Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, Evacuated From D.C. School Over ‘Security Threat’

Ryan Johnson via Wikipedia Commons

This story is breaking and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff was evacuated from an event in a Washington, D.C. school after the school reported a bomb threat.

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Hill reports:

About five minutes after Emhoff arrived at the school’s history wing, a Secret Service agent ushered him out. Emhoff’s staff relayed to reporters attending the event that there was a security threat reported by the school to Secret Service.

A spokesperson for D.C. Public Schools told a reporter at the scene there was a bomb threat reported at the school. Teachers and students in the building were also evacuated.

“We had a threat today to the facility so … basically we took the precaution of evacuating everybody, as you saw. I think everyone is safe. The building is clear. But I don’t have any specific details at this moment,” press secretary Enrique Gutierrez said.

Emhoff’s event was one of the ways the White House is seeking to highlight Black history month. Dunbar was the first high school in the United States to serve African-Americans, according to its website, and its alumni include Washington, D.C., Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), and Lawrence Chambers, who was the first African-American graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy to reach the rank of admiral.

  1. About five minutes after Emhoff arrived at the school’s history wing, a Secret Service agent ushered him out. Emhoff’s staff relayed to reporters attending the event that there was a security threat so we took him to get an ice cream cone instead.

  2. If it was a bomb threat…….what about the other people. I guess to a Democrat, they don’t matter.

    If I was married to Kamala Harris they wouldn’t need a bomb threat because I would kill myself.

  3. Here we go with the “Awaiting for approval” crap again. Exactly WHO is it who has to approve a comment? This is nothing less than censorship. Liberal Democrats don’t like criticism. And they especially don’t like criticism in the form of sarcasm or jokes.

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that this site is as bad as the media. Haters of the people, don’t report the truth and censor when it truthfully criticizes the regime in power.

  4. Most likely a staged event to gt sympathy and reinforce the lie that all republicans/conservatives are dangerous racists.

  5. What a boring, misleading article. I thought something really happened. I thought it was specifically targeted occurrence. No. A bomb threat. Someone wanted out of class.

  6. WHY does everything have to be tagged as to race? WHY can’t people just be ‘people’ ?
    Life in these United States didn’t used to be this way…… everybody just ‘got along’ with each other, knowing that we each had our differences. Life is so much better that way. There always were a few mis-fits, and there always will be….. there are always people who are looking for something to be ‘grieved’ about but why should they be ‘catered to’ ? No one is any more important than another…… ever.

    1. YOU ask why have you seen these rhetoric coming out of the talking heads let along these work for everyone but the people so called elected official’s!!! Are you kidding me right not to mention from the feminist so called movement to to defund the police ANTIFA BLM to let’s not enforce the laws of the land from ever office and bureaucrats REALLY YOU NEED ASK WHY !!!

    2. Today, if you are white, you have a tag on your back. How did roughly 12% of the population get the upper hand??? Everything, and I mean everything that’s going on today, should scare every single American to the core. I don’t care what side of the isle you’re on. Our future, our freedoms and our lives as we live them today are ALL in peril! If more don’t wake up, we have much hardship ahead.

  7. So he was there to celebrate the month for the “BLACKS” Ohhhhh, because he’s so black???
    He’s a know nothing white privileged boy, carrying water for the kamel toe.

  8. My god there are so many bomb threats in public schools. I taught and it went on all the time. Why make a big deal because that man was there??

  9. THIS IS NEWS????? Who gives a GD about Emhoff? If he’s willing to marry & bed Willie’s old mistress with the worn-out knees….who cares?


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