Deroy Murdock: Doubting Thomas– NBC Lies for Lia in Fake-news Photo Flap

William "Lia" Thomas towers over real women whom he beat for the NCAA 500 Freestyle Championship in Atlanta, March 17. Photo: Twitter. ]


Lia Thomas comparison via Twitter

The news rarely gets faker than this.

In a fresh low in American journalism, NBC News’s Today show recently airbrushed a photograph of the University of Pennsylvania’s biologically male swimmer, born William Thomas, who competes as a female named Lia Thomas. The picture just above was snapped in the pool lane on March 17, moments after Thomas won the 500 freestyle at the NCAA Championships in Atlanta.

In the original image, Thomas’ male features are perfectly clear: strong jawlines, an angular brow, thick eyebrows, red goggle marks around his eyes, and a rough overall appearance. Any reasonable person looking at this photo would recognize its contents: a college-age man engaged in a vigorous swim.

Of course, this is not the look that Lia wishes to present. So, acting as his accomplice, NBC News broke out the antidote to Thomas’ toxic masculinity.

The network retouched this photo to transform William into Lia: The tough guy in the pool soon turned demure and feminine. The jawlines and brow became more curvaceous. The eyebrows appear plucked. The eyes are free of red lines. The lips are smooth. And a soft focus makes the entire image as dreamy and fictitious as Thomas’ entire existence.

The Post Millennial‘s comparison shots render all of this indisputable.

There is zero journalistic justification for such fraud

“I pride myself on providing authentic images as a photojournalist,” Erica Denhoff, a 2008 U Penn alumna and former collegiate track-and-field athlete, told the Washington Examiner. “I’m surprised and disappointed that Today altered my image of Lia for this particular news segment.”

NBC clearly is on a mission here and is advancing the notion that Thomas is anything other than a man with a penis who thinks he is a woman and is swindling actual women out of swimming titles for which they have worked honestly and diligently.

“Lia” is locked inside William,” perhaps a linguistic symbol of the “girl trapped in a boy’s body” claim that propels such lore.

William “Lia” Thomas towers over real women whom he beat for the NCAA 500 Freestyle Championship in Atlanta, March 17. Photo: Twitter.

Whatever William now calls himself, he is playing a zero-sum game. His victories cheat genuine females out of medals, trophies, scholarships, prestige, and personal satisfaction.

Period.Where the hell are the feminists in this controversy? Whatever happened to the “girl power” that was all the rage just a few years agoThe penis-equipped William Thomas disempowers girls. Literally. And yet he is ballyhooed as a “she” who should be admired.

Swimming records earned honestly by real women — for Supreme Court nominee and non-biologist Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s benefit, female human beings possess two X chromosomes, vaginas, ovaries, uteri, fallopian tubes, and femininity — are being drowned by Thomas, who is equipped with an X and a Y chromosome, a penis, testicles, vas deferens, and barely concealed masculinity.

Left to right: William Thomas and Lia Thomas. Photo: Twitter.

As NBC News’ doctored photograph confirms, Thomas’ charade is sick, twisted, sad, and — above all else — monumentally unfair.

Imagine a heavyweight Olympic boxer who identifies as” a welterweight fighter. Why? Because he says so.

He then leaps into the ring and pounds his every welterweight opponent to a pulp. He soon wins Olympic gold in welterweight boxing. Never mind his 201 pounds versus his final opponent’s 152 pounds. Details!

So what? The news media cheer. Activists gaze right past his bulkier frame and declare him, “a model welterweight athlete.” Their eyes brim with emotion.

This is insane.

According to Topend Sports, the average male competitor in aquatic events at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro weighed 181 pounds (82.2 kg). His female counterpart? 137 pounds (62.2 kg). These weights are proportional to those in the aforementioned boxing scenario.

While real Olympic pugilism fans would be appalled by such an atrocity, its collegiate and high school equivalent unfolds regularly in U.S. swimming pools and athletic fields, as Woke fans and Left-wing journalists applaud this outrage.

Lia Thomas is a world-class con artist, as are so many other men who “identify” as women, even as they awaken with morning wood and lack the dedication to their cause to lop off their manhood.

Everyone knows this, and nearly everyone is cowed by Left-wing bullies who shout them into silence. And NBC News is out front with the ultimate spa treatment. The facial that NBC gave William Thomas airbrushed and buffed him into LiaThomas, in service to social chaos.

Playing along with William’s fantasy of being Lia is one thing. Burying a young man’s athletic face beneath a mudslide of Photoshopped lies is quite another.

How nice for a cheater like Lia Thomas to have co-conspirators in such high places.

Too bad so many stay so quiet about all of this. The cancel culture that shields people like William/Lia Thomas from criticism is a powerful force.

But, yet again, George Orwell’s advice is priceless: “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. Insane for sure!! Maybe it’s computers that have convinced some people they can create their own reality?

  2. Have we ever heard from “Lia’s” parents. Are they male and female? Are they proud of their trans? What’s the background?

  3. My condolences to all the little girls out there competing in athletics in America.
    Someday sanity may return to this nation.
    Until then, keep your chin up and keep going.

  4. How many traitor’s have the bidens corrupted? Are they saying Hunter has a top secret CRYPTO CLEARANCE? The biden’s are corrupt and compromised, jail time impeachment time , where is the FBI DOJ AND CIA? they all can’t be up the Biden’s asses! Hunter Biden is old Joe Biden’s heir obviously. He has done a lot of things but has never been known to have served in the Department of Defense. So why does his infamous laptop contain, on top of everything else that is incriminating on it, Defense Department encryption keys that are not available to private citizens? Sam Faddis was a former CIA Operations Officer and served as a CIA operation officer in the Near East, South Asia, and the Middle East. How did Hunter Biden have these encryption keys? We will never know because Hunter Biden is so closely connected to his family, friends, and associates at all levels of government. Some keys can be kept for up to 20 years. Hunter Biden should not have these keys.These connections remain in power and have shown that they are more interested in Hunter’s encryption keys than Hunter’s source. The scheme was designed to prevent different information from being published. Faddis reports Maxey’s IT advisor Maxey suggested that Hunter could create throwaway email addresses on DOD servers and route personal and business communications through these servers to avoid detection. Reports claim that Clinton wanted certain communications to remain confidential. Could Hunter Biden be trying to conceal something? Faddis stated that Hunter’s laptop had been in the FBI’s possession “since well before 2020.” Why isn’t this surprising? Victor Davis Hanson stated that the FBI had lost all credibility as an investigation agency in November 2021. Will we ever find out why Hunter Biden had Defense Department encryption keys on his laptop? Probably not, at least anytime soon. The people who should be investigating him impartially are for the most part politically compromised and hyper-partisan themselves. But this revelation is just one more indication of how broad and deep the corruption is in Washington. If this corrupt cabal is swept out in 2022, we may have a chance of finding out just how corrupt it really has been.

  5. Well if you are a male and can t win against other males who are better then you…then claim you are a female so you can finally win something lol

  6. How is this touched up pic not ‘misinformation’ and shouldn’t the whole article been banned?

  7. He couldn’t win anything as a male so teh coward pretends to be a woman so he can get a medal Medal of dishonour,:(

  8. The article is totally the truth! I have read Mr. Murdock’s articles and op-eds in the NY Post for years. He is Always spot on! Too bad more so called journalists do not have the same integrity and b—-s as he does.


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