Texas Billionaire Sues Beto O’Rourke

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A Texas billionaire is suing former failed presidential candidate and current gubernatorial challenger, Beto O’Rourke over claims he made following a deadly power outage.

Energy Transfer CEO Kelcy Warren filed the defamation suit in February over O’Rourke’s claim that energy companies made substantial profits during the 2021 winter storm and then made campaign donations to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

The Washington Examiner reports:

O’Rourke “intentionally, repeatedly, and widely disseminated his deliberate and defamatory falsehoods” in interviews, speeches, and on social media to “humiliate” Warren publicly, the suit said.

During the Feb. 2021 winter storm, the Texas power grid failed leaving millions without power and causing energy prices to spike.

As natural gas prices skyrocketed, Energy Transfer reportedly made billions, and Warren, a longtime Republican, donated $1 million to Abbott’s reelection campaign.

O’Rourke said he is being sued for “telling the truth and connecting the dots between the profits [Warren] made, the contributions he’s then made to Greg Abbott, and the policy that has been followed.”

“Greg Abbott and his top donors don’t want us talking about the fact that he took $4.6 million in campaign checks after allowing corporations to make billions in illegal profits while Texans froze to death in their homes,” O’Rourke tweeted earlier this week.

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  2. Beto the fake Latino ( Frances O’ Rourke ) give me a break!!! He thinks that will give him
    an edge. He is always running for something hoping one day he will get lucky!! He has
    been wearing out his shoes running, running, running!!! Anything he can snag to make
    him relevant !!! Every time we see this guy is a total recycle Beto Beto Beto!!! Governor
    of Texas???? Go somewhere else we don’t want you in Texas!!! What are your accomplishments??? Oh I’m a runner. Join a track team somewhere. California might
    be a place for you!!! You can jog with Piglosi!!!! So do us all a favor stay out of Texas
    government!! Use your real name why don’t you, quit trying to fool the folks!!! Trying to
    dig up something on our governor……we like Governor Abbott just fine!!! He is not perfect,
    no one is …even a BETO!!!!!! So just go on down the trail out of Texas……

    1. We don’t want Frances O’Rourke in California – we already have one terminal dips**t – Gavin Newsom. And Gavin Newsome is already one dips**t too many!!!

  3. Beto is a first cousin to liein Biden. Both POS and couldn’t trust one word out of their lying mouths . Both should be hung for treason. We need to run this asshole out of Texas

  4. He’s a demorat he’s worthless! Vote these corrupt players out! We dont need demorats for anything! They have to go! We need America back.

    1. Amen to that. Forgot to say that he’s a white privileged fake, wanna be Latino. Got to where he is on his father in law’s wealth and connections. Maybe he’d like to start sharing his money? Ya know, equity and all….LMAO

  5. Beto O’Dork is a typical lying Democrat politician. Makes me wonder if the Democrat political party has classes on how to lie.

    1. I don’t think they have classes – it’s all natural ability, and is a prerequisite to becoming a Democratic politician.

  6. HOW can anyone trust someone who runs around pretending to be something they are NOT???? “Beto” is not Hispanic and he’s a fool on top of that!

  7. O’Rourke’s resume is too well known to take him seriously. According to big media, he majored in English literature and fled from a DUI but was detained by a news reporter. He burglarized a college. He was a teen computer hacker. He also stole long distance service. Worked as a manny.

    He failed as a musician. Sweats a lot. Fidgets. Skateboards. Talks to strangers while using public urinals. Uses vile language in public but doesn’t understand constitutional amendments. He’s a flip-flopping lying democrat and remains Biden’s choice to disarm America.

    Hopefully, he’ll grow up after this lawsuit drains his family coffers. He might even get a job. I wonder if solar panels need to be cleaned from time to time. Perhaps he could shred spent electric car batteries. I’ve heard wind turbine blades now are being recycled and he might find work there. (snicker-chortle-snort)

  8. Something that is a truth: You can hear,see feel and know a Democrat is lying cheating or stealing but they will likely never get as much as a slap on the hands. No justice appliedcto Democrats. They always walk away to tell another lie.

  9. Public utilities are regulated by the Public Utility Commission, so they are supposed to be constantly monitoring EVERTHING about those utilities, including all their financial dealings. So, Beto would have to blame BOTH the Utility AND the Public Utility Commission, which probably has a strong desire to hire minorities and not the most experienced or knowledgeable. This is what happened in California which led to the horrible fires. Because BOTH Pacific Gas and Electric AND the Public Utility Commission had hired minorities and gays as their leadership – while other states focused more on actual experience and knowledge.

  10. Not a Beto fan, but the article would have more punch if it showed the profits that Energy Transfer made during that period. Energy is like RAM in a computer – more is better. Wind, Solar, Coal, Natural Gas, THORIUM-based nukes, hyperinsulation, proper building siting – we need ’em all ;-}

  11. Puto Beto a real pandejo.. The guy is a sicko. In El Paso who he stole Latino businesses besides the criminal record and SICK fantasy of running over kids playing in the street. But he fits the profile of a democrat – liar, sicko, pedophile minded, anti-God, swamp scum bottom feeder..

  12. I hope Warren wins. The ease at which Democrats lie is amazing. More Democrat propaganda brought to you by Beto O’Rourke.


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