These States Have Been Hit Hardest by Biden’s Gas Prices

Gas pump via Pixabay images

Rising gas prices are affecting all Americans but some more than others. With no end to these price increases in site Americans are being told to buckle down and suck it up. Here are the states that have been hit the hardest by these soaring energy costs:

  1. “F J B ” ! Biden is a worthless pile of EXCREMENT !
    Biden was never nor will he ever be presidential material !

  2. We know what the problem is and thats the money the elites invested in the Russian pipeline. The final analysis is that we put these thieves into office. Its time to get them out. Wake up this is no longer a Democratic or Republican issue when we al;l lose.

  3. Hunter and I have done nothing wrong? Joe bidens two biggest lies since he has been in office “the buck stops with me ” this over the hill failure, has not stopped blaming everyone for his continual stream of cluster fxxxs since his first day in office, The second biggest lie was his violation of oath of office to protect and serve which he has violated from day one including his lie of being fit to serve. First impeachment then jail, his latest comment that he and Hunter have done everything by the book, what fxxxing book? some biden crime family BS, starting with if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. When the investigations begin, the truth will come out, about all the pots of gold the biden family have received from accepting money from our adversaries do do what?


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