Texas Attorney General Sues Facebook

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced his office is suing Facebook (now Meta) for allegedly obtaining and using the biometric data of millions of Texans without their proper informed consent.

Paxton filed the lawsuit in the 71st Judicial District in Harrison County, Texas. According to the lawsuit, Facebook has stored millions of biometric identifiers “contained in photos and videos uploaded by friends and family who used the social media app.”

The Daily Wire reports:

In doing so, Facebook exploited the personal information of users for profit, according to the lawsuit. The alleged actions are in violation of Texas’ Capture or Use of Biometric Identifier Act and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

“Facebook will no longer take advantage of people and their children with the intent to turn a profit at the expense of one’s safety and well-being,” Paxton said. “This is yet another example of Big Tech’s deceitful business practices and it must stop. I will continue to fight for Texans’ privacy and security,” Paxton said in the statement.

The suit also alleged Facebook captured biometric data from non-users, impacting many additional Texans.

“Facebook’s illegal and deceptive conduct did not end with its users. For Texans who did not use Facebook’s social-media services, Facebook was still capturing hundreds of millions of biometric identifiers from photos and videos innocently uploaded by friends and family who did use Facebook. There was no way for such non-users to know of or contest this exploitation,” the lawsuit noted.

The lawsuit also noted the “staggering” nature of Facebook’s violation due to the number of times the actions occurred.

“The scope of Facebook’s misconduct is staggering. Facebook repeatedly captured Texans’ biometric identifiers without consent not hundreds, or thousands, or millions of times — but billions of times,” the lawsuit added.

Facebook announced it was ending its facial recognition system in November following a class-action lawsuit from Illinois.

The Texas law can provide up to $25,000 per violation. The lawsuit estimates up to 20 million Texans had Facebook accounts in 2021.

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    1. It will be far more likely that you will be in a welfare line.
      Tens of millions of Americans love Facebook.
      Trump use to like Twitter.

          1. I agree with Mbuck. Clowns like Albert are just looking for attention. That’s what liberals do.

            One thing I would recommend is that you don’t give any of his comments a “down arrow”. He wants them and he loves getting them. I just ignore the a-hole, and I don’t even read his useless posts.

      1. Albert you are being ignorant in your comments face book contiues to violate peoples rights to privacy and has stopped facial reconiz after another law suite in Ill. texas will win this suite as well.

      2. On Facebook, Your information is the product. Any truth posted is usually removed and anyone telling the truth is banned. Enjoy your glass bubble, just don’t complain when they put you on the cattle car.

        1. These lemmings are all the same. They think they are the smartest people in the room.
          Hey Albert, how many shots and boosters? Just trying to figure out how long you have?

          1. I’d like to say they’re not ALL the same, but I fear you’re right.

            By the way, being in a VERY high risk group, an obese old codger with previous heart attack, CHF, diabetes, HBP, high cholesterol, and being a retired veteran, I took the 2 Pfizer vaccinations. But I have doubts about the booster. STILL, I was hospitalized in the VA hospital a few weeks ago for a bad fall, a diabetic chronic leg infection, AND COVID. They really ganged up on me. ;-(

            Thanks from a Deplorable,

  2. Way to go Texas! I hope you are successful and that you motivate other states to do the same. Facebook is a corrupt liberal Democrat Political Party entity.

  3. That’s fantastic. Can we now make this a nation wide class action suit. My state being a blue state, and my never having joined facebook, am sure my data has been compromised by FaceBook due to family and friends posting pictures. I know my AG will never sue.

  4. Mark Greenberg (Zuckerberg) deserves the death penalty (for the second time) otherwise his criminal intent will continue.

    1. Please state the law, State or federal, that would call for his execution.

      In addition, Zuckerberg isn’t Jacob Greenberg despite false claims to the contrary. His grandfather wasn’t David Rockefeller, former head of Chase Manhattan Corp.

      So if you want to be an effective conservative, get your facts correct.

    2. he is actually a Rothchild, or rather was one. He was arrested a long time ago, so who is running teh show? The very corrupt CIA

      1. Please state your source showing that Mark Zuckerberg is a Rothschild. Also, when was he arrested and incarcerated. Please provide a source for that possibility and that the CIA is running the show.

        Sadly, the CIA has it’s corrupt dirty hands involved in a lot of shenanigans, but I like to see sources. I’d suspect No Such Agency, but I’ve no proof of that.


  5. I’ve asked 3 of my friends if they were concerned about FB ming their information. Each one told me I am buying into someone’s conspiracy theory. One said he had nothing to hide.
    If this is representative of a major out there, the lemmings will follow one another into the future of no freedom or security.

  6. How about suing them for trillions so they cant BUY another election? Put them out of business and Zuck in jail for life for treason.

  7. This article is exactly why I have never used ANY SOCIAL MEDIA. I do use internet services to get news, shop, etc. For some people social media is the way they live their lives as if they must know how, when and where every friend, person they know did whatever they do/did. In America there are several generations of people who think only of themselves and that the rest of society wants to know about them and what they are doing. Some even have the sick ambition/goal to be a celebrity. That is sad and social media lives off of that immature, self important attitude.

  8. Good for Attorney General Paxton. Apart from what they are being accused of, they block medical truths, pushing lethal jabs, put all Conservatives in jail and tell us “You do not meet our Community standards” Ive got news for Fakebook, they do not meet Gods Community Standards. Bunch of Godless Pedophiles and Satanists


  10. “In doing so, Facebook exploited the personal information of users for profit…”

    How is this any different from what Google does every day; i.e., making their users not the customer, but the product?

  11. Too little too late FB. You did the CRIME now you should not be able to just say…”OOPS” and walk away.
    I say that $25,000 PER incident is good, not per person. I also say that the shareholders should not have protection, those that owned shares at any time should have to pay the criminal fines.

  12. the KGB of social media is deleting posts that don’t meet their “Community Standards” I have posted articles to private groups on FB and have been censored. They remove any post that doesn’t fit the propaganda they are promoting – has nothing to do with the truth and this government is allowing these companies to take away our rights to freedom of speech WHAT’S NEXT


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