Biden Rejects Executive Privilege for Former Trump Advisers

Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with attendees at the 2019 Iowa Federation of Labor Convention hosted by the AFL-CIO at the Prairie Meadows Hotel in Altoona, Iowa Gage Skidmore Flickr.

President Biden will not assert executive privilege to protect two former Trump administration advisers, Peter Navarro and Michael Flynn, from testifying or turning over relevant documents to the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

The Hill reports:

Deputy White House counsel Jonathan Su wrote letters to Navarro, who served as President Trump’s trade adviser, and an attorney representing Michael Flynn, Trump’s one-time national security adviser, notifying them of Biden’s decision on Monday.

In the letter to Navarro, Su reiterated that Biden believes an assertion of executive privilege is “in the national interest” given the “unique and extraordinary nature of the matters under investigation.”

In the letter to Flynn’s attorney, David Warrington, Su noted that Flynn, who resigned in 2017 under pressure after less than a month on the job, left the White House in 2017, long before the Jan. 6 attack in 2021.

Navarro, who was subpoenaed by the House panel, has pledged to fight it in court and noted the danger in allowing a sitting president to revoke the executive privilege of his predecessor.

“You and the Biden regime along with partisan judges and the witch hunt otherwise known as the Jan 6 committee are doing great violence to the Constitution and the country,” Navarro wrote in the message. “See you at the Supreme Court.”

Previously, President Biden rejected Trump’s claims of executive privilege over White House documents the panel requested.

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  2. It is more than obvious that the Biden Democratic ‘regime’ views themselves as absolute monarchs rather than as president, et al. In their reckless quest for more and more power they are wrecking this country. What ever has happened to their common sense? (I’m sure they must have had some at some point in their lives.)

  3. Hmmm, what is Biden so afraid of. I’m assuming everything. Lots of “stuff” that he has been involved in during his 8 years with Obama and I’m sure a lot of it is not pretty or maybe even legal (constitutional). But he and other Democrats are teflon coated. No crimes seem to stick with them.

  4. I don’t recognize the USA anymore. It’s been turned into something that would be more appropriate in one of Stephan King’s books.

    1. Stephan King couldn’t make this $hit up he would know it was too far-fetched for anybody to believe.

  5. What the hair sniffer and the rest of his sick brood forgets what goes around…..comes back around. And I am sure in the hair sniffers case and one heck of a lot of others, that will HOLD to be so TRUE.

  6. How can a Faux President allow subpoenas for the Legitimate President? These DElites think they do not need to follow the law and that they are above everyone else. With the military and other agencies monitoring them 24/7 and videoing what they are doing it should get interesting before long.

  7. Biden’s time is coming. He will be impeached next year. And turn-about is fair play. Any claims of executive privilege by Biden will be denied by the next president. FJB.

  8. It’s time to take down the Deep State puppets. Has anyone finger printed Biden to make sure he’s really Joe Biden? He looks different every time I see him. Where are his buddies Barry and Michael. Looks like some of the rats have jumped ship. If they make it to shore they can always ride Kamaltoe across the desert.

  9. I hope this blows up in his face – they are trying to protect national security and Bozo has no idea what he’s opening the door to. I hope HRC and many others are implicated by the E.O. no longer under priveledge !

  10. It’s pretty obvious that ly’in Biden is nothing more than an anti-American Socialist hater, with the mind of a 6 year-old…

    1. alicia, and no capital c ? Hess, your style is patently obvious. You need to seek work you are capable of. You might consider another country while you are at it Adolph, ooops did it again, I meant Albert.

  11. President Joe Biden Wants To Make It Apear That They Have Something On President Donald John Trump But It’s All Smoke And Mirrors Like The Russian Collision delusion Investigation’s It’s Just Another Witch Hunt For The Democrats .

  12. Biden needs to make sure his brain ( if he has one ) is in gear…..before he starts
    running his mouth!!!! He is like a puppet …..he has a wooden heart !!! A one man
    wrecking machine!! Has 1 objective from the beginning….to cancel every good thing
    Trump did because he can not stand the success Trump had!! He also knows that
    (Tear down better and build back worse) is what he and his party is all about!! Having
    everyone depending on the government for everything and any and all ways to control
    us!!!! That’s the Democrat Way they want to force on everyone!!! Don’t fall for it again!!
    Other than Manchin & Sinema when its time vote the rest out!!


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