Ivanka Trump to Testify to Jan. 6 Panel Today

White House [Public Domain]

Former President Trump’s oldest daughter, Ivanka is scheduled to testify to the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6th Capitol riot today.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘We’re looking forward to her coming to the committee,’ panel chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson told reporters on Capitol Hill on Monday night, saying an agreement with the former first daughter to testify was ‘close.’

In January, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the Capitol asked Ivanka Trump, who served as an adviser to her father Donald Trump in the White House, to voluntarily testify about what she saw on January 6th.

Ivanka Trump attended the rally that President Trump spoke to on the National Mall the morning of the riot and was reported to be in and out of the Oval Office as MAGA supporters stormed the Capitol. She is said to have spent hours that day asking her father to speak out against the violence and have his supporters leave the Capitol.

Ivanka’s testimony comes a week after her husband who also served as an adviser to Trump appeared before the panel last week.

Committee member Rep. Elaine Luria told MSNBC after Kushner’s appearance that he ‘was able to voluntarily provide information to us, to verify and substantiate his own take’ on the election.

Kushner was the highest-ranking Trump advisor and the first family member to testify to the House panel.

  1. More b.s. going nowhere! At some point will the citizens get fed up enough to TAKE BACK our country!

  2. The only question that needs answering iis from Pelosi. Why did she refuse to protect the spiral when Our Real President Donald J. Trump requested it. Scam committee over.

  3. That “probing panel” & all who are on it, are questioning the wrong people. They SHOULD be questioning Nancy Pelosi for what she knew & when she knew it & how much was she involved in the Jan. 6 plot against the American people.

  4. The entire January 6th investigation is a farce and for the low life so-called authorities to keep people locked up for over a year is a disgrace to every American, especially those who have served and in particular those who died. The left is making a mockery of all the lives lost protecting what America was before this bunch of commies took control.

  5. They will regret having ever spoken to them without an attorney. All of them will face perjury charges. the cmte will charge, they lied because their memories of things don’t gibe with the other people’s memory. They should have told the cmte that they would not appear unless they got immunity from prosecution.as they could consider it nothing more than a perjury trap

    To be supposedly smart people they sure are doing stupid things.

  6. Biggest bunch of bullshit ever . These witch hunts against Trump have to stop. Vote these bastards out and investigate everyone of them . They are complicit and guilty of the things they charge Trump with and all conservatives. Time to start kicking these MFers in the ass

  7. Piglosi’s posse only focus is trying to get anything true or false to stop her quest and
    hatred for Trump!!! She needs to take the next flight on her broom back to California!!
    Next focus for her would try to destroy Florida!! Oh and the ocean front property
    she bought with her insider trade deals. Now that she has screwed California she will
    be working against Governor Ron!! Hummmm she forgot about all her global warnings
    but it problems for us not her!!! She thinks no one is looking at her actions…..normal
    demo lie!!!What else…according to her…her house will be under water before long!!
    What a joke!!

  8. False Headline! Ivanka is not “trapped.” She did NOTHING wrong, nor did her husband or father. Bennie and his jets can try to make something up but IT WON’T STAND.


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