Democrats Reveal Their Messaging Playbook on Abortion

jordanuhl7, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are scrambling to get their ducks in a row over the Supreme Court’s potential decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Since the bombshell leak of a Supreme Court opinion draft was released Democrats have gone into an all-out frenzy over the issue. However, the haphazard messaging that conservatives will seek to segregate schools and other far-out claims seem to have struck concern into the hearts of some Democrats.

In an effort to have Democrat lawmakers send a more unified message on abortion the Pro Choice Caucus sent out a playbook on how Democrats should discuss the subject.

According to The Daily Wire:

Messaging materials sent from the Pro-Choice Caucus to House Democrats on Roe v. Wade list language deemed “harmful” in abortion messaging, Politico reported. The caucus is led by Colorado Rep. Dianna DeGette and California Rep. Barbara Lee.

Rather than saying “choice,” the messaging suggests Democrats say, “decision.” Rather than using the phrasing “reduce abortion” or “safe legal and rare,” use “safe, legal, and accessible,” the messaging says.

Say “unexpected pregnancy” rather than “unwanted pregnancy,” the messaging guide suggests, and rather than citing “conscience clause” or “conscience protections,” apparently when referring to Americans who object to performing or providing abortions for religious reasons, Democrats were instructed to say “refusal of care” or “denial of care.”

The messaging, which also urges Democrats to avoid “back alley abortions” or “coat hangers” references, and instead use the phrase “criminalizing healthcare,” comes amid demonstrations in front of the private residences of Supreme Court Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, John Roberts, and Samuel Alito over the past week since the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion showing that the court is likely preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade.

On Monday the Supreme Court is expected to release “one or more opinions” making some wonder if the landmark ruling will come sooner rather than later.

  1. NO, the real reason the Dems don’t want Roe vs. Wade turned over is because they know that the legislatures in the states will have to vote if they want abortions or not, and they don’t want to have to show that some of them want to kill babies. They need the SCOTUS to provide them top cover so they never have to vote on the issue.

  2. Murder is murder. Pick on someone your own size so they can fight back, not a helpless little baby who thought being in the mothers womb was the safest you could be! Same with pedophiles They are cowards because children cant fight back. College kids seem to think getting pregnant is a sport and Abortion is the result 🙁


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