Republican Governor Says Supporting Trump Again is ‘Definition of Insanity’

Maryland GovPics / CC BY Wikimedia Commons

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan says the Republican party would be insane to offer Donald Trump the presidential nomination again. Ahead of speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California a sneak peek of Hogan’s speech was obtained which shows him desperately urging the party to distance itself from the former president.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

“We won’t win back the White House by nominating Donald Trump or a cheap impersonation of him,” Mr. Hogan will say, according to a copy of his speech shared with The Wall Street Journal. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

“A party that lost the popular vote in seven out of the last eight presidential elections and that couldn’t even beat Joe Biden is desperately in need of course correction,” he will say. “The truth is the last election was not rigged and it wasn’t stolen. We simply didn’t offer the majority of voters what they were looking for.”

Hogan, who has been floated as a possible presidential contender, is also planning to target Trump’s divisive leadership style.

“As Ronald Reagan understood, successful politics is about addition and multiplication, not subtraction and division,” he will say. “We have been doing far too much subtracting and dividing.”

In an interview prior to delivering his speech, Hogan predicted Trump will lose his grip on the party this year if some of the candidates he has endorsed fail to win their primaries.

“What happens in 2022 may have some bearing on what happens in 2024,” he said. “It’s going to show a little bit about which direction the party wants to head and how critically important—or not—is an endorsement from Donald Trump.”

  1. And this RINO idiot from demonrat Maryland actually thinks he has a chance. Yes he does; fat chance!

    1. If this idiot can’t read the polls, he can’t be serious for running as a Republican. He has a better chance as a Democrat.

  2. Hogan a real loser – what did this mutt ever accomplish other than making it to RINO status

  3. These are the idiots that hated Ronald Reagan and wanted, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. NEVER listen to them, they are always running “liberal” Republicans and losing.

  4. Sorry, Larry. If we don’t have Trump back again, doing what keeps America successfully American, we won’t have America again. Ignorant people don’t seem to get how much work is involved in a country that works to be free; they only expect a free ride courtesy of working taxpayers

    1. I’m not in favor of having President Trump back; he’s had his time. I agree that we desperately need Trump policies back. I believe DeSantis is the man who can actually get elected and return us to Trump policies.

  5. Sadly, there are folks out there who will support someone like Hogan who can only proffer hackneyed expressions like “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” It isn’t even close to being an original thought. Just another professional politician kowtowing to general public ignorance.


  7. People are so sick of Biden and “buyer’s remorse” from voting for this human wrecking ball…….they are now remembering how wonderful and successful the DJT administration was and how much better all our lives were when he was in the Whitehouse! People who could not get past Trump’s personality flaws lost sight of his successful administration! Most people now realize the Presidency is not a personality contest but, who will do their best for America and her people and be successful in do so!

  8. We want to do the same thing over again to get the SAME results–energy independence, raging economy, record low minority unemployment, Putin kept at bay (remember, Putin took Crimea under Obama-Biden and there wasn’t a peep; he kept his head down under Trump because he knew Trump wouldn’t stand still for any aggression. As soon as Biden was back, Putin knew he had a patsy and now look at where we are).

    1. Very true, read the book “Putin’s Playbook” big eye opener into the Russian KGB officer!

  9. That think the Governor was on right track, if he was thinking of Jimmy Carter, and rest of the Democrats, afterwards, and we seemed to be pulling right, until the Acorn, Navigators types, played loose and more voters filled out ballots, without registering, to have states voting 140, even 160% voting record. I still say look on Net for Ghost Voters. I will name the non-partial organization who has filed lawsuits against every state, so I may be posted or ignored.

  10. Hogan is jealous of Trump and will never be President. I can’t believe I ever supported Hogan, who is a hugh disappointment.

  11. Hogan should be required to watch “2000 Mules” and all of Mike Lindell’s cyber forensics studies. 10 times!

    1. He should also read “The Permanent Coup” step by step how the leftist plot to take done and ruin DJT great job of MAGA!

  12. When I saw the headline I immediately knew it had to be the buffoon from MD.
    He’s no Republican. Look at the state he’s from?
    Just like Thusan (spell intended) Collins???
    Going around now saying Gorcich will uphold the RvW. After all, that’s why she voted for his confirmation. INSANITY abounds.

  13. How can he say that the election wasn’t rigged and stolen? Come on now! If Biden got 81 million votes legitimately then I’m married to Elon Musk

    1. This SCOTUS debacle is going to serve the party of crazy like what happened 2 years ago.
      They had to find another way.
      Here we are. Call your reps and Senators, and tell them to stand their ground.

  14. Sorry, not buying it, it’s obviously put together by some Dems. Go see if somebody else will believe your B S.

    1. The democrat party is not the party of Clinton, JFK, Nor FDR. It’s a leftist run organization, set out to make a wrecking operation out of America. We must stop them at all costs before they destroy this country.

  15. The Governor of the second state in the Union just wants to hear himself talk. He is a mother biggest hoax in the history of the United States was pulled on him.and he believe it to be true. Yes with God’s help we will win back our country. There is also a saying that my
    Teacher used to.spout it goes like this; “Try Try Try again be the labor grade or small do it well or not at all”. You have to work hard to obtain the best job one can. Work hard and the sweeter your success will be.

  16. The insane person is RINO Hogan if he thinks any thinking person will pay much attention to him.

  17. I consider his opinion an act of pure cowardice. Trump was a wonderful President and would have accomplished much more to benefit the citizens of our country instead of brown nosing countries that use this country to support their failed political and economic policies costing U.S citizens billions in unnecessary taxes and ridiculous prices for goods that cost about a nickel but get charged US prices.

  18. Hogan is a democrat in sheep’s clothing, better than any democrat and the absolute worst republican in the country. He has no chance to garner support from any conservative. Maybe Liz Chaney will support him.

  19. Governor Hogan stands as much a chance of challenging Trump as the man in the moon. He will be among the few Republicans who will try to trash Trump. Hogan was successful in Maryland, a largely blue state, but he will not be successful with the overwhelming majority of Republicans across the nation if he seriously seeks the Republican nomination for President.

  20. Everyone he endorsed for the Ohio and Indiana primaries won, so your comments do not seem to reflect facts!


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