Herschel Walker Pulls Ahead as Raphael Warnock Faces Abuse Allegations

Raphael Warnock, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Things are heating up in Georgia.

In what is expected to be one of the most expensive and closely watched races this year Republican Senate challenger Herschel Walker is leading Democrat Raphael Warnock according to the latest poll by The Hill/Emerson College.

The Hill reports:

Warnock, who won a special election in 2021 and is now running for a full term, is supported by 45 percent of registered voters in the poll released Wednesday, while Walker is backed by 49 percent of voters.

Sen. Warnock’s dip in the polls also comes as he faces allegations from his ex-wife that he has neglected visitation with his two young children and failing to pay childcare expenses.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Fulton County Superior Court judge Shermela J. Williams said on Friday that there were “numerous unresolved issues” between Warnock and his ex-wife Oulèye Ndoye, and ordered the couple to try to reach a mediated settlement by May 7. A status hearing in the case was also scheduled for May 16, with both Warnock and Ndoye required to attend, according to a notice from the judge on Monday.

In a court filing in February, Ndoye accused Warnock of leaving her “financially strapped” by refusing to reimburse her for childcare expenses. She said Warnock also “routinely neglects” to give her notice when he is traveling out of town during his visitation days, and instead has the children “picked up from school by friends and [leaves] them with various babysitters overnight” while he is away.

Ndoye claimed Warnock also refused to return personal items that were awarded to her in divorce agreement. She asked the court to hold him in contempt for violating the custody order and that it be revised to allow her to move the children to Massachusetts, where she plans to attend a program at Harvard.

Ndoye accused Warnock of driving over her foot during an argument in 2020, a charge he has denied. Warnock and Ndoye married in 2016 and divorced in 2020.

  1. Warlock had similar allegations filed against him when he was in the Baltimore area. They’re well documented – and then he skipped out to head to Atlanta. The leopard doesn’t change it’s spots, it may change it’s location but not it’s spots.

  2. LMFAO, like any of that matters when your a pos democrup! They new this all before in his PRIOR election that was stolen in typical GA fashion!

  3. Never trust a guy that neglects his children and professes to love God, while actively supporting Satan. His stance against God supporting the murder of the unborn proves my point. He is an obsequious Democrat socialist. Another Obama clone.

  4. That Georgia group is a real piece of work, Warnock abuses his ex-wife, treats his children with disrespect, won’t follow the Courts orders, and won’t pay support for his children. Then we see that Zuckerberg dumped millions on the democrats, and very little went to the republicans, and now we learn that Stacy Abrams is worth around 3 million, And it’s time to clean up Geogia, elect Herschel Walker in 2022!


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