Report: Only 8% of Voters Watch CNN ‘Every Day’

nrkbeta, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret that CNN is struggling to attract viewers but the latest report might be the most dismal of all for the liberal network. The most recent Rasmussen Report revealed that only 8% of voters say they still tune in to CNN “every day.”

According to The Washington Examiner:

In the latest Rasmussen Reports survey previewed for Secrets, just 8% said they watch the network “every day.”

Many more, 48%, said they never or rarely tune in, and a combined 71% said they are in the “occasional” to “never” category.

Maybe worse, the pollster tested the cable network’s motto, “The most trusted name in news,” and found that 58% disagree, 33% agree.

However, most respondents said they don’t trust the media at all.

In the survey analysis, Rasmussen said, “Distrust of the news media remains high, as 58% of voters agree with former President Donald Trump’s statement that the media are ‘truly the enemy of the people,’ a finding unchanged since last July. Twenty-nine percent (29%) now strongly agree with Trump’s description of the media, slightly down from July. Thirty-seven percent (37%) of voters disagree with the claim that the media are ‘the enemy of the people,’ including 22% who strongly disagree.”

  1. Its nice to know that when you openly lie to Americans for 5 years about things like Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign that there are consequences. How CNN thinks they are going to ever be trusted again after that farce is beyond me but they are still on the air every day trying. Unfortunately for CNN their efforts are based around creating new lies to replace the old ones, probably because they are incapable of telling the truth. Whether they are lying about riots, insurrections, Covid-19, violence in Democrat run cities or the original Russia Collusion, or impeachments or phone calls made by the previous President or the competency of the current President; they always seem to be unable to provide the real information to the consumers and that is why they are failing.

    To fix CNN you would need to fire everyone and start over, this time try building a news organization rather than a propaganda arm for the liberal causes your current staff dreams about implementing in their quest for a socialist/communist nirvana. Here’s an idea, why not move to a country that already has socialism in it since you seem to be unable to function in a society without it, let’s see how you do.

  2. As I said in my previous post just the mention of George Soros and it is now “awaiting for approval”! Free speech as long as one does not mention George Soros! Such an evil satanic person,,,,has way too much control in our government and news networks! WOW!!!!!!

  3. Why do you pukes at TTN hold my posts (Awaiting for approval) ????? Approval by WHO. You morons at TTN are worse than CNN, and you will soon be experiencing the same results.


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