The Biggest Tantrums Over the Supreme Court Leak

nrkbeta via Wikimedia Commons

Many on the American left have taken to throwing tantrums over the recent Supreme Court leak. These activists, politicians, and celebrities are not worried about the effects an unprecedented leak is going to have on the legitimacy of one of America’s most important institutions, no of course not, these individuals are worried about their “right” to kill babies. Crazy how jarring it is when you call abortion what it actually is.

Here are all the activists, politicians, and celebrities throwing a fit over the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned:

  1. George Takei, what a lost soul. Naive and very deceived! True fascism is being misused in that term. The left, communism/socialism always do that! These are not real moral constitutional rights. Ridiculous…all of the LGBTQ+/pro-abortion is truly evil and real fascism!!!

  2. Most of these people I have never heard tell of and the ones I do know I wish I didn’t, not the kind of people I would want to be associated with.

  3. Actually it was Nancy Pelosi and her ilk that ripped up the Constitution and made a mockery of everything God ordained for happy healthy Society

  4. Who cares if the Commie/Feminists are angry? We need less Female emotion and more common sense. If Roe is struck down, Abortion becomes the business of state Governments. Once there, it wont be financed with Tax Money, no matter how much that moron Biden wishes to print.

    1. Of course there are women who do love and respect men, but that’s not the attitude of feminists in general. Feminism is one-sided and biased and it goes against what God says in the Bible which means it can’t be good – not even for women. As for feminists and abortion, Kristan Hawkins wrote:
      “At the University of Michigan we set up our “Cemetery of Innocents” display of 911 pink crosses to commemorate the lives lost to Planned Parenthood abortionists every day, and then a radical “pro-abortion” purple-haired feminist protester began ripping our crosses out of the ground to throw them in the garbage.
      It got so bad when we confronted her that we had to call the police on her – and then she reluctantly dumped our crosses onto the ground even when she was told to put them back.”

  5. [The Biggest Tantrums Over the Supreme Court Leak]

    Wow, she just may cry and blow her top when she is standing before the Supreme Judge of all the Earth on the Great White Throne.


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