New Audio Reveals Trump Admitted Bearing some Responsibility for Capitol Riot

Newly released audio House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Republican lawmakers on a private conference call that then-President Donald Trump had admitted bearing some responsibility for the deadly attack.

CNN reports:

A readout of that conversation, which took place on January 11, 2021, had been previously reported by CNN. But two New York Times reporters obtained an audio recording of the conference call for their upcoming book, “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden and the Battle for America’s Future,” and shared it with CNN.

“But let me be very clear to you and I have been very clear to the President. He bears responsibility for his words and actions. No if, ands or buts,” McCarthy told House Republicans on January 11, 2021, according to the audio obtained by CNN. “I asked him personally today, does he hold responsibility for what happened? Does he feel bad about what happened? He told me he does have some responsibility for what happened. And he needs to acknowledge that.”

On a separate call the day before, McCarthy said, “I had it with this guy. What he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that, and nobody should defend it.” The book’s authors say those comments were in reference to Trump.

A GOP member of leadership who called McCarthy this morning to discuss the audio file revealed by The New York Times on Thursday night said they didn’t get the impression McCarthy is worried that the recorded comments or revelations could hurt his political future in a significant way. The member told CNN that McCarthy told them Trump called McCarthy on Thursday night to discuss this and that there is a feeling as long as Trump is fine, McCarthy can manage any outrage from those on his right flank.

So far, Trump has yet to comment on the leaked audio.

  1. Well, we all heard what he said. Had he told the insurrectionists to stop, there would been no deaths and little destruction.

  2. It is silly to use the word ‘bombshell’. It is dumber to think that any President ever wanted to think the Presidential actions and words do not contribute to current events. Of course they do. Ask, Biden if he or Pelosi will let the arrested and still detained old men who accepted the reason they were able to get to show their stupidity by climbing a wall, if teh U.S. then President’s words caused them to join an unarmed, spontaneous Insurrection that blew up nothing while a Veteran of oour military was shot and killed by one of several guards that did suicide when they learned how it was staged!

    We know a lot more now of just where the election rigging did happen before when voters were victims of dis-information and honest reporting of what was censored. In any case, who among us would have ignored what Trum endured?

  3. CNN!! Enough said we don’t need to know more!! Those dogs lie about everything, but their days are numbered!! We all know who is really responsible for jan 6th and it’s Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell!! It was all staged and planned and they will be exposed!!

  4. Trump did not hurt America. Despite enormous lies from the Left trying to block Trump’s accomplishments, he managed to do more for America then any President prior to his administration. The list of his accomplishments is staggering in comparison to the overwhelming failures of the Biden administration. We can only hope and pray that America is solid enough to withstand the horrific onslaught of this administration until we can replace it with a patriot administration that will do its best to reunite America and set it back on a sane course as the world leader it use to be before the present administration destroys what is left of this once great country.


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