Geraldo Blows Up At Greg Gutfeld Over SCOTUS Draft Leak

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Geraldo Rivera and Greg Gutfeld got into a heated exchange over abortion during Wednesday’s broadcast “The Five.”

The panel discussed the fallout still raining down over the leaked early opinion draft that indicated the Supreme Court might be poised to overturn landmark abortion cases Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

The Daily Wire reports:

“We talked about this, people are more concerned about what they lose than what they will gain,” Gutfeld continued, arguing that the pro-abortion rights argument was all about losing freedom and losing opportunities, and no one ever stopped to consider the gain that came with bringing a new life into the world.

“The issue here is that people need to imagine, right? They can’t step back and see how pro-choice arguments are driven by refusal to imagine what that baby could be,” he added. “But then when that baby bees, then suddenly it changes, right? And they have to create reasons, they have to create all of these reasons to be pro-choice. Rather than just be honest and say, ‘Yeah, it kills an unborn kid, but I prefer my freedom.’ That’s all you gotta say. You’ll get so much more respect.”

“The other thing that drives me crazy, now that I’m on my soapbox, is it used to be even the pro-choicers would admit that abortion was an ugly thing,” Gutfeld continued. “But they felt it had to be a necessary evil, something that would be safe and rare. That was the argument you always heard. But now when you go anywhere on social media, it’s something to celebrate, to cherish, right?”

Moments later the conversation went off the rails as Rivera interrupted.

“That’s baloney. Cherish the wire hanger stuck up their privates, trying to get a — what?” Rivera interjected.

“This is exactly what I expected. Bring out the old coat hanger —” Gutfeld replied.

“You are … arrogant …” Rivera turned on Gutfeld.

The two panel members then engaged in a short back and forth before Gutfeld asked if he was Rivera’s “new Bongino,” referencing another Fox host known for repeatedly arguing with Rivera.

  1. then don’t pay for it through forced taxes making everyone responsible for the murder! abortion clinics receive tax money then pass it on as donations to these same politicians that pay them like a giant money laundering scheme!

    1. True – I am forced to pay for the murder of unborn babies, which I abhor. Then, those running the clinics sell baby body parts for profit. How awful is that?

      1. I agree completely it goes back to the States what are they so scared about one thing that everyone overlooks has since 73 there’s been over 60 million abortions right how many of those abortions were girls probably at least half of them if not more okay so I don’t know what the numbers would be but we have vaporized a Nation of about a hundred million people that’s unconscionable

  2. Geraldo is a RINO . You claim to be a lawyer? … that’s a laugh! Its a “state right” you idiot! There is NOTHING in the constituion that guarantees this right on a Federal level! … What’s next?… want to start issuing Federal Driver’s License too?? … Shut your pie hole and go read the Federalist Papers!!!

    1. You are so right. But you struck a nerve. Driving is not a right. That being the case I think we all should start protesting to get that right to drive a car.

  3. Geraldo asked during this segment. What should I tell my three daughters? I say if you raised them correctly, they will do the right thing without you being involved.

  4. Rivera is the arrogant one. He’d never call Bongino a “punk” to his face…what a POS this guy is. His 15 minutes where up years ago.

    1. “Years ago.” Back when he was so excited opening up Al Capone’s “secret vault,” only to find … air! Remember that? I do. He lost all credibility with that stunt.

  5. Geraldo is a complete turd and know nothing old buffoon! That’s all…. and that’s true!!!

  6. The same old, tired argument~~ “women will have to go to the back alleys to get an abortion.” The entire argument is abortion is NOT Constitutional, it has to go back to the States! How hard is that to understand, you know-nothing twit. If there is a chance to save even one precious baby, why wouldn’t we want to do that?! Oh, and since no one knows what a “woman” is anymore, I guess men can have abortions also~~ the idiocy of the Left is beyond….. just beyond!!

    1. Studying the Bible , and believing the One who inspired the writing of it, also wouldn’t hurt.

  7. Rivera is never able to completely hide his EXTREME LIBERAL OPINIONS. When I watched the program on Wednesday, I wanted to slap Rivera and tell him to shut up and move on to MSNBC or CNN where his perverted opinions would be acceptable. GO GUTFELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  8. Gerry Rivers is an ignorant buffoon. One wonders why anyone with a brain would even consider having him on tv.

  9. Rivera just needs to go. I can’t stand watching the view when he is on it. He is an arrogant self-rightous SOB.

  10. Its a human soul, a little baby youa re fighting over. And it got nothing to do with Women’s health. Wait for marriage and plan a family Thats real family planning. Not murdering babies and whilst they are still alive plucking their hearts out so the baby is in heightened pain, and these narcisists can have their Adrenochrome to stay young, and baby tissue used in vaccines nd meat Ugh these people are truly evil Girls stop sleeping around

  11. Geraldo is odd duck at FOX. Most viewers would celebrate if he went to MSNBC. I always turn the channel when he is on.

  12. Jerry Rivers (aka Geraldo Rivera) is just a washed up lib trying to hang onto his dwindling fame (and Fox paycheck) as long as he can. The best moment of his career was when he got his nose broken on live tv.

  13. Geraldo is a loser has been. Actually, he’s a never been. I stopped watching Fox when they hired him.

  14. As I recollect, when he was young Rivera had a wife but had a habit of screwing anything with a skirt. In short, he reportedly cheated on his wife constantly and would do well to keep his communist mouth shut.

  15. There is a CLEAR constitutional solution-but NEITHER side wants this solution-they just want to FORCE their opinion on others…a simple shot of prostaglandin does NOT harm the baby, but dissolves the corpus luteum on the woman, thus her uterus will not carry the pregnancy…doctors do not like it because it only cost about $5. I do NOT think it is ok to use government funds for abortion but I do NOT think it is ok to use government funds for pregnancy…$5 is ALOT cheaper than over $25000 for delivering a baby…

  16. Yesterday evening I wrote a post here and it has obviously been removed. CENSORSHIP! YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!


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