Senate GOP Votes to End Biden’s Vaccine order for Healthcare Workers

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans voted to rescind President Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

Senators voted 49-44 approving Republicans’ effort to nix the rule

The Hill reports:

The mandate was rolled out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which sought to require the COVID-19 vaccine for health care workers at providers that participate in Medicare and Medicaid.

But the effort to nix the rule is facing headwinds. The CRA sets up a fast track process in the Senate, but it does not green-light the same procedure in the House.

If it made it to Biden’s desk, Democrats expect that he would veto it.

“If it passes this won’t go anywhere in the House and President Biden would veto it,” a Senate Democratic aide said.

No Democrat senators voted with Republicans to end the rule but Republicans were able to get it through the Senate because of Democrat absences. Six Democrat senators missed the vote.

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  1. looking at Biden’s reaction to Russia, China, our southern border, halting our energy independence, I’d say our president was missing in action.

  2. The GOP MUST BECOME AS MEAN, VICIOUS, DO THINGS OUT OF SIGHT BETTER THAN THE COMMUCRATS OR THEY WILL BE SUNK. The Commucrats don’t go through an election when they lost without already having plans for retribution against the winner. Just as they did Trump. The election had barely been called in Trump’s favor in 1916 and the Commucrats were already set up to do what they did, all under cover, secretive, and illegal. I don’t want the GOP to be illegal (we probably have some already, but not like the Commucrats, ) but if the GOP wants to win they had better have their guard up starting say back in 1992!

  3. Missed the vote? I bet their constituency is pleased to know they’re not participating!
    While this Republican rally is admirable, it will sadly end up in a pile of rubble, where almost ALL of Biden’s MANDATES belong!

  4. I seriously need to know what else does this President need to do before impeachment, or even arrest needs to be implemented? I know this sounds extreme, but do you remember what it took to get former president Trump, impeached..we now know he was spied on both as a candidate and in the Presidency. I am just wondering.


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