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics” !

  8. Why is Kilmeade stabbing Trump in the back, are you getting money from Soros, I will never his stupid books or believe anything he says.

    1. Soros will pay anyone that will be a traitor. That is part of corruption. The media is disgusting, and most politicians are and enrich themselves and do not care about Country. That is why we need term limits. I thought 2 terms was enough. Now I know. the corruption hits during the 1st term.

    2. What can you expect from a Communist. This idiot pretended to be on President Trump’s side as long as he could, but sooner or later the real self has to come out.I whole heartedly agree with Frank.

  9. This version of events is heavily laden with assumptions that the election was legitimate and beyond investigatory question. THAT is the big lie!! The election was rife with fraud, and it was stolen and illegitimate. The coverup of those facts was well planned ahead of the election, and was well executed during and after it. However, there is ample evidence of widespread fraud and illegal actions in several states, and no amount of righteous indignation or denial can change those facts.

    1. AND our Judicial system, our Supreme Court, our state legislators ……none of them care. It is just about their pocketbooks. The media and big tech are the commies cohosts. And Soros provides all the money for the payoffs.

  10. Kilmead, you are 100% dead wrong! There are MILLIONS of us who care deeply about the integrity of the election, including the fraud perpetuated on the American people in 2020. To say otherwise is just you staying in bootstep with the mainstream media, trying to win brownie points with the left while pretending to be on the right. You say things in such a way that you think you can justify your argument to either side. But you can’t. It’s transparent and fake. You are living, breathing, walking, talking, lying click-bait. I thought more of you before this. But I can see you clearly now. Not to steal from leftists tactics, but consider yourself “cancelled” Karen.

  11. One by one, Fox reporters, Anchors, etc. are LOSING the respect we all had for them all these years! Thus far, I watch Tucker, Laura, and that’s about it. The others argued about things they should have ignored, condemned where they should have also ignore. They need to put a SOCK IN IT, RESIGN OR GET FIRED. I have yet to hear my buddy, Don Bongino, who just got kicked off Twitter and Facebook say Our Legally Voted DJT, our TRUE PRESIDENT. Reminds me of WHOOPI GOLDBERG who has NEVER said his NAME.

  12. Nobody cares about the 2020 election? That’s an insane thing to say. I care, for one among among many. Brian, you’re either out of touch or, more likely, you’re a confirmed Trump hater. That asisine comment identifies you as part of the swamp.

  13. I watched his entire rally in Arizona and I made the comment to my hubby that it was one of his best rallies ever. I’m still feeling the pain of President Trump (and I mean emotionally and financially) not being in office. And I am one of the many that feel President Trump won the 2020 election. We left Fox News the day after the election and have never looked back.

  14. I care about 2020 we have a bunch of yeah pedophiles Communist that should be put to death for destroying America

    1. I truly believe it is more than that number, but people are afraid of being censored and punished. It is incredible the punishment that President Trump has taken from these evil politicians and cohorts. Thank you President Trump for trying to restore America. I am so sorry that so many people judged you on your fighter personality rather than what. you truly tried to do for America.

  15. The 2020 pre-election election and election concerns (there are many) still exists and the reason Trump is still popular. I do not want to hear about it anymore as it is passed
    and done, but that does not mean what happened should be allowed to repeat and
    that we need to have proper voter ID and registration to eliminate contamination
    of our voting process. Trump has more important and pressing issues to discuss.
    Among them is the complete failure of Biden and his administration due to what
    they have implemented in the last year which has had devastating consequences
    for the US and its people. Some clearly are unconstitutional (mandates) or
    poorly executed (the debacle of Afghanistan) in addition to Biden being derelict
    with his President’s oath/duties by not keeping our country and citizens safe
    from harm with his open borders policy that allows undesirable and dangerous people
    and illicit drugs to enter. Unfortunately and sadly right now they are getting
    away with this because extreme liberalism has managed to infiltrate our
    schools, news media, judges or persons of influence, big tech platforms and many
    corporations, etc. There is a great need for change, a change many, many felt Trump
    had started and feel he can do again, make America great again, again!


    1. Even almost brain dead Biden, admitted it was the most fraudulent election. I guess he feels that is his penitence and it makes it all ok. Jill, You are disgusting that you put your husband into this position. He may not have been a great politician ever, and obviously was corrupt, but for you to use him to further sell a\America down the tube, is revolting.

  17. F**K Kilmeade.He’s trying to straddle the fence, which is easy to do when you don’t have any balls.

    There was a huge amount of election fraud in the last election and only a complete idiot or liar would deny it.

  18. The fact is that the system in the US, machines, no proof of ID, mail in voting, makes cheating possible. If cheating is possible, cheating will occur! Another point, many amongst the raucous left are not political activists. They are anarchists, plain and simple. If we don’t address this election problem, not a small minority will never believe and cheating will continue.

  19. From the short clips I’ve watched here and there, I always thought he was not a fan of the President. He really strikes me as more liberal than conservative. That being said. I wish President Trump would remind everyone of his great accomplishments during his 4 years in office, then turn to the future and remind people of the mess we’re in. Rehashing 2020, in my opinion is fodder for the media. They trash him every single day. Truthfully, it worries me!

  20. Needs to watch the polls on election night because anybody that can add two plus two would of seen that President Trump was so far out in front that it would of been impossible for Dummy joe to even come close to President Trump !!! ( UNTIL THEY CAHAGED EVERYTHING DURNING THE NIGHT ) PRESIDENT TRUMP WON BY A LAND SLIDE FOR SURE !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Kilmeade – you’re wrong & I’m not saying that because I support Donald Trump – I do; but I also have seen all the ups & downs for the 2020 election & all the votes that Wisconsin, PA, Georgia, Arizona have turned up for being illegal votes & although no one has said Trump was right – if you took all the evidence so far, to dispute him is wrong. I do wish he would stop talking about 2002 because he is hurting himself. Take my advice, stop talking & arguing about the 2020 election!

  22. Killame …errr….
    if it was not for Tucker’s slot
    Foxnew ….weaning away times are closing in
    this time around there will be no withdrawal symptoms!

  23. HMMM DO WE HAVE ANOTHER CHRIS WALLACE! If you would get off your ass from cushy stories and investigate the REAL PROBLEM..INTEGRITY …that means get out of your office, and go out just might stumble on to something.

  24. Sorry Killmeade is being a jerk. Whil in the same token, I do think Trump is dwelling on the 3030 election way too much! But Brian has no business using Fox to trash Trump. Bad Brian!!
    IMO, there seems to be proof that there was a lot of irregularities in the 2020 debacle. From dead people voting, ballot harvesting, rules changed at the last minute, incorrect ballot countng and the list goes on and on!
    Big question–The states completing audits, etc, have the information completed, then why aren’t they doing something about it? This fiasco has been dragging on way too long! Let’s get the info out and do whay ever is necessary to right this ship called America. We are on a downhill spiral and if pulling those states voting results will stop the spiral then do it now. Something has got to put the brakes on this train wreck we are in with Biden in the WH and the D party in control!

  25. LISTEN UP….GOD Says….PREZ TRUMP Did NOT get a FAIR ELECTION. TRUMP Won 104 MILLION Something LEGAL VOTES includes TRASHED and SWITCHED VOTES. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. TRU MP Won even before the ELECTORAL VOTE Count. I STAND by GOD’S Word. From SamuraiQueen….GOD’S ADOPTED DAUGHTER…Forever. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

  26. It’s about fraud and election integrity. Maybe kilmeade ran out of popcorn? I wonder what this guy thinks is more important – speeding ticket?
    When it comes to outright lies little kilmeade would know.
    This guy is a non starter. Fox has made a few good moves, kilmeade is NOT one of them.
    How he weaseled his way in is a mystery.

  27. The audit ALSO pointed out major anomalies that CJ noted and everyone ignored. Leaving them in the vote count. Corrupt, fixed and wrong!!! I’ll never vote again in this banana republic. BTW you voted in one of the most horrible administrations ever … nothing to gloat about either.

  28. The reason for Ukraine and China’s aggression is because of the 2020 rigged election!
    Your just another waste of sperm Kilmeade! You Democrats and democrat lovers have actually made me pro abortion! I feel every democrat womans birth should be aborted! You people are a disease worse than the Corvid Virus you developed with China!

  29. Isn’t he supposed to be a journalist? Do some research before you start spouting off laws. He sounds like he is preparing for a spot with cnn. SO disappointed.


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