Trump Appeals New York Judge’s Contempt Ruling

White House [Public Domain]

Former President Donald Trump has filed an appeal to a New York judge’s ruling holding him in contempt and fining him $10,000 for every day that he doesn’t comply with state attorney general Letitia James’ subpoena.

On Tuesday, Judge Arthur Engoron said it was unacceptable that Trump continued to challenge the subpoena’s request for documents weeks after the judge had rejected Trump’s legal challenge against it.

According to reports from The Hill:

“OAG has satisfied its burden of demonstrating that Mr. Trump willfully disobeyed a lawful court order of which he had knowledge prejudicing OAG,” Engoron wrote, using an acronym for the Office of Attorney General.

“The purpose of civil contempt is not to punish, but, rather, to coerce and/or to compensate. OAG seeks to fine Mr. Trump $10,000 per day until he satisfies his obligations, which this Court, which has wide discretion in such matters, finds to be reasonable.”

The judge ruled in February that Trump must provide New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) with documents and testimony as part of her civil investigation into alleged fraud at his company.

Trump is appealing the order to sit for a deposition with investigators, but had not challenged the order to turn over documents.

Following Engoron’s ruling Trump’s attorney Alina Habba said they planned to file an appeal.

“This does not even come close to meeting the standard on a motion for contempt and, thus, we intend to appeal,” Habba said.

  1. What happened to Holders contempt….which among many other things contributed to
    the death of a Federal Agent !!! He walked away and NO ONE held him accountable
    period!!!Swept it under the rug let him off the hook!!! Do you think for a minute if he
    was a Republican that would fly??? No way !!! No fine no jail no anything !!!! This
    is a disgrace !!! Double standard period!!!! This does not come close to FAST &
    FURIOUS by any standards!!! There are 2 sets of rules now… for the left and
    one for the right. The left gets a pass the right gets it in the a– !! Mid terms hurry!!
    2024 even faster !!!!

  2. The just keep going after President Trump, and keep getting beat at the game, with no evidence implicating President Trump, or his family! On the other hand, the Biden Crime Cartel is operating, in the open, right under their noses and they ignore it! The only difference is that there is plenty of hard evidence, with corroborating evidence implicating all of the Biden Family Crime Cartel and the corrupt Democrats choose to ignore it. After the November elections, i hope and pray that the Congressional Hearings commence, so the entire world can see for themselves how corrupt the Bidens and the Democrat Party are!

  3. New York Commie Soros judges are political hacks and have no business sitting on the bench..unless it’s a prison bench

  4. Screw the Lib’s put Biden – Hunter – Schiff – Pelosi – Nadler – Schumer – Kinzinger et al in Prison

  5. it’s funny the guy saving our way of life is investigated 100 of times always found innocent but the Bidens who we KNOW took money and bribes willfully are allowed to destroy our country

  6. Why won’t they check democrats campaign funds. It has dark money in it. Also. Zuckerberg millions


  8. Democrats commit crimes anf get away with it They think they are above the law and that they are the law. most of them dont even understand the Constitution Buzz off Ms James. Leave this amazing President alone


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