Democrat Rep. Says Blaming Biden for Gas Prices is ‘Un-American’

Once again the Democrat party is doing anything it can to deflect blame from President Biden. Right now Democrats are trying their best to convince Americans that the one to blame for skyrocketing gas prices is Russian President Vladimir Putin, not Joe Biden.

During an interview with “unDivided” podcast, Democrat Rep. Kim Schrier said that Putin should be exclusively blamed for skyrocketing prices over the last few weeks.

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Fox News reports:

“I believe a couple of things,” answered Schrier. “Right now, in the last two weeks, this is Putin. You should be blaming Putin, if anyone for this.”

“To not blame Putin, first of all, is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American,” the Democrat added. “So this is Putin’s fault.”

Immediately following the claim, however, Schrier then made the case the rising prices before Putin invaded Ukraine could be blamed on the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent supply and demand reactions of the market.

She continued: “When people were not going to work and driving was down, gas prices were down. As demand increased and rigs had not yet been turned on, there was a supply-demand issue like with everything else in this country and that [the pandemic] was to blame.”

  1. Yeah, right! It’s Putin’s fault that gas prices are so high. It’s Putin’s fault that we are no longer energy independent. It’s Putin’s fault that we have the highest inflation rate in over 40 years. It’s Putin’s fault that we have supply chain issues nationwide. It’s Putin’s fault that our border is being overrun by illegals at historical levels. It’s Putin’s fault that crime in the major cities is up significantly. It’s Putin’s fault that those same cities are working to defund the police. It’s Putin’s fault that we have a senile, perverted babbling buffoon in the white house. It’s Putin’s fault that the election was rigged and we have the village idiot and the Frisco Ho in office.

    If I forgot to mention anything, I’m sorry but it’s Putin’s fault too. FJB!!

    1. B^a^s^t^a^r^d Biden doesn’t know the difference between s^h^i^t and Shinola shoe polish. That sorry SOB has destroyed everything American. Look at the faces of his cablnet members…all faces of evil. And lyin’ Jen Psaki; her first cry was a lie; she’s in the right profession lying to the American people on a daily basis. Click! The most outstanding feature of the TV, radio, or computer is the OFF switch. I won’t give those s^h^i^t heads the time of day!

        1. “This is Obummers 3rd term…”
          I don’t disagree with you but Biden made his own choices. He had the power to do good and chose not to.

    2. You should of said Putin and Trump, The Demoncrats are so evil, They will never take responsibility for anything!!

    3. Every politician is a criminal!!!! They let power and money steal there souls, that’s how they get rich, but some day all of them will pay

  2. Wow don’t blame biden for gas. , inflation, Stupidity, Harris, all are faulty, Dumb and Dummer ,This is what the world thinks Opec that would love to sell more oil won’t even talk to us ! why think about it Ua ua ua joe and cackling harris, really u trust the world to them ????


    1. …. and the “worthless brain dead whore(s)” will STILL vote for the DemoRat/Leftist/Liberal/Socialist/Communist/Marxist trash and/or steal the election like they did in 2020. Those people are truly stupid and just plain evil.

  4. This is typical democrat,,when confronted blame everyone and everything else but yourself who caused the problem,,it all started with Clinton,,went to the Corrupt Obama then to satanic Hillary now the worst of the worst,,,its tough tot admit for the left to admit that everything Trump said has proven to be true in all cases while defending himself twice from a bogus impeachment ,,,,karl marx was a Satin worshiper and started the Satantic church in Russia,,,everything the left does and believes in pure satanic just like the Marxism the profess to believe ,,,good against evil,,this is the choice this country faces,,guess who is evil????

    1. Mr. Trump’s people had better get their heads out of the sand and pay attention to those pro Biden ads AB PAC Inc. is running all over the country. Why hasn’t the GOP answered this patently false advertising immediately? We know Biden has no answer to high gas prices and everything else so his PAC’s are advertising to distort the truth with the primary elections looming.

      1. true the demo hos are wanting to put a “windfall tax” on the oil companies.. stupid beeches must think that the oil barons will just absorb that tax and not buy that next new Mercedes Benz … this is why you do not send women and mental midgets to DC or ANY political job without seeing that they know how to run a business…. The USA is one of the largest businesses in the world and you have to be brighter than an refrigerator light bulb to understand what the f..k is going on..

      2. As much as I have come o hate Democrats since 2016 I am not happy with the do-nothing Republicans that yap about everything the Democrats are doing but take no action to stop any of it as our Country turns into a 3rd world shithole.

        1. I hate the emails wanting money for re-elections I always tell them to get a spin and freakin do something then I’ll send money, so I’m right there with you bro

    2. Although I am not ever going to trust any government BS, I’m starting to side with Putin over our current administration, both are corrupt and evil but Putin is the only one that seems to be against the Globalist BS.

  5. NOT Un-American, just telling the truth. Truth is something Joe Biden doesn’t know anything about and neither does his cabinet.

  6. Of all the great candidates, the Democrats eleted
    a senile President and a deranged Vice President. He can’t even read his script. She sounds insane. A laughing hyena.

      1. Well, they could put up “killary” she’s just as “qualified” lying, old drunk, that still blames all the “white women” that voted for Trump!

    1. The truly scary thing is how obvious it was before the 2020 primaries that the Democrats wanted the laughing clown to be the candidate and I’m pretty sure they wanted the failed Mayor Pete to be her VP running mate, the guy did a lousy job running a city of one hundred thousand and wanted to run the country.

    1. Yeah, that chart shows that Putin is to blame for sky rocketing gas prices ….LOL Putin has ZERO to do with our gas prices, Trump proved that, and Biden is 100% to blame.

  7. Ms. Schrier is seriously misguided – like most (perhaps all?) Progressives. Energy prices have been rising ever since Joe’s steering committee told him to shut down the Keystone Pipeline. Also, in their eternal mediocrity the Administration is increasing costly regulations and trying to place additional taxes on the oil and gas producers. The Progressives need to put their grandiose goals about Climate Change on hold for awhile and focus on letting the Oil and Gas companies produce more product. This will help to reduce inflation and gas prices. Here is a new idea for the Progressives to consider: We are supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. How about doing something for the people that the people actually want? While clean electric energy is a good long-term goal, we have a viable solution at hand that needs to be utilized.

  8. Just another typical lie coming from the anti-American Socialist ly’in Biden’s fellow Dems; Biden has the mind of a 6 year-old, and the people that voted for him voted against their own Country; and yes Biden, YOU ARE TO BLAME for these sky-high gas prices; you cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, limited our domestic drilling, more excess regulations, etc; what a tragedy this has all been…

  9. Have no clue who this person is, however easy to see that mentally deranged applies.
    Ohhhh, DEMONKRAPS……

  10. How do U.S. gasoline prices jump up 50% when the supply from Russia is a paltry 3% of our total? What is this the “new math?”

    1. Yes it is. By design and on purpose.
      This is the new pandemic to keep you on lock down. Can’t afford gas, can’t go anywhere.

  11. So increase the supply. START DRILLING where oil is abundant and easy to get to.Mostl of it being Federal lands. If you can’t figure this out, call Trump. He will answer your call unlike the Middle East.

  12. Okay, so, instead of the nation re-electing the legitimate President, Democrats installed a dim-witted, weak-kneed, slack-jawed mummy with the morality of a hyena, the honor of a sea urchin and a $5.00 Frisco concubine for a VP.

    But that’s no reason to humiliate him by keeping him in power for any longer than necessary. Why not impeach both him and the “Willie Brown Humidor” at the same time–in early December? Install DJT as SOH, and return him to the national helm? Yeah?

    It–absolutely–CAN be done. And it must.

    GWT in front of your down ballot candidates for House and Senate. INSIST.

    AND stop voting Democrat.

  13. How convenient to blame Putin for the empty barrel with no substance commonly named Biden What a fiasco this last year has been, actually go back 2 years. Close down the Government, get rid of all greedy self interest Politicians and let people live

  14. Not placing the blame on both President Biden an the Democratic & RINOs in Congress would be I’ll informed and stupid

  15. The only scumbags who are “denying reality” are people like this idiot schrier, the democrap party and the traitorous rinos like scum cheney and kinsinger. What’s unAmerican is having a congress that is trying to take this country into communism. This moron must have been in a coma right after jan 2021 when the village idiot shutdown the Keystone pipeline and curtailed drilling on Federal land. Putin was no where in sight when our gas prices started skyrocketing because of the sh**bird illegitimate moron who was illegally put in our Oval Office. It is the absolute stupidity and denial of the truth by people like this idiot that makes you want to vomit. And to think there are people out there who will agree with her without doing any research to find out she is lying through her teeth.

  16. Joe is the problem and the solution, IMPEACH BIDEN, or just send him down the road. He is a walking contradiction, and a poster child for a nut house. Remember Alfred I Newman ” What me Worry?

  17. Sorry, Schrier, I’m not a moronic Demonrat who think like you do. It must hurt something awful to think like you do.

  18. HaHa,,,, typical liberal bullsh!t !! Old nagging slut Hillary blamed everyone else , Tree swinging Hussain Obama and his he-she blamed everybody else , Now Perv Biden , his GESTOPO and all their little NAZIS are blaming everyone else !!!! High gas prices , inflation , OUR country being laughed at and OUR country being WEAK ,,,, all sit at the doorstep of the democrats as they continue to destroy OUR country .

  19. I am beginning to think that rabid, mindless adherence to leftist liberal ideology may be an anomalous genetic variant that makes cogent, linear thought impossible for a plurality of its sufferers. Those who attempt to validate transparently idiotic policy, do so at the cost of their own credibility.

  20. DemoRats and RINO’s are the scum of the earth. They never take responsibility for anything. When Trump was in office, and even after he was out of office- they still say everything was his fault. Now that Trump is no longer around to blame, the DemoCraps push the blame onto whoever .
    Every stinking DemoRat and RINO should be dragged out of their offices and publicly hanged.

  21. You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Biden is 100% responsible for the fuel crisis because of the awful decisions he has made. I hope this is reflected in the voting results in 2022 and in 2024!

  22. This the most absurd, and at the same time the funniest, thing I’ve read in a long time. SHE FUNNY!

  23. Well, the Rep may be right. As I see it, it is everyone who voted for Biden/hHarris’ fault. Unless Putin voted for Biden, he is off the hook. Gov. Wolf has number one spot in the blame game.

  24. Embracing the “New Green Deal” and shoving it down Americans collective throats is responsible for gas prices. Joe Biden is guilty as hell and has been from his first day in office.


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