Texas Sues Biden Over Border

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

On Thursday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the Biden administration over a new rule that would allow more asylum seekers to avoid deportation.

Fox News reports:

The suit seeks to block a DHS policy that seeks to change the processing system for immigrants who claim “credible fear” of persecution in their home countries. Current law states that immigration judges handle such cases, but the DHS rule, which would take effect May 29, transfers that authority to asylum officers.

The policy would also give asylum officers authority to parole – otherwise known as release – asylum seekers into the U.S. if they deem that detaining the migrant during the proceedings is “impracticable.”

“The Interim Rule transfers significant authority from immigration judges to asylum officers, grants those asylum officers significant additional authority, limits immigration-judge review to denials of applications, and upends the entire adjudicatory system to the benefit of aliens,” the suit reads.

Texas argues this policy change will result in more migrants being released into the Texas, costing the state and its residents tens of millions of dollars. Paxton filed the lawsuit to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

The Biden administration has remained adamant to let the border spiral into complete chaos. Earlier in the week, a Louisiana judge issued a temporary pause to the administration’s end of Title 42.

  1. He (Biden) also Has DHS Order ICE to stop deportation of illegals caught in the USA committing felonies, the Memo states ONLY cases of aggravated felonies will be deported! Aggravated felonies are those involving weapons use such as firearms! All others such as RAPE, Child rape, theft, manslaughter, human trafficking., sex trafficking, frig smuggling & Trafficking are released!


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