NYC Will Not Re-hire Unvaccinated Workers

Photo by Krystalb97 via Wikimedia Commons

Despite the recent decision to repeal New York City’s Covid-19 mandates, the unvaccinated are still being punished. New York City mayor Eric Adams announced that professional athletes and performers would no longer be constricted by a vaccine mandate however the roughly 1,400 city workers who were fired will still be punished.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“Not at this time,” Mr. Adams said, when asked if he would rehire unvaccinated city employees who were let go. “We are not reviewing if we are going to bring [them] back,” he said.

He also thanked the more than 340,000 New York City employees who have gotten vaccinated.

“I want to take my hat off to those countless number of New Yorkers, municipal employees, that understood what we were going through as a city,” he said. “They stood up and did the right thing.”

Requirements that new city workers be vaccinated against the virus and that New York City players and performers couldn’t perform in the city without being vaccinated went into effect under former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration.

Many have taken issue with Adams’ decision not to re-hire the unvaccinated workers.

“If the mandate isn’t necessary for famous people, then it’s not necessary for the cops who are protecting our city in the middle of a crime crisis,” New York City’s Police Benevolent Association said in a statement. “While celebrities were in lockdown, New York City police officers were on the street throughout the pandemic.”

  1. And this poseur claims to have a police background? The only thing he’s got going for him is that he’s black, and therefore benefits from black privilege, in which he can get away with just about anything. As witness how Warren Wilhelm Jr, (AKA Bill DeBlasio, the fake Italian) got continuously walloped, not that he didn’t deserve it, but Adams get away with anything he wants.

  2. Rules for thee, not for me. People will eventually call his bluff and rise up against the authorities.

  3. There’s always a double standard for someone somewhere! Call it prejudice, bias, supremacy, politics, whatever! No exceptions come to mind…

  4. Another tyrant in the dem party who ignores the ‘science’ these Dems lie about, putting more Americans out of work.

    Obama, unindicted Hillary and Psaki ALL came down with this virus/flu this week, proving taking their jabs didn’t work for them, nor hundreds of other citizens who did take their jabs and still ended up with the virus. 🙄🙄

    1. They didn’t take any jabs! They all know what happens had that cow hillary taken a jab that beast would be dead!

  5. What? Rehire experienced former employees? Are you kidding? I understand that the ancient Spartans used to offer a chance at citizenship to helots who, when they applied for it, were quietly taken aside and killed for having too much initiative. I see the same thing here, albeit without the blood-letting.

  6. I read vaccinated people still get covid and cause variants. Thousands have died and severely sick from this experimental jabs, and still they want to vaccinate young, healthy children. You have to be totally stupid to take this jab, or maybe misinformed.

  7. More liberal babble. Where is the equality OR equity in this policy? Where is the Constitutional non-discrimination in this? Is the more beneficial and more effective natural immunity not even to be considered? Are those who are medically advised not to get the vaccine then eligible to collect disability benefits for being “unemployable”? Will there be access measures required for businesses, services and SCHOOLS based on their new inflicted disability by the city? I think the lawsuits should, and will abound.


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