These Representatives Voted Against Investigating Russia for War Crimes

(Official White House Photo by David Lienemann), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Vladimir Putin is alleged to have committed several war crimes in Ukraine during the invasion and while there is some evidence to suggest this is the case, there isn’t enough to act on. Congress wants to open an investigation into the allegations but not everyone is on board. Here are the 7 Republicans who voted to not investigate allegations of war crimes in the Russia-Ukraine conflict: 

  1. Impeachment time for those who broke the law, The truth hurts how you going to lie out of this??? The biden’s modern day traitors, sucking up any thing they can get their greedy paws on, at any cost, not an ounce of loyalty for America, coming from the whole fxxxin family. Greed, corruption, and this family is in our White House.When will the impeachment hearings begin? time for return of ill gotten, time to pay the piper, meaning the U.S. Where is the money?, who got what ?, was all this reported to the IRS? What are the government departments doing about the corruption? Where is the DOJ, CIA, IRS, SS, have they all been corrupted by an old man? who sold his country down the drain? 2022 the worm will turn big time and those who committed crimes and lied to congress will held to the oath of office they took but did not honor.More than 150 transactions involving either President Biden’s brother James Biden or son Hunter Biden’s global business affairs have been flagged for further review by U.S. banks. Some of the transactions were flagged because large wire transfers were involved. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge joined “CBS News Mornings” to discuss.

  2. I would have voted against it because I don’t think we should get involved in anything to do with any other country’s war or crimes related to war that doesn’t have anything to do with the US directly

    1. It has EVERYTHING to do with the USA….We are giving money daily to them and other countries like Poland who are taking in refugees….

  3. Putin may very well be a war criminal, but how deeply we get involved in the conflict may eventually lead to our going to war as we did in WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, and numerous other conflicts that don’t pass the Constitutional involvement test. No, we were not neutral in WW I or WW II which led to our involvement. We entered the Korean war because of our membership in the UN and our entry into the Vietnam conflict was entirely an unconstitutional act by both Kennedy and LBJ with Congress being complicit, again prompted by globalist interests. Tell me how many conflicts. we have participated in since the end of WW II and our becoming a member of the UN have we actually won? Is there peace in Iraq or Afghanistan? Korea is still a stalemate and Vietnam is all communist now.

    If we go to war in Europe again, it will follow the same ground work laid down before our entry into WW I and WW II where globalists in America prompted our violating our neutrality which led to our being attacked in both cases, which was the plan. WW I led to the establishment of the first Communist enslaved country and WW II led to half of Western Europe falling under the Soviet heel. Communism and New World Order oligarchy are one and the same animals, just wearing different masks.

    Going to war now would possibly be the final excuse for crushing our Constitutional rights and freedoms, not by a foreign power, but from within our own radically controlled government instituting massive, PERMANENT controls beyond those imposed during WW II. World war can easily result. With us occupied in Europe, Communist China and North Korea could see the opportunity to move against Taiwan, Japan, and other areas in Asia. Likewise, “the elephant hiding behind the palm tree”, one billion strong, Islam could emerge and strike out on it’s quest for world domination. Then when the war ends, the global government will emerge from behind the curtain and world wide freedom will be history – until some time in the future when suppression becomes so unbearable revolution will sweep the world. Human history has been bathed in blood and we may be on the dawn of another big bloodbath, It could very well be that which is foretold in Biblical Revelations. .

    1. You make some very good points; however, what you describe is a massive repeat of history from back to biblical times–just different approaches and outcomes because they were different times. I do believe we should investigate Putin without action–for now–because I don’t see how we can turn a blind eye to the tragedy he is inflicting on a country that simply wants to govern itself and not be controlled by a communist regime. If Ukraine should fall to Russia, that is just the tip of the iceberg and others will follow. Then the fall of democracy is likely to follow (look at some of our own citizens and members of Congress who seem to be working toward that). Our current political leaders need to step back and take a very hard look at what they are doing within and then take the right steps and not go off on employing politics that can easily destroy this nation. That is already happening within through the Executive Orders, the vaccine and mask mandates, the open borders (with drugs coming into the USA like never before, drug cartels, trafficking, human trafficking, the drain on our budgets that take from our own citizens and legal immigrants to support these people, cancel culture, “woke” celebrities and companies, out of control inflation heading toward a possible recession, loss of energy independence, etc.). And I fear it is only going to get worse. Anyhow, history tells us there was some justification for entering WWIⅈ not so much for the other conflicts you describe. I feel very strongly we should support Ukraine with supplies and weapons–after all they did not invite Russia into their country and Ukrainian President Zelensky has himself said they will fight their own war but just give them the weapons.

  4. Who are those people within the Republican party so refuse to acknowledge the a.atrocities being committed in Ukraine? I like to give them a piece of my mind. What are you, idiots? Don’t you have any kind of educa.tion background whatsoever? Are you doing what your con students want you to do or are you up for election and this is your peak rained way of thinking you will be voted into your seat again? Do something right for a change! Give something back that we and the Ukrainians can hold onto.

  5. LOL
    Let’s waste more tax payer’s money on witch hunts.
    Release the laptop.
    Western politicians and Globalists have been pillaging The Ukraine for decades.
    They need Putin to destroy the evidence.
    Lot’s of funny business.

  6. Why are we voting for or against a War crimes investigation? This should be in the hand of the International Criminal Court.


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