Democrat Group Accuses Trump of Breaking Campaign Law

Gage Skidmore Fickr

A Democrat super PAC is trying to ensure Donald Trump won’t run for president again by accusing him of breaking campaign finance law. The Democrat PAC, American Bridge, filed a formal complaint Federal Election Commission on Monday accusing Trump of violating campaign finance law by spending political funds on a 2024 presidential bid without formally declaring himself a candidate.

According to the FEC, after a politician has decided to run for federal office and begun fund-raising, they are then supposed to file paperwork declaring the candidacy. There is also an interim step for those who are “testing the waters” of a run. American Bridge claims Trump has already done both in its complaint.

According to The New York Times:

The complaint uses Mr. Trump’s own words about a 2024 run — “I know what I’m going to do, but we’re not supposed to be talking about it yet from the standpoint of campaign finance laws,” he said in the fall — to accuse him of improperly using his existing political committees to advance a presidential run.

Federal law requires those who raise or spend more than $5,000 in support of a presidential campaign to register with the Federal Election Commission.

Trump has repeatedly hinted at launching a third presidential campaign but has stopped short of making any formal announcement. Last month during a speech at the Conservative Police Action Conference, Trump gave his strongest indication yet that he will run in 2024.

“He should have to adhere to the law in a way that all other candidates do,” said Jessica Floyd, the president of American Bridge, the Democratic group that is filing the complaint. “When he says ‘I’m going to do it a third time,’ that’s not flirting. That’s more than a toe dip.”

Ms. Floyd noted that Mr. Trump’s citations of campaign law show clear intentions to evade the existing rules. “It’s not like he doesn’t know what he’s doing,” she said.

Trump spokesperson, Taylor Budowich. called the complaint frivolous.

“America is spiraling into disaster because of the Democrats’ failures, and instead of reversing course, they are busy filing frivolous complaints that have zero merit,” he said.

There is no legal barrier to Trump making an official announcement, however, he would be restricted to additional fund-raising limits and disclosure requirements if he did so.

  1. Trump should be voted SPEAKER of the house in NOV 2022.Hoe would be able to do infinitely more for America in this “not so prestigious” position. And Trump does not have to declare or DO anything .

    1. I agree then run in 2024. They are so scared of Trump. They should be scared of us. How about Biden crimes family. Taking money from other countries how about Zuckerberg buying off election in several states how about dark money democrats take. Come on. This is complete desperation go no where Trump is smarter than they are

  2. Wondering if according to “American Bridge” … its against the campaign finance laws to spy on your opponent by weaponizing the FBI… with a story you made up yourself? Hmmmmm?

    1. Polling shows 52% of Democrats will run if America is facing invasion.
      Democrats under age 40 it’s 83%.
      Clear to me on election day just yell ‘Russian Invasion’ and half of Democrats will not vote. Too busy running
      Take this to a logical step. Any political party’s following is over half willing to abandon this country I say all registered Democrats be barred from voting. Do us a favor and get out.

      1. Maybe if Putin would start invading here before our next election in Nov we can get those enemies of a free America out of the country and maybe even be able to keep them out somehow.

  3. Just one question, please? If it’s a Democrat PAC , and knowing how Democrats work, my question is: , Has anybody checked to see what crimes American Bridge, either as a single unit, or each of their individual members, have committed?

  4. He has not formally announced he is running in 2024 so how can they do this based on a hint? The Deep State Democrats and RINOs will do anything to stop Trump. To date they have not been successful, and this will not be either. The Dems are surly exposing themselves for who and what they really are..

    1. They do it every minute of every day.
      Can’t believe that there’s still people out there who say he’s doing a good job.
      Really boggles the mind.

  5. There are very few Democrats in the national spotlight that don’t breake campaign finance laws on a regular basis and for them to whine about President Trump breaking them is pure hypocrisy. Hey Democrats, how much of that unaccounted for BLM money went into your pockets?

    1. Well everytime a democrat opens their mouths a big lie comes out. Give Mr. Trump a break…wasn’t 4 yrs. enough? I pray daily he runs again and puts the democrats in their place and back under their rocks. What about Biden demanding Ukraine fire a certain person in order to get money from us…and when they did it, he installed his son Hunter in the position and he knew nothing about the business and still got big bucks for it. Guess he figures that was legal? Like Biden saying the increased prices here is due to the war in Ukraine…not true…gas, etc. prices raised as soon as this old man stepped into the white house.

  6. They are doing everything possible to insure that President Trump doesn’t run. Media, puppets like these, critical books being written, etc., etc.,
    If he decides to run, I hope he’s well prepared to deal with all of this? I feel incredibly bad for him.

  7. ONE QUESTION: Is there ANYTHING that the communists, socialists, anti-American democrats will not do to silence President Trump?
    Asking for a friend.

  8. Vermin democrats are soon going to be FUMIGATED by We The People in November, be SURE to do YOUR part and VOTE!

    1. I’m with on that we need to win and win big in Nov. My only issue is who will run the show? If the establishment republicans keep control of the party after Nov we all will be loser again just like in 2010 and 2014. I have the desire to win in Nov, but don’t have the faith that a leader like Trump will merge to lead like Trump did in the republican party. The party record is not very good..

  9. Just like the Russian false accusation it’s all smoke and mirrors. The swamp is so afraid of Trump they know what’s in store for them when he gets back into a candidacy at whatever he chooses to do. Right now they are saying he has announced his running which is so far from the truth. Hillary is doing more than this so go focus on her or go pound sand Democratic Party and affiliates.

  10. is this Ms Floyd any relation to George Floyd all the riots and destruction was over? if so that should answer any questions about the reason

  11. Why aren’t there any bulldog Republicans going after Dems for all their dirty dealings and misfeasance, and criminal activity? Heaven knows there’s plenty of fruit is ripe for picking!!!

  12. Another attempt by the crooked, socialist /Communist Democrats to try to keep President Trump from running. They know they cannot beat him legally so they have to cheat.


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