North Korea Boasts Ability to Hit U.S. With Missile After Month of Increased Testing

By Dan Scavino Jr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, North Korea bragged about its missile capabilities, saying the country has the ability to hit the U.S. and “shake the world.”

Fox News reports:

“In today’s world where many countries waste time dealing with the United States with submission and blind obedience, there’s only our country on this planet that can shake the world by firing a missile with the U.S. mainland in its range,” a statement by the Foreign Ministry said, according to Reuters. “There are more than 200 countries in the world, but only a few have hydrogen bombs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and hypersonic missiles.”

Pyongyang created the Hwasong-15 in 2017 and has not tested it, but the Foreign Ministry cited it as a vital weapon in its arsenal. The Hwasong-15 supposedly is the country’s longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and is believed to have the range to strike the U.S.

Pyongyang launched seven missiles in January, marking a significant increase in testing activity.

Only China and Russia have completed supposed tests on hypersonic glide vehicles. The missiles are especially difficult for the U.S. to track after launch because of their “heightened maneuverability at lower altitudes.”

The recent tests present a dangerous step in North Korea’s international relations: North Korea self-imposed sanctions after a series of mid-range ballistic missile tests led to direct negotiations between then-President Donald Trump and General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

But Kim has discussed the possibility of backtracking on that moratorium in response to recent U.S. sanctions, which targeted five North Korean officials living outside the country who assisted in the acquisition of materials for and the development of possible hypersonic glide weapons.

A State Department spokesperson said, “The United States has a vital interest in deterring (North Korea), defending against its provocations or uses of force, limiting the reach of its most dangerous weapons programs.”

        1. Trump wanted to leave the White House?
          The guy he appointed to run the military would not let him have the nuclear codes.
          Trump is a weak puke.

  1. US pushed to the BRINK of WAR? Hardly!

    If N. Korea launched a nuclear weapon at the US, it’d cease to exist as a nation. N. Korean leaders may be full of bluster, but I doubt they’re ready to commit national suicide.

    1. I don’t know. With Biden in the Oval Office, he is liable to thank Kim Jong Un for only sending one nuclear warhead, and then ask him what we did to make him mad so we can stop doing it.

      1. Casey, you have said it all, and Biden would probably send Kim pallets of money with apologies for offending him, as we all know, Joey is pretty far out of it and has to wait for instructions so he doesn’t “Get in Trouble” EZ Explanation? He’s just not Qualified to handle anything other than an Ice Cream Cone!

    2. China would destroy the US if it attacked N.Korea by cutting off all rare earth elements, medicine, and finished goods

        1. The US uses rare-earth minerals in high technology items such as smart phones, digital cameras, computer hard disks, fluorescent and LED lights, flat screen televisions, computer monitors, and electronic displays. I’m sure you believe that the US doesn’t need nor should have such technology.

          1. That is not true.
            The US does not manufacture items such as smart phones, digital cameras, computer hard disks, fluorescent and LED lights, flat screen televisions, computer monitors, and electronic displays.
            Check it out on your next trip to Walmart.

          2. Albert what is going on with you. I have just gone and actually gave you some thumbs up. Hopefully you will still do this and give me the chance to again up vote you. Or…….go back to how you were (hope not)

          3. The intellectually challenged think that up votes have value.
            You must be one of those self-important influencers.

          4. How many up votes have you given Trump on Twitter?
            Up votes are so important to Trump.
            They show off his virility.

    3. If we cause North Korea to not exist China and Russia will nuke at least twenty of our cities..
      They have have over 5,000 nuclear warheads.
      We can’t stop them all.
      They are ready to commit suicide for the honor their motherlands.
      Americans are not.

      1. I doubt you have ANY idea of what our response would be if a country used nuclear weapons against the US FIRST. Nor do I believe you have any idea of what either Russia or China would do in such a situation.

        1. It would be overwhelming.
          The same as Russia’s and China’s response.
          What part of mutually assured destruction do you not get?
          In such situation China and Russia would have no moral hesitance.

        2. I do know that the US has used nuclear weapons first.
          Against a country that had none.
          I know what Putin would do if we nuked NK.
          Putin has 4000+ nuke warheads with our name on them.
          Who else would he shoot them at?
          China would stand back and have it all in the end.

          1. Have you forgotten Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Is you ignorance of history that bad?

            And why wouldn’t Putin attack US allies that had nuclear weapons?

      2. Everybody here are playing the game of “What if”. What if NK does something, what if China does something, what if America does something all what if’s. Here is a “what if” could really happen. What if NK tells America we are going into SK next week and you (america) make one move to some us I will sent a missile or two to a couple of cities on the west coast. What will America do? What would China do? what would Russia do? What would the free world do? Think about that for a minute. NK cares less about hitting America today with missiles. NK waving these missiles as a big club over our heads.

        1. @Jim Dahlberg

          1.) …if NK tells America we are going into SK next week and you (america) make one move to some us I will sent a missile or two to a couple of cities on the west coast. What will America do?

          Star Wars?

          2.) What would China do?

          Who Cares? The CCP is dependent on a large scale upon purchases from individuals in the US.

          3.). what would Russia do?

          The ‘Russia’ currently up to its eyeballs in Ukriane? That Russia? They’d likely bark… a lot.

          4.).  What would the free world do?

          Follow the USA!


      3. Perhaps, due to the collective negative value China and Russia (ie ANY socialist or communist country) have for the sanctity of human life. Mao, Stalin, Che, Fidel…

        You’re on a fool’s mission, sir. Collective America will squash you like the bug you are.

    4. Remember the Korean War. China stepped in and gave us fits. You don’t know what they would do if we started drop nukes on North Korea.

      1. China might use whatever nuclear devices they had on our nearby bases and allies should WE start dropping nuke on N. Korea first.

        But if N. Korea were the FIRST to use nuclear weapons, they might not if we, in a response to the use of a nuclear weapon on the US, responded by destroying N. Korea. It’s a different matter.

        1. What is your might not based on?
          We know Damn well that NK would not launch without China’s permission.
          NK is China’s client state.

    5. wow, I said something similar and I’m Waiting for approval.
      I am getting tired of these sensor sites

        1. It is a cheap ass program.
          It is just a list of words.
          It refuses to post the word that means the opposite of digital.
          Trumpers are a sophisticated bunch of deplorables.

          1. What does Trump or his supporters have to do with the spamming by leftists? Oh, I forgot about your TDS.

  2. To bad he cant put one on top of brainless Biden when hes in Delaware!! Obama’s shadow goverment or better yet! George corrupt Soros the creator of all evil in america!

      1. The White House is in California? Before you call others morons, maybe you should go back to school and learn geography and about US laws.

        1. That moron Gitmo suggested dropping one on Biden’s head.
          He made no mention of the location of the White House, nor I.
          How does law figure in?

          1. Well, I understand your inability to fathom facts.By US law you can’t send US citizens to GITMO unless captured on a foreign battlefield with the enemy.

            But both the Left and the Alt-Right want psikhushkas, gulags, and killing fields.

  3. Scare tactics by the N. Korean Dictator. If he was really dumb enough to try that his country would be sitting ducks. However, he would get warned by Biden or one of the Democrats, pack up his things and money and move out leaving the citizens to nuclear attack and fall out. Most dictators like him are big mouth cowards at best. Maybe he should just keep pretending to be a leader and settled for a want a be basketball player.

      1. Was Lenin a coward?
        Un is the undisputed leader of of North Korea
        Trump is the leader of nothing but a bunch of old fat bearded fecal matter smearers.
        Many of whom are in jail.
        More to follow.

        1. And your leader is a brain dead old pervert like you. And yes Al, they were all lying cowards like you little flake.

          1. Neither your leader nor my leader is Trump.
            Yes, they lied.
            They were not cowards.
            Cowards leave the White House when they won by a landslide.
            They do not stand and fight like Hell.
            But they do encourage others to.
            And then don’t bail them out.

          2. Putin is not a Coward.
            Nor was Adolph.
            When the going got tough he did not slink off to Florida.

          1. I admire no word leaders.
            The are just like people.
            20% of them are scumbags.
            Maybe more.

    1. Well we have had one of the useless piles of crap (general) that is in charge of the military and who has…….said…..he would tip off china if we were going to attack it,… I bet the pile of crap would tell his friends to warn ….nk…..we were attacking. These type of rats are the so called generals in charge of our military…..sad to say…..Do we miss Trump……you bet we do.

      1. Who appointed the useless ‘piles of crap (general)’ that is in charge of the military?
        What ever happened to him?

    1. Unlike most Red States California generates more federal revenue than it consumes.
      Who will make up the short fall?

        1. At the fear of repeating myself.
          Unlike most Red States California generates more federal revenue than it consumes.

      1. I know who the President is.
        NK is not scared what Biden will do.
        NK is scared of of Trump.
        Just look at what Trump has done to NK.
        All those photo ops.

    1. As Trump IS NOT the president, what would he do? Are you that benighted about US politics?

      The questions should be, what would Biden and his handlers do if N. Korea used a nuclear weapon against the US first? THEN, what would Russia and/or China do if the US responded in kind against N. Korea?

      But we understand TDS and how it drives anti-US and communist sympathizers’ thoughts.

      1. Trump did nothing about NK’s nuclear efforts for four years.
        NK will not launch without China’s permission.
        NK is China’s client.
        Without China’s support there is no NK.

      2. I find so many definitions of TDS.
        Does it apply where someone is convinced that Trump can do no wrong?

        1. Yes it would, definitely. The same goes for those who believe there were no scandals in the Obama administration as he claimed. And it’s true that Trump’s efforts to stop N. Korea failed, as has other efforts.

          But if your question is rhetorical, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Not that you understand.

          Trump is a brash, loud mouthed, bull-in-the-china-shop, somewhat conservative, populist. I favored Dr. Crson as the GOP candidate, and THEN Sen. Rubio, Sen. Cruz, Gov. Huckabee, and Sen. Rand Paul. Again, I’m not sure you’d understand.

          BUT as it turned out, a constitutionalist loudmouthed populist is what we needed and still need. Most leftists don’t agree or understand.

          On the other hand, I COULD NOT vote for an Alinsky admiring, corrupt, socialist, traitor (as defined by the Constitution) for the socialist Democrat Party. Again, most anti-Constitution, anti-America, conservative haters disagree. I’m not sure you can understand that either.

          Nevertheless, your abject hatred of Trump and his supporters shows you have TDS.

      3. Patriotic Americans know that Trump is our one and only President.
        General Miley gave him back the Nuclear Football, it was all just a misunderstanding.
        Only Trump flies on Air Force One.

        1. Either your comment was meant as sarcastic trolling or you’re totally ignorant of how the military and political system works. I’ll say it’s the latter. Either way, it’s a flop.

          As I said, the questions should be, what would Biden and his handlers do if N. Korea used a nuclear weapon against the US first? THEN, what would Russia and/or China do if the US responded in kind against N. Korea?

          But I understand you inability due to your cognitive dysfunction due to TDS to answer the questions. All you’ve shown is just more proof of you TDS.

          So go ahead and continue your trolling like a puerile caitiff.

          1. I was not trolling.
            I was triggering.
            You Trump snowflakes trigger so easy.
            It is just not fair.

  4. I’m guessing if this thing were perfected, Pyongyang already would have given us a demonstration. I’d bet they cannot demonstrate the full range because they don’t trust the “shut-down” mechanism in the even of an “overshoot” catastrophe. They know if they err, it’ll be the end of NoKo and the beginning of a new constitutional republic.

  5. Wonder what N KOrea would look like after America turns it into a dessert. Will there be any cockroaches still alive?

    1. Wonder what DC would look like after NK’s bordering countries turn it into a dessert. Will there be any Trump cockroaches still alive?
      Just for fun they may target Mir a Lago


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