Report: Rudy Giuliani to Possibly Testify Before Jan. 6th Panel

Gage Skidmore via( Flickr

According to new reports, Donald Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani may cooperate and testify before the House Select Committee investigating the events of the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

Newsmax reports:

But the extent of his cooperation is not clear. Giuliani last month was subpoenaed to appear for an interview before the committee last week.

But “Mr. Giuliani’s appearance was rescheduled at his request,” a committee aide informed ABC News. “He remains under subpoena and the select committee expects him to cooperate fully.”

Committee investigators and Giuliani’s representation are expected to convene in the coming days to clarify his cooperation regarding either an informal interview or a formal deposition. However, it is unclear if Giuliani, who acted as former President Donald Trump’s lawyer, would dispel client-attorney confidentiality for the committee or invoke executive privilege.

  1. Plead the fifth on most things, just like the dummycraps do. That should get them melting down, over this rigged witch hunt, that will come back to haunt n.piglosi and mayor bowser, who were the cause of no security, for turning down Trumps national guard requests.

    1. Three weeks from now you will wish you had JHSY650 started today. Simply give it a shot on the accompanying site.

      GOOD LUCK__________

  2. Another TTN BS article. TTN is lying by “sensationalizing” anything that they can spin as negative to Donald Trump. TTN is becoming more Democrat each day. It must be the liberals that are running it.

  3. Why is this being called a betrayal? Giuliani could reveal everything he knows about Biden and sink their battleship.

  4. Can’t breach attorney-client privilege. Demonrats look like communists trying to squash resistance to freedom. Thus they call freedom fighters insurrectionists, while they are the insurrectionists, attempting to destroy our constitution and its inalienable rights.

  5. It would be interesting to see the House Select Committee faces if Special Counsel John Durham walked in with Giuliani and sat beside him at his table. Seems Hillary’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussman is headed for jail and the sentence might depend on what he has to say between now and his frog-walk. I’d bet many in the J-6 investigation also are connected with Hillary’s election fraud. Washington is crowded with cockroaches looking for a GOP dinner.


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