Pfizer CEO Says Fourth Covid Shot is ‘Necessary’

Photo of someone receiving a vaccine. Photo from Pixabay.

As most of the country looks forward to moving on from Covid-19 and a return to normalcy, major drug companies are saying that another vaccine will be necessary. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Sunday that Americans will need another shot to keep hospitalizations manageable.

The Hill reports:

“Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now. The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths,” Bourla said while appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“It’s not that good against infections but doesn’t last very long. But we are just submitting those data to the FDA [Food and Drug Administration], and then we will see what the experts also will say outside Pfizer,” he added.

In August, the FDA fully approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for people at least 16 years old or older. A third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine has been granted emergency use authorization.

“It’s clear that there is a need in an environment of omicron to boost the immune response,” he said while appearing on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

Other countries have already begun rolling out the fourth vaccine.

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  2. It is wrong to say nobody can be saved by a vaccination? It is also right to say that somebody getting one may die from it. I doubt that very many fleeing Putin are delaying departure to get a vaccination! The makers of drugs do want to sell them.

    1. They aren’t fleeing Putin (Except corrupt Oligarchs) They are fleeing the Khazerian mafia who are attacking their own people to make Russia look bad. These Nazis have been terrorizing Ukrainians for decades. Putin is sending food and blankets and clothing and water, he is giving the Ukrainians money, free energy (Starlink) and they are going full GESARA, taken off the Swift system and onto the Gold Standard. The people welcome the Russian Soldiers, whoa re even finding animals that were abandoned and feeding them and playing with them You wont find any news of this on FAKE NEWS

  3. Just remove all EUA’s and leave them with only the one that has been authorized but not protected against law suits… and lets see how many boosters are then required.

  4. The Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is full of it. But don’t worry, another covid variant will suddenly make an appearance right before the mid terms that will require the masks again and also mail in voting.

    1. There should be no variant that can resist a true vaccine. These people are lying sacks of excrement.

    2. I think you are correct. Another variant so they can try to justify more mail in votes. Maybe thats why all of a sudden obama is said to come down with covid. To keep the thing going and use mail in votes again for their own purpose at election time. Humm sounds fishy to me.

  5. Democratic investors in big pharma still don’t have enough money. By the time we are fully vaccinated we will be dead and look like sponges

  6. For anyone who watches 5 mins of TV, you will be bombarded with commercials about meds.
    They all tell you what bad side effects you should be on the lookout for. Not yet for these (possibly 4) jabs. Soooooo, therefore, why you can’t sue.
    Can you imagine in 4 or 5 yrs when it’s FDA approved what they’re going to let us know?
    Where’s the death stats for the vaccinated???
    Me wants to know?????

  7. The first shot shot almost stopped my heart, have not been right since. A month later I had Covid, two day illness. I will never get another shot. It’s all a bunch of crap, a fancy flu from wuhan.

  8. Pfizer has the most dangerous shot available, yet it keeps pushing their poison. They just keep pushing their propaganda and bs about their great gene therapy that is killing people left and right. tell the truth about them.

  9. How do you know that if we had never had these shots that things would have gone exactly the same way they went. The death toll is 1% even less in children. Masks did absolutely nothing and continue to do nothing, thats why the democrats dont wear them unless theyre on camera. The shots do not stop you from getting covid, spreading covid, or really getting sick from covid. The only people who really benefitted from the shot are older people with other health conditions or people with other health conditions who were fairly healthy otherwise. If you were in good physical shape with no underlying conditions you neednt fear covid especially if you took the monoclonial antibodies when you first got sick. In other words, THE SHOT WAS JUST A BIG MONEYMAKER FOR BIG PHARMA AND OUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!!

  10. This flat BS no 4th shot is needed. Just by saying this they are admitting their shots don’t work. However, ivermectin does work in fact it actually kills covid 19 and it only cost ~$5 a pill. That is why big pharma puts out all the disinformation about it. For all you dem millennials that means they LIE It’s all about the $$ not the science.

  11. I agree it is all about politics, not science or health. I am so over the mandates! And restrictions. They are imposing it is all about control!

  12. Eating just one portion of blueberries is more effective for boosting your immune system than the mRNA shot.

  13. With the fortunes these vaccine makers are reaping, you can expect “boosters” will be needed for years to come….time to shut down the “booster profit centers” and return to normal…get rid of the mask mandates, let the herd immunity play out!

  14. Things keep going the way they are there will be no need for any because there will be no world left at least how we know it.

  15. Why not give this man and all others involved in genocide plenty shots? Give media plenty shots corrupt Politicians and corrupt pentagon employees who fund bio weapon labs in foreign Countries, after all they are so safe right? And that goes for all Doctors and Chemists who bought inot forcing jabs on humanity


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