Bill Barr Says Trump is Responsible for Jan. 6 Riot

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Former Attorney General William Barr blamed former President Trump for the shocking Jan. 6th Capitol riot. During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Barr was asked if the former president was responsible for what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The Hill reports:

“I do think he was responsible in the broad sense of that word, and that it appears that part of the plan was to send this group up to the Hill. I think the whole idea was to intimidate Congress, and I think that that was wrong,” Barr responded.

Holt noted during the interview that Trump provided a three-page response to the network over Barr’s remarks, in which he called his former attorney general a “coward,” “a big disappointment” and “lazy.” He also said Barr’s forthcoming memoir, “One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General,” was “fake.”

The interview comes one day after an excerpt of Barr’s memoir was published in The Wall Street Journal on Thursday in which he discussed confronting Trump about the former president’s baseless claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

“You started blaming the department for the inability of your legal team to come up with evidence of fraud,” Barr told Trump during a conversation, according to his memoir. “The department is not an extension of your legal team. Our mission is to investigate and prosecute actual fraud. The fact is, we have looked at the major claims your people are making, and they are bullshit.”

In the excerpt Barr says that the conversation prompted him to offer the president his resignation, however, Trump has pushed against the claims and has said he was the one to ask for Barr’s resignation.

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  2. Barr is a swamp creature. “I do think he was responsible in the broad sense of that word”
    then what?
    He’s just trying to sell books. what a creep.

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      1. A very good question. As much as I liked Trump as president, he made some very poor appointments. Jeff sessions was an astoundingly poor choice and a gutless worm, H.R. MacMaster a totally clueless numbskull about Islam and thus not fit to be NSA, Chris Wray a shockingly poor FBI Director, and William Barr a gutless worm. “In the broad” and narrow “sense of the word”, William Barr is simply an individual devoid of credibility. I listened to Trump’s address to those heading to the Capitol and he did not instigate what occurred there, but in a world of liars and back stabbers people will swallow any old garbage.

        1. President Trump was very busy draining the swamp. He inherited a lot of Rinos but he also plays 5D Chess. he brings them in so that he can expose them and then We the People also see and the people have tremendous power. President Trump made a commitment at his inauguration to give power to the People and take it away from Washington. You can recall that as he was saying this, Military from Air, Land and Sea stood behind him, then walked away. His Presidency was not a Presidency in the normal sense of the word, but a Military sting operation. They knew Biden got in through cheating, they allowed it in order to flush the rats out of their sewers. And it worked. Gitmo is choc a block, Washington DC is now a Military prison and one other in the Antarctic where Schwab and other treasonous Luciferins are being held. President Trump is no fool, and everything he says and does has meaning in Military speak and gematria

    1. It doesn’t much matter what Barr says about Trump anyway. This week the Jan. 6 committee made the case that Trump was involved in ‘criminal’ activity in trying to change the election results. So, we’re more likely to see Ron DeSantis for Prez run on the Republican ticket in 2024.

  3. Barr is one of the biggest rino mugwump ever. That’s a traitor with his mug on one side and his wimp on the other! Cheap shot RINO!!!!!

    1. Barr is a backstabbing antiAmerican DC swamp swine who should be DOX’d so he hides the rest of his pathetic life…!

      I would have ask’d him “Why didn’t you prosecute DEMOC’RAT protected ANTIFA/BLM that burn’d down city’s for a year…???

      Moreover “What then was wrong with unhappy American voters protesting the 2020 election when Hilliary still whining about her 2016 defeat…???

      And “That infact is overwhelming evidence of fraud in 2020 that has NOT even been look’d at and more evidence is gathered every month since; along with over a 1,000 sworn testimony’s of it to go with the video proof not yet allow’d to be taken up in a court out of gutless fear same as you have Mr. Barr…!!!

      1. ALSO: Why did he ignore and look away from the heavily joe laden Hunter laptop AND Killary Hillary’s TRUE Involvements with Putin and 20% sales of our Uranium!!
        Barr is a NWO placement beholden to the Bush regime!!

  4. What a disappointment Barr is. Now we see WI, and AZ have uncovered voter fraud. Wasn’t that your job Mr. Barr.

    1. With the country being sold down the sh*tter we in Wisconsin will get even with the people involved in the cheating. The hell with courts that aren’t interested. It’s hard to believe how many people are on the take in WI and other states where ballot box stuffing happened. Most were government employees too along with Mark Zuckerberg. Easy to understand why he doubled his security.

  5. Bill Barr turned out to be a big disappointment for many Republicans, Conservatives and Americans! Barr revealed himself as his true nature is a DC Swamp Rat borrowed in with the DC DEEP STATE Scum! President was in no way responsible for the events that took place on January 6th in Capital Hill. Cover-ups began immediately by the FBI and Capitol Police provoking the storming of the Capital building, ushering people in and chaos that day in DC. ANTIFA and BLM Members infiltrated the demonstrators and caused their planned havoc and disruptions while the lying media fueled it with the Leftist narrative. Barr knew this and was a coward not to expose the truth. In the end, Barr chose to protect his own ass from the threat of impeachment by siding with the FBI and the Democrat-controlled Congress!

  6. sort of unbecoming and unprofessional of Barr to write and profit off of a “tell all” book about his time as AG in the Trump adminstraiton. You’d expect it of others but we all thought that he had more class. Once a swamp creature always a swam creature. I guess its in their blood. Quite disappointing.

  7. Barr was always part of the swamp. He played the game and hid his real motive to bring down Trump. Karma will pay him back for his treacherous actions. Watch and wait. The evil ones are suffering the consequences of their actions, one by one. You can’t hide from Karma!!

  8. I wonder who believe this this liar! Seriously you back stabbing con job! You quit and folded to protect yourself. They bought you off. You are a liar we know Clinton had a history of killing off witnesses. So your insulting lies just proves how corrupted you are!! What a coward, if you had one iota it would have come out while he was president! But no you sat down cried like a baby when he wanted to know why you took this last Ng to come up with evidence, and you didn’t. So we are to believe you now!! You are out of your mind, go crawl back under the rock and don’t give us your input, you are a liar.

    1. It seems so even if you have to adlib to sell you lies as a book. Boycott anything this traitor writes. And did Mr Barr really blame Trump and not old Nanc.

  9. I once had great respect for Barr. That was over 30 years ago. Now he is living proof lengthy exposure to the D.C. Cesspool can corrupt anyone. He had a chance under President Trump to help cleanup the cesspool, but instead he stabbed President Trump in the back and continues to. Et tu Brute???? That could apply to a number of the opportunits like Barr and Bolton President Trump had faith in and gave positions of responsibility in his administration.

    1. Barr was the top fed.investigator of RubyRidge + Waco where 90 mostly women + children were shot or burned alive by atf/fblie+usmarshalls = they all walk’d laughing on the way…!

  10. Barr has been an intergral part of the deep state new world order for a long time. If that were not factual why has he been one of their political stars. He uses the deep state programming for his tirades

  11. Bill Barr is lying. The American people wanted an investigation into the 2020 election because we watched the fraud happen on tv.. we saw them close the polls at 10pm and Trump was ahead by a landslide. The next morning Biden won. We watched as they covered up windows and blocked 0oll watchers view. We was they pulled suitcases of ballots out from under a table. All we wanted was an investigation. It is the people’s vote. We the people pay all governments salaries. They work for us. We have a right to a fair and transparent election. We did not get one. Barr fooled us all into thinking he was for the American people. He 8s not. He is part of the “NEW WORLD ORDER ” who are destroying America to take it over.
    January 6th was a complete set up. It was an orchestrated attempt to make Trump out to be an insurrectionist. Trump supporters did not start the violence or attack the capital. Yes, some did get caught up in the chaos. But there was no inserection. We the people are going to take back our government and throw out all the evil anti-American terrorists in office.

  12. When this guy came on the scene, people immediately called him a RINO and establishment. I held my judgment waiting to see what he would do. First couple of interviews, I thought he had some guts and was tough.
    Boy, was I wrong!!! Other than selling books, what’s the point of bashing the guy he worked for?

      1. same reason he hired Wray for the FBI. Trump was advised by Chris Christy! boy is that being screwed by a “so called” friend and supporter. Wray jumped right in to keep the FBI weaponized. Now they got a tough one to handle though,,,Parents!

  13. Do I think Bill Barr is obese…yes in the broad sense of that word he is. I asked the DOJ if Bill started a feeding frenzy on Jan. 6 th and they said that he invited others to overeat and he was first to partake of the taxpayer funded largesse.

  14. Bill Barr was a great disappointment to so many Americans. We thought he was a patriot. He turned out to be a swamp creature. May God forgive you Bill Barr!

      1. But Barr’s ability to lie continuously didn’t meet Trump’s standards. After all, over his 4 years in office, Trump was documented as having spewed over 32,000 lies. Barr could never reach that level of achievement…or ineptitude for that matter.

  15. Barr is an establishment person and they do not want Trump in the president’s seat again. This is beyond dirty it is the actions of a true traitor to MAGA but then as noted Barr has been part of the DC septic system for decades. That says it all!

  16. Yeah, now I know why he fired Barr in the first place. Come to think of it, looking back at what little t Barr did do, and the massive pile of what he ignored, we must wonder why he was ever blessed with a paycheck at all.

      1. Why do you keep asking the same question you moron. Barr was asked to resign and the whole world knows he resigned apparently except you, not surprised.

  17. Not much makes any difference anymore in the US The Biden crew is selling out
    America and it’s greatness we will ever get back. The people who voted for him are mindless and they will eventually learn, but by then it will be far too late. We are slowly becoming sheep for the people Biden is selling out to , but he will have his bundles of millions and doesn’t give a fk about America!

  18. As a, “DC” outlier, choosing experience to deal with DC is almost outright impossible so recommended names come across the Chief of Staffs desk. The AG needs to have a backbone, have integrity and be tenacious. Sorry, Barr is none of that. Too many prior DC officials are old befouled corrupt cronies. Barr is Bush’s pal. Trump is paying the price for speaking the truth about Bush’s fraudulent Iraq invasion. Those cronies run deep in the swamp. Don’t let anyone fool you. Carter an idiot, and cancelling the B1, is ostracized, but Billy and Odildo are accepted because they followed the Bush Sr plan. Olie North. Took the sword for Reagan but it was Bush Sr that was The Man orchestrating the Contra plan. Trump should work as the director to get Constitutional people elected. Advising vs a public figure. DeSantis will run for Pres. Trump will get the right people for him. Trump made mistakes like Barr. A wiser Trump will be lethal. FJB

  19. Barr cannot be trusted. I believe he’s in bed with Comey, Clapper, Brennan, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Pences and the Bushes. May they RIP

  20. What a complete IDIOT, wasn’t it barr’s job to look into all the fraud allegations concerning the 2020 elections?? Why did he say there’s no fraud?? These fraud allegations are being proven to be true, especially in Mi. Az, Tx, Pa, and other states. This jerk, barr is guilty of either lying or not doing his job!!
    When will our failed leadership start paying for their LIES and MISDEEDS!! I just heard the DICTATOR bid en lifted sanctions against iran!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS COMPLETE IDIOT?? SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE, AND NOW!! Is lee harvey oswald still around??

  21. Election fraud was never truly investigated by the DOJ. Barr dismissed the allegations saying it was investigated, it was not thoroughly investigated and quickly denied there was any wrong doing in the election. The election conspiracy from the Democrats, media and big business being complicit in election fraud, stole the election from the people. Barr stated “Our mission is to investigate and prosecute actual fraud”. DOJ was also complicit by not doing a full investigation. An investigation would take months not days.

  22. Bill Barr is a piece of TRASH. Just look at the sloven bum. He can’t even take care of himself but he wants to tell you what others are responsible for. Go away Bill Barr and while you’re at it, you might want to clean yourself up.

  23. Barr is a lying sack of crap; he is full of Schiff. I would like to know under whose recommendation for that position did Barr come from? I suspect from a (false) close friend, or worse, a beloved family member? Trump needs to go through everything and find out who recommended and pushed for these traitors in his administration, and never take advice from them again.

  24. Barr was another corrupt,swamp rat, like the FBI,CIA,NSA,DOJ, in a real America, all these traitors would of been hung for treason. They flock togehter, like birds of a feather, no good,dirty rotten,politicians, that would sell their souls to the devil,and will come back to haunt these lying, cowards.


  26. I just heard that DICTATOR bid en is blaming AMERICANS for not seeing the positive, that’s because THERE’S NOTHING POSITIVE FROM HIM OR HIS ENTIRE REGIME!! What a complete IDIOT, he’s DESTROYING AMERICA, AND HE THINKS THAT ALL IS POSITIVE?? My GOD what have these bid en followers think they’ve done?? First, he’s NOT the DICTATOR or pres, massive fraud in 2020 put him in office, and PROOF of that fraud is coming out just about every day!!! And now I hear that he is still sending russia 70 million/day?? HE’S SERIOUSLY COMPROMISED, AND ALONG WITH THE drug addict son, they’ve made huge amounts of money?? He’s GOT TO BE IMPEACHED FIRST, THEN HE NEEDS TO BE CHARGED AND CONVICTED OF TREASON, THEN GIVEN THE ONLY SENTENCE FOR TREASON, DEATH!!! We here in AMERICA must stand together, accept that bid en is not only the 46th pres , he ranks 46, THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER!!!


  28. Bar was lazy and refused to work.. when and Durham came back from I believe it was Ukraine said Obama did nothing to
    Arrest him for. Durham after two years
    Of investigations is ready to indict him for treason. Obama lied when he said he was
    Born in Hawaii and should have never been president. And I believe the presidency will be taken from him.

  29. One never, ever really gets to know someone, even their spouses! Trump made a mistake hiring Barr. It was an honest mistake. There’s NOT one soul who can say they haven’t made the same mistake whether in marriage or with so called friends!

  30. Barr is a liar — but I can’t prove it! Trump did speak to his supporters but everyone heard what was said but who brought in Antifa & BLM – they didn’t get invited by Trump? So how could Trump be responsible for the Jan 6 ‘riot’. Barr has a problem -he wasn’t appreciated enough so he’s taking down Trump – on the Internet, in his book, and in all interviews!

  31. One thing that to me proves Bill Barr was lying when he said the election was legit was that he said it right out of the gate. He didn’t give himself any time to look for evidence or at evidence. He didn’t read any of the 1000 affidavits or speak with any election officials. It was just so clear to me that Barr was lying. What a coward, a traitor to this country! What a disappointment and what a disgusting person he is.

  32. Bill BARR YOU ARE A LIAR AND REALLY HAVE NO COMMON SENSE. IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY THINK AGAIN. YOU COULDN’T DO YOUR JOB, WHEN ASKED WHAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED ONE LOW LEVEL ATTORNEY, THEN YOUR BUDDY DURHAM TRIES THE DAME GARBAGE, I CALLED HIM OUT. NOW YOU EANT REAL EVIDENCE? Get Pelosi information she denied I demand it now, an official DOJ and you lied just now! Kiss you license to practice gone, your pension, evidence my behind. Now you better face the public like you just here. Exposed as a liar we saw the agents, we saw informants, Dude you are toast

  33. The biggest mistake by Trump. I hope Trump learned his lesson not to pick people who served or are serving in Government. These creatures can’t find their way in the real world.

  34. Good example of how often times the more educated someone becomes the more stupid they get. But I realize he could be on the same team as Pelosi. A true and REAL investigation would put Pelosi responsible for the Jan 6 event.

  35. I think Bill Barr is toast now. Not sure why you are bringing his up? He denied the Russia collusion and refused to act on many obvious crimes. Scared of being reprimanded by teh Cabal?

  36. if one holds Trump responsible for the rally that moved to the White House then one must hold Nancy Pelosi responsible for the lack of requested proper police force and therefore responsible for the break-in. Further using the articles logic the FBI SHOULD EXPLAIN WHY THERE OPERATIVES WERE PRESENT AND ACTIVE.
    Concluding that this article and Barr are providing enough BS to fertilized my 100 acre pasture.


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