CPAC Straw Poll: Trump Remains King of the GOP As He Drops Major 2024 Hint

Gage Skidmore Flickr

Conservatives from across the country gathered in Orlando, FL for the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and one thing is clear, Donald Trump remains the king of the Republican Party.

Over the last year of Biden’s disastrous presidency, Americans have been forced to compare the two politicians. Trump is known for his larger-than-life personality, sometimes to his own detriment, versus the leadership of an incompetent man who’s slowly but surely drifting off into senility. The drastic differences in leadership have even had Democrats say they miss Trump’s mean tweets right about now.

Donald Trump hasn’t shied away from the fact he thinks Biden’s handling of the country has been dismal, to say the least, and that he’s prepared to do what he can to fix it. Over the past months, Trump has strongly hinted at his plans to launch a third presidential campaign, setting up a rematch with Biden if he decides to pursue a second term. However, Trump’s strongest hint yet at a comeback came as he delivered a speech at CPAC to thousands of attendees.

Trump’s Save America rallies have attracted thousands of Republicans before and often look more like a rock concert than a political rally. His speech at CPAC was no different as conservatives cheered for the 45th president as he attacked Biden’s catastrophic behavior with America’s borders and economy.

Throughout the four-day conference, CPAC attendees were asked a range of questions about the Republican Party and its future but likely no question was more important than who would they support if the 2024 presidential primary were being held now. The results made it clear that Trump still maintains a tight grip on the Republican Party, though some have attempted to claim otherwise, with 59.1% of respondents saying they would support Trump.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second place with 28. 4% of attendees saying they hoped he would be the party’s choice in 2024. DeSantis has been a rising star within the Republican Party over his decision to stand firm and keep Florida open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic when most Democrat-led states chose to enact restrictive mandates which did little to curb the pandemic but successfully squandered their economies.

Following DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came in distant third place with only 1.8% of respondents supporting him as the nominee.

It’s clear that Trump wants to remain in the spotlight, and for good reason, as he all but confirmed his plans to run again for president. During his speech, Trump made it clear that he has every intention of running for president once more to help put America back on the right track.

While Trump has yet to make an official statement because doing so triggers an onslaught of legal barriers associated with fundraising and other campaign-specific measures candidates must follow there was no doubt the message Trump is sending: he’s making a comeback and this time he’s going to win.

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    2. He won in the 2020 election but they stole it from him. In sport, winning by cheating is losing, it’s not winning.

    3. What are YOU doing to prevent that? This is your republic, start taking ownership! I signed up to be a poll worker, am attending school board meetings, legislative committees, and am holding my senator and DHEC rep accountable.

      1. Trump did NOT win, he LOST and will lose again. However, glad to hear you’re willing to be a poll worker. After a while, you will see that the 2020 election was one of the most secure elections we’ve ever had. And I’m sure you’re honest enough to make sure that where you will work will be just as fair. Then you’ll start seeing that Trump’s big mouth has been spewing out lies after lies after lies about the election being stolen, WHICH IT WAS NOT, says this longtime, forever Republican with no plans to change party affiliation.

    4. What’s in place to prevent that? First, Republicans need to figure out how Democrats managed to commit massive voter fraud without leaving “fingerprints” on it. Good luck!

    5. Sorry, Dave, but this longtime, forever Republican who was smart enough to vote for Biden says (and hopes) that the RINO DDT (Dirty Donald Trump) loses again because he’s not worthy of holding any government position, not even dogcatcher. Bottom line: The election will again be”Stolen” from the slimebag because MILLIONS of Republicans like me will vote AGAINST the POS again and again and again. You conservative confederates ought to form your own party because you RINOs are killing our GOP. DDT IS THE WORST PRES this country has ever seen and is supported by blind RINOs like you who are so hypnotized by his treacherous rhetoric, you can’t see what a phony conman the guy really is.

  1. I continue to ask why the coprolitic imbecile has not restarted the Keystone pipeline. With Nord Stream 2 aimed elsewhere, it seems the sleepy occupant intentionally is inflicting harm on our nation. Perhaps if he restarts our path to energy independence, he knows Putin will rat him out. He just arrived at 10 a.m. from his leisurely weekend in Delaware and is only now wiping the sleep from his eyes so…perhaps tomorrow.

    1. I am dumbfounded that you do not know WHY! His intention is to kill fossil fuels, kill capitalism, and force socialism in the country based on the totally false claim that man, CO2, and fossil fuels have caused global warming.,

    2. My good man, is thre ANY doubt that Biden, puppet though he may be, is doing the bidding of those who are actively engaged in destroying our country?

    3. Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats are blinded by ideology. The simple solution presents itself, as you say restart the Keystone Pipeline, remove the restrictions on oil leases, support oil and gas production; everything to reassert our position as the number one petroleum supplier to the world. Watch the price per barrel drop to $40 – $50 where it should be.

      But Biden and his ilk are determined to drive the US into the green ditch of alternative fuels. They do not work at scale so that strategy is doomed to failure. There is a place for solar and wind power but it is not on the grid. It is distributed power generation direct to the consumer; e.g., solar panel on roofs, windmills in office parks etc.

    4. IDIOTS!!!!!!! All of you. Blind, deaf and contorted thinking that DDT saved our country when most Americans are fully aware that the man is a LIAR, a travesty, a LIAR, a swamp king, a LIAR, an absolute total PHONY, a LIAR, an ignoramus who would have never had money if it wasn’t for daddy, a LIAR, the supreme commander of FAKE NEWS, a LIAR, a full-fledged nepotist and a LIAR. He’s also the jerk-off who kept the seriousness and danger of the Corona virus from the American people after he learned of its peril back in late January of 2020. He did so because – as he said on national TV – that he was afraid the American people would panic if they knew how dangerous the virus really was. DON’T ANY OF YOU TRUMP LOVERS EVER FORGET THAT! That’s why many, if not most people who saw that interview know he is responsible for 250,000 of the 350,000 deaths from Covid that occurred on his watch. Mainly, FYI, the real reason he intentionally downplayed the virus is because he was told by his same Security people in that January that the virus would be the biggest threat to his presidency coming up in November of 2020.

  2. Trump should get DeSantis to be his V.P.. It would give us at least 12 years of Republicans in the White House.

    1. Either DeSantis or Pompeo, or there is a host of great minds in our party, trouble we must sift through the RINOS

      1. Both DeSantis and Pompeo would be good. I still like Ted Cruz a lot as well. Cruz was the last person to drop out of the race the first time that President Trump ran. I have watched him here in TX and he is a good man and a good candidate. He would be a great Vice-President and then President when the time came. He is clearly NOT a RINO.

  3. In spite of what every whining and name calling liberals attitude towards Trump there is one obvious thing about this great man, the fact the whole world was a better place.

    1. I don’t know if the rest of the world liked Trump and I don’t really care. One thing for certain is that they respected and feared him and that is what we need in a leader. He has more than proven his place among the world leaders and now, more than ever, we need him back.

  4. My thirteen year old grandson, would do a better job than pres. Biden has done, and a ROTC graduate could beat Milley and Austin, our country is in the grip of pure unawareness or pure evil,IMO.

  5. If we don’t get this total loser out of the White House we will be doomed!!! He is the very worst there could ever be!!! The world is on fire we are seen as weak weak weak!!! When you look at it …..he appears to be doing either nothing or totally the opposite of what he
    should do!!! He has terminated all of Trumps policies he can get his hands on!! He is a
    total disgrace!!!! He puts the very worst people in the wrong places!!! Just look at his
    administration!!! When the tuff should get going he goes to his basement in Delaware!!
    Just like before the election so we could not see what we were getting!!! His whole life
    living off the government!! No accomplishments worth a damn!! He does not feel the
    pain the rest of America feels…as he pays for nothing!!!! Government picks up his tab
    100%!!! So how can he feel anything of what citizens are going through?? We are broke
    yet he is pouring in illegals from all over the world and giving them the royal treatment.
    Shipping them all over the country in the middle of the night and dumping them. Wanting
    to give them all they want while many of our citizens are hurting!!! He is spending money
    like we have to much so he has been reckless there and wants to spend more!! He is
    making our military weak….much needs to be done there. We are behind and because of him our military and equipment are suffering….many of our planes can’t fly!! He’s an old
    fool in way over his head with no clue or real care except when does he get his next ice
    cream !!! ( sounds a little like Piglosi ) If we don’t do something quick China & Russia
    will …..and it won’t be anything good!!! Right now our military is really important as he
    trying to gut it with his stupid polices!!! We better wake up NOW!! What is congress
    doing? Nothing to address this. Midterms are coming and lets hope its not to late!!!
    We need sweeping changes NOW!! Biden is the wrong man at the wrong time.
    America lost much more than an election and we are feeling the pain big time!!!!

  6. Watched President Trump’s CPAC speech on line. It was nothing short of perfection! EVERYTHING HE SAID IS 100% TRUE!!!
    It was amazing to hear and be reminded of everything he accomplished in 4 short years.
    If the RINOS would of backed him, he could of done more! Hope he runs again. He has my vote for sure. However, the media is already on a rampage making sure to keep bloodying him and his family. Certainly with the intent to keep him from running. President Trump is incredibly strong, determined and sticks to his convictions.

  7. This great country inherited a demented leader who goes to hide in his basement eating ice cream after ice cream without a care for anything else.
    Joe Biden is just a puppet who follows Obama in his third term presidency to finish his dirty job to destroy more of America.

  8. It will be a great pleasure to have Pres. Trump as Pres.once again! I’m more than a little certain that most Americans will be happy to have Trump as Pres come the next election!

  9. Republicans have done very little if anything to stop the fraud. The democrats will have 90 million votes in 2024. It just started in Pennsylvania again. Although mail in ballots were ruled unconstitutional, my wife got here application yesterday from the democratic acting Secretary of State. The last one was fired for fraud but kept her pension. Pennsylvania democrats don’t give a rip about laws and republicans are weak to stop them.

  10. Advice to President Trump: Please spend less time talking about yourself, and talk more about the injustices you want to cure. for instance, what about the J6ers who traveled long distances at their own expense, to brave the freezing wind to support you regarding the stolen election, and now they’re rotting in solitary confinement, in a DC jail as political prisoners while the true perpetrators are walking free. Mr. President, we’ve heard your speeches. It’s a different world now, what’s new on your agenda? Free the J6ers!

    1. Pay attention, Sassy. Trump has already announced that he will free the J6ers. Within every great accomplishment of Trump lies the solution to every evil deed of Biden. Listen and learn.

    2. May your ‘loving’ POS 76ers ROT in prison, where they belong. They’re ALL traitors just like their god-idol – DDT.

    1. MAC: You could ony serve two terms; if an election was stolen, that doesn’t count as a win. so POTUS as Speaker in 2022, POTUS in 2024.

  11. Better remedy Election Integrity
    Vet staffers
    Better handle media better than 2017 run
    No “moles” in staff
    Rehire old loyal staffers?
    FT Social Media Team used

  12. Love President Trump. He actually HELPED America. The clown that is in the White House now is destroying America.


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