DeSantis Refuses to Deploy FL National Guard for Biden’s State of the Union

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refused President Biden’s request for the state to send National Guards to Washington, D.C. for the State of the Union.

The Washington Examiner reports:

“Last week, the Biden Administration requested the assistance of State National Guards to deploy to Washington D.C. I have rejected this request — there will be no [Florida National Guard] sent to D.C. for Biden’s State of the Union,” the Republican said in a tweet Monday, one day before the big speech.

Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’s press secretary, further told the Washington Examiner that the federal government sent the request to all states “to prepare for anticipated ‘First Amendment protests'” coinciding with Biden’s address Tuesday. The National Guard “should never be misused for political purposes,” she added.

“Last year, when the National Guard deployed to D.C. around the inauguration, they were forced to sleep in freezing parking lots, all for a regime spectacle,” Pushaw said. “Our dedicated, patriotic service members deserve better.”

Preparations for heightened security for the State of the Union event have been in the works in the nation’s capital for weeks ahead of an expected trucker convoy protest against COVID-1`9 rules, similar to the demonstrations in Canada in recent weeks. The Capitol was the site of a riot on Jan. 6 of last year that disrupted the process of certifying Biden’s 2020 election victory.

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, DeSantis noted President Biden’s repeated verbal attacks against the conservative over his different approach to Covid-19. The Sunshine State removed its mandates months ago, a move that Biden claimed would be detrimental yet was actually a major success.

The Florida Governor is seen as a possible 2024 presidential contender and came in second place in the CPAC straw poll. However, DeSantis has remained tight-lipped over 2024 speculations and has remained focused on Florida and winning a second term as governor.

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    2. Thank the Good Lord for Manchin as well. Only 1 of the 50 DemoCrap senators to oppose the evil abortion until birth bill. It amazes me that DemoCraps will vote lock step or should I say Goose step with evil bills that defy God. Ron has been outstanding through the whole Covid debacle and leftard over reach. FJB!

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  1. Why would Biden need the national guard for his State of the Union speech? What is he going to say that he thinks will have the nation in an uproar?

    1. He will say whatever his handlers write out for him to squint at and read. I would like for zero protesters to show up and to totally ignore the incompetent dumb azz. I would think a baton-twirling contest for 6-year-olds would be something real Americans had rather spend their time watching instead of a blithering old fool embarrassing our country more than he already has.

      1. Complisite bastards should all be deported or just face firing squad. Stick that skank ass Hillary in there as wel

    2. Biden’s actions have already created a distaste for him by most Americans – funny that the capitol police were never summoned by the capitol police, Nancy Pelosi and others in command when Trump requested them multiple times and he was ignored. Jan 6 is just another result of the leftist doings.

    3. Who will even listen to the babbler? Not me, he and his administration are such a waste of good breath and food!

    4. Pretty much everything that will come out of his pie hole. They’re scared stiff of the citizens.
      Let’s see if he blows his honker, then wipes his eyes. Fool!

  2. Biden is too far gone to realize that this is what a man almost half his age (43/79) looks like with energy and acting with a clear mind. Biden probably doesn’t even know he asked for Nat. Guard troops; he just parroted what someone told him to do. I hope his teleprompter fouls up tonight and he ends up telling the corn-pop fable again.

    1. Can you imagine what the village idiot would say or do if that happened? I would pay to see that.

    2. I’m 80 and energetic enough and quick-witted enough to converse with almost anyone. Joe Biden has never been smart as his records show, but rather on the dumb side always relying on someone to cover for him.

      1. Don’t forget his dishonesty goes hand in hand with his stupidity. When he got caught plagiarizing in law school at Syracuse his excuse was he did not understand exactly what comprised plagiarism so they gave him a do-over. This could be plausible, I guess, for someone majoring in forestry or ceramics, but a candidate for a J.D. should have a grasp on simple statutes. I think I learned what plagiarism was in high school. He has cheated and lied his way through life and has just been lucky to live in a time when many don’t care and also belong to a party that encourages it.

      2. The only thing he ever pulled off that showed any intelligence was getting Syracuse Law School to buy the excuse he didn’t understand what plagiarism was and give him a do-over when he got caught. I think I learned what it was in high school yet he convinced them he, as a J.D. candidate, did not know or understand even simple statutes. That was a dead give-away he would go far as a Democrat politician.

  3. How do those lowlife mongrels like having their illegal puppet being treated this way?! He is an imposter and he doesn’t deserve honor!! He is not our president and never will be! Those dirty dogs treated our REAL PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP like this and he did not deserve it, he will be back as our president soon!! Each and everyone will be tried for treason and sedition and all those who were involved in cheating our election, everything those devils have stolen from us will be returned to us, and those imposters will be kicked to the curb!! They all know that Donald J Trump is our real president!!!

  4. We need many more Governors like DeSantis. Ya know, Reagan was the governor of Calif. before becoming President. Perhaps we need a good governor to be our president. Or, like Trump, a good business man. No lawyers or politicians. Wondering how a farmer would do? I think a good man who works the land, tends cattle, keeps care of his family, would be a very good President. I personally knew one.

    1. Let me say first that Harry S. Truman was one of my all-time favorites, but he was proven to not be a good businessman. Truman’s lack of business sense was far outweighed by an abundance of common sense.

  5. Ron DeSantis would be a Great President and would probably be elected if he decides to campaign to become our next president. However, never forget about voter cheating and fraud. Read Dinesh d’ Souza’a book “2,000 mules” to learn about the evidence of massive voting fraud that we are told doesn’t exist.

  6. Governor Desantis is a total ROCKSTAR!
    Florida should be very proud that he’s constantly working for his constituents.
    Wish I had one like that.

  7. Good for governor DeSantis. He is a great governor and President Trump will be happy to have him around.

  8. Governor Desantis with a backbone made the right decision.
    Maybe all the radical Marxist dems should stay out of Free Florida.
    I’m sure that a lot of truthful speaking conservatives will not watch the meat puppet speak more lies tonight in DC. The white house meat puppet is supporting Russia by buying the dirty oil.

  9. I will be 89 in May, this will make me way too old to waste one f–king second trying to have a conversation with a moron. bidumb qualifies in every respect. Let’s all meet at our polling places in Nov. and send him back to the basement where he belongs. I learned what plagiarism means in either the 6th or 7th grade,a book report was my downfall, LOL, Jack.

  10. I love people with backbone and Governor Rod DeSantis has that. president Trump has shown what being a man truly is as well, even though media and all teh liberal demented souls constantly attack. Thats all they know how to do, lie, steal, cheat and attack.

  11. Ron DeSantis is great! Love the guy. Thank you, Governor DeSantis. Keep up the good work. The sane people are 100% with you.


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