Trump Sounds Off on House Speaker Plans

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Donald Trump doesn’t have his sights set anywhere other than the White House.

Despite some Republicans pushing Trump to consider launching a run for Congress to become the next Speak of the House of Representatives, he isn’t sold on the offer.

Newsmax reports:

“It’s not something I want,” Trump said in an interview on the Real America’s Voice program “Just the News” about calls from Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., and other Republicans to nominate him as House Speaker. “A lot of people bring it up. It’s brought up all the time. It’s not something I would be interested in.”

Gaetz this past weekend while speaking at Trump’s rally in Commerce, Georgia a few days before the interview was televised, announced to the crowd that he intends to nominate the former president to lead the House if their party regains control of the chamber.

“Well, that was interesting,” Trump said when taking the mic after Gaetz’s comments, which the congressman has repeated often. Trump didn’t elaborate further on the matter.

During the interview, Trump also admitted he won’t make a final decision on his 2024 campaign until after the November midterms.

“I want to look at what’s happening, and then we’re going to be doing something else,” he commented, insisting that he thinks the elections this year and in 2024 will serve as a test for the future of the United States.

  1. Elections are all about Fraud now . These asshole Demi communists are going to do it again. Using mail in ballots . Just wait and see how we have a huge new pandemic along about election time.. Most corrupt POS ever

  2. Where would you (Donald Trump ) be most effective to the Nation in 2022 election .Go to Congress and show that you can rally the Congress to make the decisions needed to put this Nation back on [email protected] election will be too late for the Nation as things are moving at this time .We don’t need someone from the side-lines pointing out all the short comings or mistakes or bad policies BUT we need to stop or change them !! Don’t let some ego deter these needs !!

  3. I think this is a big mistake… after the GOP tsunami in Nov 2022, he can be the one to BOOT Nancy back to California while keeping his name out there until Nov 2024. WE NEED HIM NOW!!!

    1. I believe we have reached emergency status. Just look at what that insufferable idiot in the White House is doing to this country. It hasn’t even been 2 years and this country has already become unrecognizable. And he is going to lift Title 42 and allow THE WHOLE FREAKING WORLD to invade us. I know Joe can’t THAT hopelessly STUPID! This is all part of a frightening plan to sell out this country and let China take over. And 1 World Order??? Something MUST be done to rescue our beautiful, free country before the Socialists completely take over and our lives become a living hell. OUR PRESIDENT IS SELLING US OUT…..Why do so many people not get it???
      We desperately need for Trump to get on board with becoming Speaker of the House (again, this is an emergency!!). Impeaching Joe and Kamala will be a piece of cake if we have the majority, and THEN we can get the RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT back where he belongs! Doesn’t Trump realize that in 2024, it will be TOO FREAKING LATE! And by then,the Democrats will have perfected their election fraud system so no Republican will ever be elected to office again, especially with the millions of godd*mned illegals being able to vote!

  4. IF TRUMP was speaker! He overide everything biden tries, , when biden dies, gets evicted, ,HARRIS IS NATIONAL NOT AMERICAN. CAN NOT BE PRES. SSOOOO, TRUMP, SPEAKER IS PRESIDENT AGAIN. !!! Correct me if im wrong, , when Hunter get pursecuted Biden will be found treasonous!!! FIRED.


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