Palin’s Request for New Defamation Trial Against NYT Rejected

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A New York judge rejected a request from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be granted a new trial in her defamation suit against The New York Times.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff wrote that Palin had failed to produce a “speck of evidence” indicating she should be granted a new trial in the case after losing a defamation trial in February. The suit stemmed from a Times editorial erroneously linking her political action committee to a 2011 shooting in an Arizona parking lot of then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

The Hill reports:

Palin’s attorneys had asked Rakoff to recuse himself from the case, arguing he was biased against her. They cited questions he had asked the jury in the previous trial and instructions he gave them before deliberating a verdict.

“In actuality, none of these was erroneous, let alone a basis for granting Palin a new trial,” Rakoff wrote, The Associated Press reported.

In February, a jury found the New York Times not liable for defamation against Palin.

While the jury in Palin’s case was still deliberating a verdict, Rakoff made the rare decision to announce he believed Palin’s lawyers had provided no “legally sufficient evidentiary basis” and said he would move to have it dismissed.

On Wednesday, Rakoff said that Palin’s legal team had failed to prove the Times had acted with actual malice toward her. Proving defamation is notoriously difficult for public officials, the New York Times hasn’t lost a defamation suit in over 50 years.

“And the striking thing about the trial here was that Palin, for all her earlier assertions, could not in the end introduce even a speck of such evidence,” Rakoff said.

Palin is currently running to fill the seat held for decades by the late Rep. Don Young.

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2 months ago

New York justice is just like DC justice, broken.

2 months ago

Obviously the judge is a Democrat

Clinton Nierlich
2 months ago

Ever since the Democrats took over the judicial system, the House of Reps. , the media and I could go on, these positions have all been crooked as a bent stick. I cannot wait until Nov. 2024 to get this useless, dirty and crooked out of office where we can start rebuilding our Country back.

Deplorable Conservative
Deplorable Conservative
2 months ago

There is no justice in NY unless you are on the loony left! NY needs Andrew Giuliani to be Mayor or Governor to clean up the cesspool like his dad did year’s ago. It’s time for the Ole Decade Purification squad to drain the Swamp.

2 months ago

If she was a Democrat, she would have been granted the case. But being who she is & what she stands for…right & justice….it was a no go.

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