Are These Putin’s Next Targets?, CC BY 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

With all eyes on Ukraine, some forget that Putin does not only have that territory in mind. 

What is happening in Ukraine is a game of influence gone off the rails. Putin felt like he did not have the influence he wanted in the region and decided to act swiftly to secure that influence by taking over another country. It was not that long ago when Ukraine had a Russian puppet president, a real one too, not someone simply defamed as one, but that regime ended and now Putin has had to result in this final measure to expand his sphere of influence. 

Many countries are now at risk because Russia now knows that the United States will not do anything and NATO will not do anything. Here are the countries next up on Putin’s list:

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    2. Trump is not united with the US against Putin.
      Trump is united with Putin.
      A Putin win in 2022 ensures a Trump win in 2024.
      Vladddy is Trump’s Daddy.

  1. I don’t agree the US is not doing anything. We can’t send forces unless we want WWIII. The sanctions seem to be working and arming Ukraine is about all we can do unless it spills into other countries.

      1. Please understand media are hyping this up and using old footage of Chernobyl to frighten people as well as Crisis Actors made up with paint! No one is invading Ukraine, its a Military operation to eliminate the evil cabal. And that’s all it is Ukraine is being liberated

  2. Outside of Belarus, Moldova, and Romania, none of the other countries mentioned make sense as any invasion of them would likely trigger a nuclear war. Despite his saber rattling bellicosity, I don’t think Putin wants a nuclear war.

    The countries Russia might invade would be Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Georgia. Some would provide Russia with open water ports.

      1. Russia only occupies about 20% of Georgia. Go to enDOTwikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Occupied_territories_of_Georgia and do some research before calling others names as you’re wont to do.

        If you think Wikipedia writers are idiots, go to;




        But what about the other countries? I’ll await your apologies but I doubt you’re man enough to do so.

        1. Russia controls 100% of Georgia.
          The 80% learned from the 20% on how to cooperate.
          Was the last election in Georgia free and fair?
          As to the other countries Putin will take them when able.
          Thank God that Trump beat up on NATO.

    1. I just pray that Putin hasn’t tipped into the paranoid, crazy, unstable brain person. Just push the nuke button because he gets cornered. Bye bye world.

  3. The united nations turned a blind eye on Ukraine’s extermination of its own ppl in the Donbas since 2014, Biden colluded with “the most corrupt nation on earth”, then pushed NATO membership on the former bloc country in contradiction of agreements which led to dismantling of Soviet union.

    The west, cajoles & foments to create a New World Order against the will of the vast majority of world’s population using MS&S Media to censor truth and push the narrative of & for the 1%.

  4. Has it occured to anyone else that the same ppl who created covid, and are pushing unhealthy & ineffective vaccines and masks, created a false Russian collusion hoax, interfered with Trump’s 1st term then stole his 2nd – these same corrupt politicians and organizations are now leading charge against Russia?!

    1. The people who created the COVID-19 virus were the Chinese in the Wuhan virology lab. As for Russia, it is the aggressor against Ukraine and likely has eyes on other neighboring countries.

  5. Sorry but you are so wrong
    Putin is cleaning out the Khazerian mafia in Ukraine who have not only drained the Countries resources through money laundering ,Pedophilia is rife, children and women trafficked for sex or worst, and the Cabal used Ukraine as their Cash cow Soros infiltrated the Government’s and the media and the Biden’s, Clintons, Pelosi’s, Romneys, Kerry’s sons all were on the Board of Burisma. Apart from pedophilia and Money laundering the cabal were using Ukraine for their Bio Weapon Labs as well as nuclear weapons caches, and the people were hungry, oppressed and very poor as well as brainwashed by the Cabals corrupt Media

  6. Putin is a prime example of the old saying about power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts.
    Putin is a very dangerous man, not only to the world, but to the people of Russia as well. Just like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Kim, and Xi, he sees himself above and beyond touch. But, just like despots of the past, he bleeds just like the rest of humanity and may find the Russian population breaking down his door and standing him against a wall like the people of Romania recently did to their tyrant.

      1. I suggest you take a look at Obama’s record at violating the Constitution, killing Americans, and weaponizing agencies against political enemies.

  7. Putin saw America weakened by all the talk of voter fraud.
    He saw a divided America.
    As soon as he secures Ukarine he will be dropping his voter fraud evidence on Mike Pillow to throw in the Supreme Court’s face and return Trump to the White House.
    Only then will the world be truly free.
    God loves us all.
    Even Trans.


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