Democrats Unveil Blueprint to Steal the Next Election

Voters in Des Moines precincts 43, 61 and 62 cast their ballots at Roosevelt High School. via wikimedia commons.

Democrats have already revealed part of their plan to seize the next election and it begins at the local level.

A Democrat candidate recruiting group is pitching donors on a three-year program to find, train, and support 5,000 candidates for local offices in charge of election administration. The ambitious program self proclaims itself as an “effort intended to fight subversion of future election results.”

Per Election Law Blog:

The program would recruit candidates in 35 states for everything from county probate judges in Alabama to county clerks in Kansas and county election board members in Pennsylvania — all offices that handle elections and will be on voters’ ballots between now and 2024. Spearheading the effort is Run for Something, a Democratic group that launched soon after Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential victory to recruit candidates for local elections. Now, the group plans to raise $80 million over the next three years for this push, which would include at least a hundred staffers to support those candidates in-state, according to details and donor memos first shared with POLITICO.

Amanda Litman and Ross Morales Rocketto, Run for Something’s co-founders, call the project “Clerk Work” — a way-down-the-ballot effort of the type that Democratic donors and national groups have traditionally struggled to focus on. But as Trump continues to promulgate election conspiracy theories, the role of little-known election administrators — charged with planning, implementing and certifying election results in a hyper-localized system — has suddenly emerged as a key part of safeguarding American democracy. The move is part of a broader Democratic Party shift toward increasingly prioritizing state-based races, a shift from the massive attention and financing that go toward federal campaigns.

“Election subversion in 2024 is not going to be a mob storming the Capitol, it’s going to be a county clerk in Michigan or a supervisor of elections in Florida who decides to fuck the whole thing up,” Litman said. “The only way to make long-term democracy protection is by electing people who will defend democracy.”

Now that Democrats are revealing their plan for domination the question remains what exactly is the GOP going to do about it?

    1. It’s already 20 years as I recall, and as we saw in 2020 that’s not enough.

      We need to replace all the crooked judges who refused to look at the evidence.

  1. Will Democrats use the same plan they used in 2020? What excuse will they use to circumvent the rules that had been properly adopted by law. Will it be a pandemic again?

    1. Actually it started in 2018 as a dry run in Nevada. And it worked, because the democrats figured out they only need to win a few counties nationwide to turn an election. So they tried it in Clark County Nevada in 2018 and it worked because they planned it right, and they had help with a do nothing spineless attorney general (adam laxalt) who was confronted with the obvious fraud and simply whined, “there is nothing I can do.”
      Remember this when laxalt runs for something in 2022 or 2024

    2. They don’t need an excuse. They never obey the laws as it is. The SCOTUS ordered Biden to reinstate the remain in Mexico policy. Do you see any of the scum crawling over the border remaining in Mexico?

  2. Judging from past inaction, I suspect the GOP is going to absolutely nothing to thwart this democrat subversion

    1. As long as McConnell remains no useful change will happen. We need someone like Cotton or Jordan to take the reigns.

  3. There is no honor among Dem’s… If I can win fairly… CHEAT! I bet their moma’s are real proud of how their babies turned out. The greatest thing Trump ever did for this country… was exposing the swamp! I had no idea the depth and length they would commit too.

  4. This is how Democrats get loyal voters – they train (brainwash) them. While the GOP offers a lot of old-hash, “we will do” or “we believe in” or “the democrats…” that goes nowhere in recruiting lifetime active civilians that want to get involved on city, county, state and higher government levels as there is not training. The only training that is successful is from Heritage Foundation that Trump supported. The GOP has blinders on. They want the $$ of the public but do they only want the college graduates to work with thinking they are the only ones with good ideas ? I’ve seen some new candidates that are working harder on local levels but they need committed workers to back them if they progress to the federal level – it all works hand in hand to change the mindset of the public.


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