Report: New York Democrat Lt. Gov. Arrested

New York Senate Photo, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

On Tuesday, New York Democrat Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin was arrested on campaign finance-related charges.

Prosecutors from the Southern District of New York previously issued grand jury subpoenas seeking documents from Benjamin’s campaign committee, paid staffers, and consulting firms.

Prosecutors more recently began seeking records from the state Senate, where Benjamin previously served and represented Harlem prior to being selected for the lieutenant governor position by Gov. Kathy Hochul after she became governor.

The Daily Wire reports:

According to ABC News 7, Benjamin surrendered himself to authorities Tuesday morning. The charges are reportedly in connection with a past campaign.

“The lieutenant governor, who had been considered a rising political star after he was chosen by Gov. Hochul, faces bribery and other charges,” ABC News 7 added.

His arrest comes after reports that Manhattan federal prosecutors and the FBI were investigating whether Benjamin knowingly engaged in a campaign finance fraud scheme. Subpoenas were issued in connection with the investigation, two sources familiar with the subpoenas said at the time.

The investigators also looked into whether Benjamin helped dole out state money to contributors and/or their projects as part of the alleged fraud.

Continue reading HERE for more on the investigation.

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  1. Not doing very much to promote BLM! He’ll probably blame “White supremacy” as the cause of his crimes!

  2. The entire dumbocrap party are nothing, but a bunch of lying,cheating,corrupt,worthless,incompetent,politicians, that hate the American people,but love their illegals, killing american citizens.

  3. I am not surprised. He is a Democrat. What surprises me is that he was actually investigated and charged because he’s a Democrat in a Democrat run state.

  4. No, you mean he cheated? How can that be? Isn’t he part of the anointed politicians union? What happened to their rights to plauisible deniability and unaccountability? He must have done something to someone’s daughter….

  5. Good got a Democrat….now if Obama & Biden would just leave and take their ideas
    with them we could be well on our way to some sanity >>..

  6. What’s new in NY? No capital punishment since 1963 while crime spirals up. Corruption and incompetence at all levels of government at its finest. If you live in NY state, move now.

  7. Wait, he doled out state money to his contributors??? And how many federal elected officials do the same with no arrest??? Not saying this guy is right but this happens every day in Washington and no one get indicted.


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