Romney: If Trump Runs He Will be the Nominee in 2024

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Utah Senator Mitt Romney may not be anyone’s favorite Republican but at least he’s a realist. Despite having voted twice to impeach former President Donald Trump, Romney admits that if the former president decides to run for the White House again there is likely nobody within the party that can stop Trump from being handed the Republican nomination.

The Daily Wire reports:

“It’s hard to imagine anything that would derail his support,” Romney told Axios. “So if he wants to become the nominee in ’24, I think he’s very likely to achieve that.”

Romney also made a frank admission. “I don’t delude myself into thinking I have a big swath of the Republican Party,” he said. And he admitted that Trump’s power remains strong.

“He’s the leader of the party, that’s clear … If he decides to run, he will be the nominee,” Romney added.

Recently, Romney admitted that his unpopularity within the GOP prompts him to go “incognito” whenever he travels to Florida.

“Republican Sen. Mitt Romney reportedly likes to go incognito while in Palm Beach, Florida,” Business Insider wrote. “The Utah conservative has been wearing hats while dining out in the wealthy oceanside enclave, where he has a vacation home, in an effort to disguise himself, a family friend told the authors of the new book ‘This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future.’”

Trump has repeatedly hinted at plans to run for president in 2024 but has stopped short of making any official announcements.

    1. What a HUGE disappointment in Romney. I hope that Romney is primaried out of the Senate. Utah’s Republicans can certainly do much, much better than Mitt.

    1. The results of these primaries should send a shot over the bow yoMc Connell and Mc Carthy, the Republican Party belong to Donald J. Trump not you two Rinos. Get on board or get out of the leadership role and let’s save our Country. You two traders are a disgrace to all real Republicans and 75 Million patriotically that voted for Trump and are POed at the ballot stuffers and dead people that stole the 2020 election. Make it mandatory that all Republicans in the House & Senate to watch the movie 2000 mules.

      1. “You two traders are a disgrace…”

        I don’t believe you mean “traders” I believe you mean “TRAITORS”, right?

  1. Romney should be selling shoes! At this point he has cut his own throat and can’t walk where people know who the traitor is! He is just as responsible as Biden and Pelosi! For destroying America. I hope Trump drags them all back and prosecutes them for their part in making this mess

  2. He admitted to using the moniker “Pierre Delecto” as a fake twitter account so he could voice support for himself. This isn’t new. Look it up.

    1. And he still use this moniker, at least if you read sometimes FrontpageMag, then in the comments there is Pierre Delecto

  3. Just watch as 1 by 1 all the anti-Trump RINOS slowly start to support Trump. They underestimated his power and popularity and now they realize he’ll come after them if they don’t fall in line. Vote all the Rino Rats out.

  4. Mittney is the devil in disguise. I don’t believe one word that comes out of his mouth.

  5. America no longer has a two-party system, we have the Democrat/ Socialist/Communist Party, and the Republican/RINO/Democrat Party, and then we have the American Patriots. Romney fits into the Republican/RINO/ Democrat group. He does nothing for America.

  6. if Romney recognizes that Republicans are supportive of Trump and his policies, then one has to wonder about Romney’s behavior toward Trump. He doesn’t seem to be aware that his job in the Senate is to represent his constituents. Not to vote his own ideas and biases.

  7. Anything Romney does is for Romney not America. Soon he will concede the earth isn’t flat

  8. Mittens, it doesn’t really matter what you wear to disguise yourself. Eventually hypocrites and traitors will always be spotted.

  9. Let’s ask the Turtle why the bleep he is THROWING money at MIttens pos Romney for his reelection campaign? The turtle is also throwing GOP money at Cheney as well… WTF


  11. You need to look behind Romney and see who has their hand up his butt and moving his lips! Romney would have not got or remained where he is without the blessing of Utah’s religious leaders! If you research and understood what happened to Howard Hughes, you will realize that Romney does not open his month, unless told to by The Apostle! Ever wondered why no military base has ever been actually closed in Utah? Romney is a pawn and has been used for many different political purposes! Every success he’s had has been orchestrated for him, especially his Olympics tenure!

  12. Mitt Romney = failure…marxist socialist communist anti-American values…’s a simple equation !!!

  13. Romney may be a realist, but he’s also a DB! I can’t imaging ANY ‘Republican’ voting for him, Cheney, or any of the anti-Trump ‘conservatives’ in the party. Trump is for the people and we want him in 2024.


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