Medical Emergency Delays Senate Committee Vote on Biden SCOTUS Nominee

White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It seems that Ketanji Brown Jackson’s road to the Supreme Court has hit another roadblock. Today as the Senate Judiciary Committee prepared to hold its vote to advance Jackson’s bid to the full Senate Democrat Senator Alex Padilla’s flight was changed at the last minute. Now, the committee must wait until his return to vote on the Supreme Court nominee.

The Hill reports:

“Due to a passenger medical emergency, Senator Padilla’s flight was turned back and returned to LAX, delaying his arrival to Washington. He boarded the first available flight this morning and will arrive this afternoon,” a Padilla spokesperson said.

Jackson’s nomination is expected to get a tied vote in committee. That doesn’t sink the nomination, but it will require Democrats to take an extra step to discharge her nomination to the full Senate.

However, the evenly split committee means that in order to get the tied vote, Democrats need Padilla to be present.

“We have a problem,” Durbin said, referring to Padilla’s flight delay.

“It is my intention to recess subject to the call of the chair. I believe Sen. Padilla will back in time this afternoon for us to consider this nomination and a record vote,” he added.

The vote is expected to occur Monday night and will put Jackson on the path to be confirmed by Friday. Jackson’s nomination is all but secure after Republican Sen. Susan Collins announced she would vote to confirm Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

  1. Susan Collins, you are NOT a Republican! Stop lying to your constituents and switch parties. Worse yet, you are a progressive socialist. Come out of the closet.


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