Ex-National Security Adviser Refutes Claim Trump Deterred Russians Throughout Term

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

After Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine last week, many critics of President Biden have vocalized their desire to have Donald Trump–and his tough personality back in the White House.

It’s impossible to not recognize the differences between Biden and his predecessor, one was critiqued for his mean tweets while the other is criticized for cutting days short in the White House and avoiding reporters’ questions on his mental fitness.

Even Trump himself has noted that Russia did not take such aggressive action until he had left office, attributing it to his no-nonsense behavior with Vladimir Putin. However, Trump’s former national security adviser John Bolton not only disagreed with Trump’s claim but went far enough to claim the former president was actually too weak on Putin.

Bolton fired off against Trump during an interview with Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt.

The Hill reports:

“I mean, he took a very tough stance against Russia. I’m surprised you don’t think that he would have handled it better than Joe Biden,” Schmitt told Bolton.

“He did not,” Bolton replied. “We didn’t sanction Nord Stream 2. We should have. We should have brought the project to an end. We did impose sanctions on Russian oligarchs and several others because of their sales of S-400 anti-aircraft systems to other countries. But in almost every case, the sanctions were imposed with Trump complaining about it, saying we were being too hard.”

“The fact is that he barely knew where Ukraine was. He once asked John Kelly, his second chief of staff, if Finland were a part of Russia. It’s just not accurate to say that Trump’s behavior somehow deterred the Russians,” Bolton said.

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich slammed Bolton’s comments.

“John Bolton was fired because he believes anything less than war is not enough. President Trump ensured peace during his administration and ended wars, making Bolton irrelevant,” Budowich said.

Despite Bolton’s obvious disdain for Trump, the rest of the country believes the former president was better equipped to handle the crisis in Ukraine. A recent Harvard Center for American Political Studies-Harris Poll survey last week found that 62 percent believed Putin would not be moving against Ukraine if Trump were still in office.

      1. simple at the time he appointed him he had previous experience at National security level and Trump didn’t know he was war a mongering deep stater, when he found out he was and they didn’t agree on policy he canned him,which is his right to do since cabinet members and advisors serve at the pleasure of the Prez

          1. Nazi, you are one of a kind. President Trump is not weak and one of these days you will eat your words. He is a brilliant stable genius, an expert on Military speak and gematria. Nothing he says is a mistake. Not from the tie he wears, to the pin on his jacket and even one day his hair is silver, another day Gold. All intentional He is the Commander in Chief and 19th President of the Republic of America. If you dont like it, move to Germany or China

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          1. Once again you completely miss the point. He knows who and what these Washington hangers on are. President Trump plays 5D Chess he doesnt remove bad players, he brings them to the forefront and they expose themselves Like he did with Fauci.

    1. Trump required that of all of his appointmenties.
      It makes them easier to fire.
      You can fire them Right on Twitter.
      If your account hasn’t been blocked because of repeated lies

      1. If an account is terminated for “lies'” YOURS should have been killed long ago. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on your “Biden.”

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      3. Kid, at one time you were just another Snowflake who couldn’t bear mean tweets. But now you are incoherent and can no longer construct complete sentences. On top of that, you appear delusional. Get some help. Professional help.

        1. Like ordering a strike in Syria which killed a couple of hundred Russian mercenaries and warning
          Angela Merkel not to make the pipeline deal with Putin.

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  1. Bolton must be canvasing for a job in the Biden Lash up. He begged for a job with the Trump Admin., then stabbed Trump in the back. He is a scummy opportunistic weasel and not to be trusted.

    1. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only one stabbing Trump in the back….We never had it so good until we got the ‘mean tweetin’ Trump…my coffee cup says: “i love Trump because he p****s off people I can’t stand”…I’ll take mean tweets any day to a brain dead imbecile.

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          I didn’t back Biden.
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          What important world decisions is Trump making today?
          His work is so important!

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  2. I remember when America was great.
    Trump thought Bolton Bolton was great.
    Trump thought that all of his picks were great.
    Trump thought wrong.
    If at all…..

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  3. The proof is always in the history, not the words.
    How many wars did we start under President Trump?
    Was there peace?
    What were the Abraham accords?

    Bolton is just another war monger like the Bushes, Cheneys, the globalists, and most Dems.

  4. That’s funny coming from a jerk like Bolton. Another waste of human flesh who did nothing but gum flap to the country. He’s part and parcel of the MIC, period.

  5. Bolton is nuts. He is suffering from some kind of megalomania, even to the point he thought he had a chance to be elected as the president. He is a neocon of the first order and now is wallowing in spite. F**K Bolton.

  6. Bolton WAS/IS a warmonger. Trump, an international businessman, “didn’t know where Ukraine was?” Sounds like a statement someone like AOC or Tlaib would say!

  7. What a lying, thieving, piece of 💩 that Bolton has become. Oh, he thought Finland was part of Russia and didn’t sanction Nordstream2? He told Angela Merkel to distance herself from doing business with Putin. He made USA energy independent and he told Putin if he invaded Ukraine he’d hit Moscow.

  8. You know Bolton and Romney, and a few other closet Progressives playing RINO, have to be having “ Daisy Chain” games every chance they get. You have to be really close to come away with the same speech and buzz words! LOL you wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with either of them, unless they weren’t breathing!

  9. Let’s examine this closely!

    1. While President Trump was in office, were there issues unresolved with Russia-NO
    2. While “Let’s Go Brandon” is in office have there been issues with Russia-YES

    Alex, I have the answer to that question!

  10. When are they going to block the troll Albert Hess and let the adults have a real conversation without his drivel.

  11. That old Fart is a war monger and and telling lies President Trump took no nonsense from anyone!

  12. John Bolton is a joke. He certainly wasn’t clever enough to be head of national security. Bolton cannot comprehend he is transparent, and we see through him.

  13. In the not too distant past, I was a big fan of John Bolton. He was informed, openly straightforward with his position and effective throughout the world. Along the path to Trump’s nomination, Bolton was sufficiently offended to jump off the GOP path. My regard for his words now are deminimis and not generally worthy of comment.

    In fact this comment probably will be censored because the TTN organization finds my words offensive. Today, I unsubscribed and will continue to refuse donations to the GOP.

  14. This man is trying to make himself relevant again. The man is upset because Trump took all advice from everyone then decided his tactics. Besides I needed to look up where Ukraine was located.

  15. Bolton has always had his own agenda which included total support for the MIC which Trump was never told. He’s nothing but political trash.


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