Jan 6 Panel Member Says Report Will Uncover Crimes Not Yet Reported

Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

January 6 panel member Rep. Jamie Raskin says he fully expects crimes that have not yet been alleged to be in the committee’s report.

The Hill reports:

Committee members are hopeful that hearings will occur in May and June, Raskin told The Washington Post on Wednesday, with an interim report concluding their findings expected this summer.

The committee celebrated a huge victory when a federal judge ruled that John Eastman, Trump’s legal adviser, had to turn over his private communications to the committee. In a court filing, the committee alleged that Eastman and Trump worked together in attempting to convince then-Vice President Mike Pence to decertify the election results.

The Department of Justice has already charged hundreds of people involved in the attack, but Attorney General Merrick Garland said earlier this month he won’t rush the investigation.

“As in most mob-style investigations, the Department of Justice seems to be working its way up from the bottom to the top,” Raskin told the Post. “So that’s why I’m telling the people who are despairing over the fact that the people at the top always seem to get away with it to be patient because I do think they are working their way up.”

The committee itself cannot prosecute those who played a role in the riot, Rep. Raskin said the report will be about what happened on that day and how to prevent it from happening again.

  1. Isn’t Jamie Raskin’s wife the one whose name was withdrawn for a position with the Federal Reserve because of her views that fossil fuel companies shouldn’t be allowed to obtain loans? Jamie’s been a bit ‘far out’ and no one should take he, or his wife, seriously.

    1. I agree. I do not trust the Raskin family. They are part of a secretive collusion that wishes to overthrow the USA government and put in place a puppet Socialist regime. We,the people, need to uncover this snake behind this, before it succeeds. They succeeded in bringing most dark skinned voters, illegal immigrant voters, defunct voting schemes, etc., into play to vote whatever they choose and that is Brandon.

    2. Yep, Jamie wasn’t crooking the guv out of enough dough–he needed to get his wife a cushy job as well. Fortunately, patriots were able to stop her!

  2. This is not a commission looking for the truth. It is an Inquisition looking for victims to fit imagined crimes. I wonder if the Inquisition will expose the two capitol cops that murdered two women demonstrators. Ashlee Bobbit,, who was shot in the throat by a Capitol Cop and Roseanne Boylin who was clubbed to death by a female Capitol cop. Both documented but the commission won’t release the documents or the information. Roseanne was clubbed to death and immediately cremated without the families permission and the death listed as an overdose, however the family said that was impossible, she didn’t use, and why wasn’t the body released to the family. There are some religions that forbid cremation. The family had a right to make that choice. The information held from the public, like Nancy’s control of capitol police has been well hidden . Information being held back by Nancy’s Inquisition is far more interesting than the prolonged cases they slowly dole out to the public. .

  3. Well Mr. Raskin, how about being the first Democrat to do something positive for America and instead of kicking the can down the block, investigate the Biden crime syndicate and make yourself famous for doing something constructive ( god forbid) for the American people. Looks to me that you, like most corrupt Democrat politicians, are simply jumping on a bandwagon to use the corrupt news media as a cheap way to get people, who otherwise wouldn’t care, to know you, so that you might develop the elusive belief that you are a popular politician. I do know how stupid you think the American people are, but don’t be too surprised, in the next election , to learn that most intelligent Americans see through your idiocies and will send you and your bottom- dwelling ilk to the political dead heap pile for wasting our precious money chasing after a lie for the purpose of political gain. If you are intent on doing something constructive, try helping your country get through the disaster your beloved anti/American president has caused. Now that would be something worthwhile.

  4. “Rep. Jamie Raskin says he fully expects crimes that have not yet been alleged to be in the committee’s report.” Does that mean that they will just make up crimes and put it in the report? Given the nature of how democrats operate, it wouldn’t surprise me on bit.

  5. What a joke. So the “commission” is supposed to figure out why Jan. 6 happened and what to do to stifle a repeat performance? They’ve already got the answers. I think that we all know what their goals are, and it’s definitely about control and manipulation. That idea to just “wave them in” and then hide the video tapes or data was fantastic too.

  6. The phony J6 committee hasn’t found ANY real crimes yet! Emailing, text messaging, or phoning people aren’t crimes. Asking for peaceful and patriotic demonstrations are not crimes. It’s called the First Amendment! (Something DIMMs only use when supporting kiddie porn or other salacious material.)

  7. Raskin is a Grade A ID 10 T from the Peoples Republic of Maryland. He won’t be so smug once he’s brought up on the charges that he deserves to have levied against him – that would stick if we had an honest Congress. True bottom feeder.

  8. If you’ve ever seen/heard Raskin in a Congressional ‘investigation’, you know he is a worthless lying LibTard. This is just more of the same.

  9. “crimes that have not yet been alleged” “hopeful that hearings will occur in May or June”
    So the ‘committee’ will come up with multiple ‘alleged’ crimes, and PUBLIC hearings to air those perceived ‘allegations’ will be held maybe in May or June, but more likely later.
    In other words the Democrat controlled committee will be sure to hold public hearings, in which no ‘verdicts’ will be reached, throughout the summer and fall leading up to the 2022 elections. A deliberate ploy to vilify as many currently serving Republican candidates as possible, via the mainstream media, in the hopes that Republican and Independent voters will be depressed enough to either stay away from the November polls or cast their vote for the Democrat candidate.
    Democrats, with their complicit mainstream media, used this tactic through the Mueller investigation leading up to the 2018 elections, the specific reason Mueller’s report did not come out until after that election.

  10. Do you think that Raskin et al. are investigating the 20 or so federal agents (FBI, ATF) embedded in the protest? You know, like with the ones who tried to get Whitmer kidnapped? Still not much being said about Ray Epps.
    Hey Jamie, just asking’…

  11. This Jan 6th is a bigger illegality than the Russian fraud. And it will grow bigger and bigger since no person has ever been found guilty of anything in America since Obama and Biden have hand their hands in the pot.


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