Will We Go To War? Everything You Need To Know About the Russia Conflict

Kremlin.ru, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

“The end of the world” by Skeeter Davis plays on the speakers and in headphones across America, but is that really so? Probably not. 

Tensions between Russia and the United States are escalating and many are claiming that WWIII is on the horizon. Speculative reports about Russia’s coming invasion of Ukraine and the potential US response have dominated the airwaves over the past few weeks and things have hit fever pitch.

That all being considered, what are the actual odds of going to war with Russia in the coming days? And if we do, what do we need to consider? All that and more is what we intend to answer. Everything you need to know about what might be WWIII: 

  1. Pandemic dying out so time for another Crisis! That’s ALL the Democratic Party is good for, creating one crisis after another in order to take away our liberties right under our noses! WHEN is America going to WAKE UP?? I think they’re provoking Russia for this very reason!

  2. Putin isn’t the problem, arrogant,narcistic,delusional,racist,senile,frail,old,puppet,fool,dementia joe is,trying to push Putin into war,and that is a terrible mistake for america. Who ever is running this disaster better wake up before this country gets nuked because of a mentally, unfit, president that is out of touch with reality. This is no game like hidenbiden seems to think.Some one wise up, and take control of this trainwreck before it’s to late.

    1. Putin most certainly is the problem, because he is warmongering. All of a sudden, without provocation, he’s attempting to impose his will upon Ukraine, as well as Eastern Europe, at the point of a sword.

  3. More MSM BS – bang the drum louder and hope you start an incident – the separatists in the Ukraine and the deep state need this war and are going to create a some type of event like the start of WW2 – when the Germans wanted to invade Poland so they staged the attack – every American needs to write their reps and tell them we will should not go to war if Ukraine is attacked -the DS in the real enemy, the Cabal – the rich murderess dogs living in Switzerland

      1. Klaus Schwab, Soros, Rothchild’s, UN Leaders, Gates, Royal families of Europe including UK, CCP Vatican American democrats

  4. Putin (oh I love this man) he is playing Biden for a fool and laughing at him to see how stupid Biden is and Biden is only trying to hide the dirt that he committed in Ukraine with all the money that he got from that Government. Putin isn’t the problem, Biden is and he can’t see the fire because of the smoke. Putin is only playing hide and seek with Biden because he knows Biden is VERY WEAK for a President and now he (Putin) is showing the world what an idiot the United States has for a President.

    1. I agree with every thing you have said,only thing is Biden does not know it what is going on and he could start WW3 ❗❗very old senile man

    2. Leftists seem to be indoctrinated and conditioned to always blame America for everything, even when it makes no sense at all, just like they always try to blame white people for everything. Russia is responsible for its own misbehavior.

  5. All Joe Biden needs is enough war with Russia to provide a lame excuse for the devastation his polices have caused the US. Since the US Embassy and CIA office have set up shop in Lviv, its a good bet Biden and Putin have come to some sort of agreement about how much Ukraine he can have — much as Obama did with Ukrainian Crimea.

    The Biden administration has strengthened NATO and ignored the American agreement to defend Ukraine if they gave up their missile defenses. Biden gets his excuse to explain away his colossal failures in 2021 — along with inflation and spiking gas prices — and the MSM will trumpet his “genius” from now until November.

    Thousands will die, but that is a small price to pay to bolster the Biden narrative and help Democrat-cy chances at the polls. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  6. I love what Putin or one of his Officials announced:) Will the American media please tell us what months Russia is going to invade Ukraine so our Generals can plan their Vacations Only true War is between God (Good) and Satan (evil) and we all know the democrats are on the side of Satan

  7. Where are those crying and beating their chest that Trump was going to get us in a war when now we have a president that doesn’t even know who and where he is. SCARY Biden is going to put sanctions on them when we are now buying oil from them instead of supplying our own. Wonder how that will work??????


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