Maryland Gov. Hogan Makes Decision on Senate Campaign

Maryland GovPics / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says despite some consideration he will not run for Senate. The Republican Governor, who is term-limited and cannot run for re-election, said that despite some Republicans pushing for him to enter the Senate race he is focused on finishing his second term.

The Hill reports:

“I will not be a candidate for the United States Senate. I sincerely appreciate all the people who have been encouraging me to consider it. A number of people have said they thought I could make a difference in the Senate,” Hogan said. “I don’t aspire to be a United States Senator, and that fact has not changed.”

“I plan to run through the tape and finish next January,” he said.

Hogan called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Tuesday to inform him. Hogan said he had also spoken with Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and Sens. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to tell them he wouldn’t be running.

Hogan, whose approval rating has remained high through the coronavirus pandemic, has been a vocal opponent of former President Trump. Hogan said he voted for someone other than the former president in both 2016 and 2020, and he has made little secret of his own interest in a White House campaign in 2024.

Hogan’s choice not to run for Senate has some guessing if he is planning for a presidential run as his political action committee (PAC), An America United recently released a video highlighting Hogan’s push for a “new approach to politics.”

  1. Well, that’s a RINO that doesn’t need to be in the Senate. He appears to have a Republican ticket, but he admits that he would not be in favor of improving the USA by reducing taxes, building a secure wall, improving the economy and facing down the nation’s enemies to create a safer world for the rest of us. Those were goals fought hard for by Trump, and he stated clearly that he would not vote for Trump.

    1. How much did the Trump Tax Cut improve America?
      The National Debt?
      Trump’s silly little fence is not secure.
      On an annual average increase basis Obama did much better job with the economy than Trump.
      The Stock Market had never been higher than under Obama.
      The same with Biden.
      Biden is not a good choice for President.
      But far from the worst.

        1. Charlie, Hess is nothing but a weasel troll. He adds nothing to any conversation. I don’t read his posts and I have come to the conclusion that he wants (desires) people to give him thumbs down votes, so I just completely ignore his BS and don’t give him the satisfaction he derives from getting downvotes. My advice is to just ignore his posts totally.

      1. I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on but it’s not here. You’re just a liberal and will only spew the traditional propaganda. Obama did nothing to improve this country !! He and the current administration are making DOMESTIC POLICIES that are destroying this country. They are ” Economic Idiots.” Under Trump we prospered. Under Obama we had 8 yrs of 1.9 % growth which couldn’t support the job market and caused people to leave the job market. This made
        unemployment LOOK lower than it actually was. Net wages went DOWN under Obama. They flourished under Trump until Covid. The middle class SHRUNK under Obama. Obama must have loved poor people because he made so many of them. As far as that ” wimpy fence” goes- it was stopping a good deal of ILLEGAL immigration along with law enforcement. Are you against Americans feeling safe in their own country? Stock markets goes up and down – & under Trump it made record gains. Obama and Biden are both Soros financed /backed through his PACS. If you want more FACTS- let me know!

    1. Out with all the RINOS and in with President Trump. He now knows how the game is played and he will DRAIN THE SWAMP by identifying all the corrupt politicians and career federal employees who use their position for political corruption against WE THE PEOPLE. TERM LIMITS ON ALL THOSE ELECTED WHO WISH TO SERVE.

      1. The RINOs outnumber the Trumpers.
        That is why Trump is unemployed.
        The RINOs like our three term Republican Govonor refused to vote for Trump never mind endorse him.

          1. We would be much better off if President Trump were the one attending those events. Russia wouldn’t be threatening to invade Ukraine, as is true of our present weak fraudulent president.

          2. You have no idea what Russia would do if Trump were still in office.
            What did Trump do about Russia killing our troops in Syria?
            Impose economic sanctions?

          3. Our three term Republican Govonor flat out refused to vote for Trump.
            Our Govonor was never a Democrat.
            Was never pro choice.
            If Trump had won all the real Republican’s votes he would be in the White House today.
            RINO s cost Trump his reelection
            Trump is the real RINO.
            The former pro choice Democrat.
            I voted McCain and Romeny.
            I did not vote for President in 2016.
            I thought that Hillary had destroyed government documents.
            In 2020 I thought Biden was a horrible choice.
            History will no doubt view Biden as the second worse President in the the turn of the century era.

          1. They certainly do in Massachusetts.
            Our Govonor refused to vote for Trump in 2020.
            He would not say about 2016.
            Losing the RINOs in 2020 cost Trump the election.
            A big tent would have won.

          2. RINOs outnumber in Massachusetts too.
            Our Govonor said that he did not vote for Trump.
            He is a life long Republican.
            Trump is not.
            Real Republicans are second generation, or more.

      2. Every term is limited.
        We are not a monarchy.
        Our terms are two, four, and six years.
        We should be able to vote for and elect any citizen that meets the age requirements.

          1. Trump won the first time because of special interest donations.
            People donate to their special interests
            Trump did not have as much interest the second time.

    1. Republicans aren’t turning against Trump policy. We want a more reserved President that will work to achieve Trump policy. Trump did what was desperately needed, but has a personality problem and has had his turn.

      1. What is the Trump policy?
        Replace that little rusty fence with a Great Big Beautiful Wall?
        Wipe his stink star with ObamaCare and then flush?
        Promote great Patroits like General Milley?
        Encourage his acolytes to march to the Capitol and fight like Hell by smearing their feces?

      2. You don’t want Trump?
        What are Trump’s policies?
        Cut taxes?
        Increase the national debt?
        Flush ObamaCare down the toilet.
        Build a Big Beautiful Wall.
        Tear down a crappy little steel fence?
        Avoid inditment?
        Sell picture books.
        Books his supporters can actually read?

  2. Good luck RINO LOSER because you are going to need it !!! If you think you can beat out our Great President Trump then you better wake up from your Fairy tale and smell the roses !!!!!! I don’t think you could run for dog catcher now and win it . RINO like you that doesn’t put America and American people at the top of their list like our Real President Trump does then you are a Communist for sure !!!

    1. In 2020 Trump was a loser.
      And 2021.
      And 2022.
      When did Trump last win a Court case?
      How many Trump endorsed candidates have lost?
      Great Presidents do not slink out of White House.
      Great Presidents win reelection by landslides.
      In most every state.

      1. Great Presidents can’t win leftist states. They have to depend on states not dominated by cesspool huge cities. They also have to depend on fairly run elections. 2020 wasn’t an example.

  3. Because we don’t have enough spineless politicians in the world today, so Larry Hogan decided we needed him to be added to the mix. Good luck Larry, I am sure you will feather your nest well before you give up.

    1. Is your definition of spineless politicans people who fail to recognize that Trump is the greatest leader our country has known?
      In that case they are all spineless.
      Did you buy Trump’s picture book of his greatest achievements?
      For $240?
      Keep your lips on Trump’s stink star.
      Don’t worry about his feces.
      They are on the walls of the Capitol.
      His supporters carried them from the White House in their backpacks along with bear spray and zip ties.

        1. We both have it.
          You think that Trump can do no wrong.
          It is perfectly normal to wave goodbye to White House documents with your stink star.
          You must be filled with pride.
          Trump and his association with human fecal matter.

      1. The most important trait in a President is their personality.
        Without personalty they cannot make policy happen.
        Trump did not have the personality to overturn ObamaCare.
        Trunp is rude, crude and ill mannered.
        Like Adolph and Joe.

  4. There’s a real Big Tent within the Republican caucus, RINO, conservatives, establishment types, libertarian to “what the hell”. Hogan could be any of those and lose a Senate run in Maryland thus damaging his brand. Democrats would encourage his running in 2024 as a means of damaging Republicans.

      1. Single parents can be great people, but they generally aren’t equipped to support their families or raise their children well. Cultures with high percentages of single parents tend to be the crime-ridden cultures. Republicans can love and support single parents without supporting that lifestyle as being desirable.

        1. Single parenting is only an issue for those with an income of less than forty thousand.
          That is mostly people of color.
          Why do people of color have less money?
          The same reason for incarceration rates?

  5. How many more RINOs will come out of closet?
    Those faqqots are everywhere.
    I caught one in the ladies room at Walmart last week.
    You can tell RINOs by their smell.

  6. Larry Hogan is a full-blown RINO and he is proof that politicians from both political parties are corrupt parasites. You can’t trust politicians, you especially, can’t trust politicians who were lawyers. They are the lowest form of life on earth.

  7. This RINO has no chance to be nominated by real Republicans. We’ll see if Republicans in Maryland are really Republicans or are really Democrats in disguise. Considering the political power of Baltimore and Washington, DC suburbs, he may actually have a chance.

  8. Please, the federal government doesn’t need another drifter to head the country. The fact that he moves from one government job to another, speaks volumes.

    1. It says that he has government experience.
      No one in government should have any experience.
      Trump had no government experience.
      Now that he has experience he should not be in government.
      Government experience ruins people.
      Hogan is not a drifter.
      He is a Republican.
      Unlike Trump he did not drift from the Democrat party.
      He did not drift from NYC to DC to the Presidential Archive Toilet

    2. As was his father Hogan is a life long Republican.
      Trump is a half life Republican.
      Trump’s dad was a life long Democrat that did not want Jews in his buildings

      The Hasidics smell that bad, they don’t wash.

  9. If he’s against Trump I’m against him. The reason the citizens voted for Trumpmos becayse their damn sick and tired of the political insiders club and the corruption at a national level.

  10. Are all Republicans who do not support Trump, the self appointed leader of the Republican Party, RINOs?
    Even third generation Republicans?
    Trump has been a Democrat for most of his life.
    His Democrat dad didn’t want any Jews in his buildings.
    Something about them smelling bad…


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