Black Democrat Puts A Noose Around His Own Neck In Deceptive Attack On Rand Paul–Immediately Gets Fact-Checked

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Kentucky Senate hopeful Charles Booker’s newest campaign ad was so dishonest that it immediately triggered multiple fact checks. In a graphic video, Booker put a noose around his own neck in an attack on sitting Senator Rand Paul and claimed he worked to block an anti-lynching law from becoming law, which is blatantly untrue.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Lynching is a tool of terror. It was used to kill hopes for freedom. In Kentucky, it was used to kill three of my uncles,” Booker tweeted along with the video ad. “In this historic election, the choice is clear. Rand Paul may want to divide us, but hate won’t win this time. It’s time to move forward, together.”

“In Kentucky, like many states throughout the south, lynching was a tool of terror. Now, in a historic victory for our commonwealth, I have become the first Black Kentuckian to receive the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate,” Booker said in the ad. “My opponent? The very person who compared expanded health care to slavery. The person who said he would have opposed the Civil Rights Act. The person who single-handedly blocked an anti-lynching act from being federal law. The choice couldn’t be clearer: do we move forward together? Or do we let politicians like Rand Paul forever hold us back and drive us apart?”

But as USA Today pointed out, Booker left out the fact that Paul had opposed the initial bill because he argued that Congress needed more time to get it right — and had later co-sponsored a bipartisan anti-lynching bill that passed in March. “The Senate unanimously voted this March to pass the updated Emmett Till Antilynching Act, which is now law,” the outlet reported.

Paul’s team responded to the attack as well, saying in a statement, “Dr. Paul worked diligently to strengthen the language of this legislation and is a cosponsor of the bill that now ensures that federal law will define lynching as the absolutely heinous crime that it is. Any attempt to state otherwise is a desperate misrepresentation of the facts.”

  1. The progressive socialist Democrats, in their arrogance, assume that We, the People, are far too stupid to see through their lies. They truly think we’re too dumb to figure out that the disastrous economic downturn we’re presently experiencing is their fault. Duh! Considering the fact that the economy was growing and going great during the Trump years and as soon as Buffoon Biden* was sworn in, it tanked is not easily ignored by even the moderate Democrats of his own party. We see what a catastrophe he’s caused–how could we not, since we’re the ones suffering due to his asinine policies and his socialist “Green Meanie” new deal. My question to the citizens of this country is: Do we want to continue down this path toward total totalitarianism by joining the ranks of oligarchs like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros and others or do we want to remain free to pursue our own goals and personal agendas? One path leads to “Big Brother” controlling every aspect of our lives as seen in Orwell’s, “1984”, while the other leads to freedom. Before you decide, consider this–what will you do without freedom?

  2. LIES….it’s the only thing the DIMocommies have, and it is most unfortunate when party loyalty overrides the need for integrity from ANY voter.

  3. Why do these democrats always lie? Getting caught in a lie used to be the death knell for a political statement. The dem socialists just revel in it none the less.

  4. Booker must not be a very bright light bulb. Doesn’t he realize that the lynching of blacks after the Civil War was done by Democrats? Doesn’t he realize that all members of the KKK were Democrats? Does he know that it was Democrats who created segregation and Jim Crow laws? Doesn’t he know that it was the Democrats in Congress who fought tooth and nail opposing every civil rights legislation passed by Republicans? Guess it doesn’t matter since he is a Democrat.


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