Republican Rep. Says She Will ‘Win Without Trump’ After Being Snubbed for Endorsement

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Despite not being endorsed by Donald Trump, South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace says she’s confident she will still win another term in Congress. Trump, who recently endorsed Republican challenger Katie Arrington, after Rep. Mace blamed the former president for the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

The Hill reports:

Mace on Tuesday told The State “I’m gonna win without him,” after Trump endorsed Mace’s primary challenger.

Trump threw his support behind GOP candidate Katie Arrington earlier this month, calling her “a true Republican.” The former president knocked Mace in his endorsement statement, calling her “an absolutely terrible candidate” who has been “disloyal” to the GOP.

Arrington, in her announcement video, said Mace “sold out President Trump.”

After Trump announced his endorsement of Arrington, Mace filmed a video in front of Trump Tower in New York City noting her years of loyalty and dedication to Trump’s America First policies.

“I remember in 2015 when President Trump announced his run, I was one of his earliest supporters. I actually worked for the campaign in 2016. I worked at seven different states across the country to help get him elected,” Mace said.

The South Carolina Rep. also noted she still supported Trump in 2020.

However, while Mace wasn’t able to win over Trump, she was able to score a ringing endorsement from his former chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney.

The Hill reported:

“Congresswoman Nancy Mace is a proven fiscally conservative leader for South Carolina and the Lowcountry,” Mulvaney, who was a congressman from South Carolina before taking a job as former President Trump‘s top aide, said in a statement. “Getting things done in Washington isn’t easy and it doesn’t have to be a nasty business — especially when Members of Congress put their constituents’ needs before partisan politics.”

He added, “Her voting record is exceptional when it comes to promoting smaller government and lower taxes. And refreshingly, actually she works overtime to get things done in Congress. I support her 100 percent.”

  1. Knowing who the RINOs are is important. Trump is a true conservative-libertarian, and we can trust him if he says this woman is not on our side.

  2. So she WAS a Trump supporter, until the (INSURRECTION b.s.) .. Something doesn’t compute here! She might want to take a look at some other footage of the day. Many peaceful protesters, infiltrated by a few degenerates working for the fbi, and a couple other anti-American groups! Let’s put ti this way, you can’t be a Trump supporter and claim the Jan 6 was a coup..

    1. 500,000 MAGA people in DC. Maybe a thousand at the Capitol and maybe a hundred inside. But ALL get tarred as “insurrectionists.” How about finding out WHY the 2 policemen outside suddenly walked away and let the thugs break down the windows AND the two police inside (not physically threatened) who walked away right before “supercop” gunned down Ashli?

  3. Truth must hurt I find when truth is spoken to those that either are hide shit or have do or said something that they don’t want to take responsibility for they flip out. let me go one further seeing how corrupted our voting system is she maybe speaking truth about her winning if you know what i mean

    1. I know, people get worked up over the coming big wave but thy forget our elections are rigged now and no one has done anything about it

    1. Yes, most of the RINO are like AOC and the squat squad…….dumber than dirt, can’t keep their mouths shut even when it’s best if they did! Open mouth…….insert foot!

  4. This Jan 6th BS is making me madder than a hornet’s nest! Many in Congress have truly shown their true colors over this.
    I guess she’s one of them. Do your research people. Of course, NC scares me a little.
    Infiltrated by to many from liberal blue states.

    1. What I will never understand is why a freshman congresswoman would even give an opinion? She is virtually powerless to do much for her constituents. And especially to speak out against a very strong statesman like our former President Trump. Is she supporting this basement creature who has done so much TO our country and I cannot get anyone to tell me what he has done FOR our country

  5. Congresswoman Mace you showed rare stupidity, by accusing former President Trump of being the one who started the January 6, protest. Most of us had reason to protest the 2020 election, because we could not understand how a basement candidate for the highest office in the land, got 81 million votes..why would President Trump want to cause this uprising, and Mace, do you know who all was at this protest??

  6. Nancy Pace,with the ugly face, is just another RHINO traitor.
    She is a liar, with the dems she does conspire, and this is why we all hater.

    Pelosi’s insurection, is a total fabrication which will end in their total defeat
    Pace backed the wrong horse, should have stayed the course, her loss will be so sweet

    Pace is a joke,because she opted to be woke, we all know it’s just a bunch of lies,
    Arrington has my vote, for Trump is the G.O.A.T., and this will be Pace’s demise

  7. Trump is the best President we ever had and the Liberal Nazi party knows it that’s why they won’t stop the witch-hunts , DC is a corrupt evil mess and that’s why our country is in the situation we are in

  8. If she blamed President Trump for Pelosi’s plot in collaboration with the CCP for January 6th, what else will this woman get wrong?


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