Former Trump Adviser, Roger Stone, Joins Canada’s Conservative Ontario Party as an Adviser

The Circus on SHOWTIME via Wikimedia Commons

A former adviser to Donald Trump has decided to take his experience in conservative politics across the border. Roger Stone, is now working with Canada’s conservative Ontario Party as a strategic adviser.

The Hill reports:

“As a seasoned veteran of hard-nosed politics, Roger’s insights into campaign strategies designed to take back Ontario will be invaluable to our grassroots campaign going forward,” the Ontario Party’s statement said.

Stone commended Canadians who protested COVID-19 mandates and restrictions throughout the three-week “Freedom Convoy” in Ottawa, which ended in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking emergency powers to quell the disruption. According to the statement, the protest inspired Stone to join forces with the party.

“They [protestors] came there for a purpose and when you’re protesting you may not get everything you want but you’re expecting to at least have the government listen to what you talk about,” Stone said on the “The Stew Peters Show.” “The government has done nothing but show contempt toward these people.”

The party was founded in May 2018, according to its website, but didn’t have a leader until December 2021, when Derek Sloan, a former conservative member of parliament, took control.

“In the fall of 2021, with the launch of vaccine passports, citizens who requested that their right to freedom of conscience, informed consent, medical privacy, and bodily autonomy be respected, had their request overruled,” the party mission outlines. “In the absence of sufficient cause, they were banned from public life, fired from their jobs, or removed from their college or university programs.”

In 2020, President Trump pardoned Stone after he was indicted on charges of lying to Congress during its investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.


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